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  1. thanks for the pack! i have one problem though, the video ads at pitch level work great but the static one at the top in the stands are blank solved, my graphics folder had a capital G instead of all lowercase
  2. the list are totally different (the players on one list doesent appear on the other, i checked) so i have to go back and forth between the two and apply the same filters for me to see all players that meet my criteria
  3. i dont want to have 2 list of players, i know player search are the ones i have not scouted yet and it could be useful to have it separately but its not useful to me, thanks!
  4. thanks, i read it and saw it works alongisde Youth Coaching, Youth Recruitment and Game Importance so one last question, what if lets say im managing an egyptian club and over the years i can make the Youth Coaching and Youth Recruiment 20, is that club going to produce spain quality regens? seeing as Egypt has Game importance as Very Important
  5. can someone explain those numbers? how does Egypt produces more youth than Portugal or Netherlands and almost the same as Spain? how does Uruguay produces almost the same level of youth as India or Syria? thanks!
  6. thanks, but i cant find that option to add to the squad view only homegrown status but it only shows the one that already are homegrown
  7. in fm17 when you clicked information it would say something like Home Grown to X Club, and then your team and homegrown by x date in fm18 i cant find the date in which my players become homegrown i dont know if loan them or not, is there any way to know? thanks!
  8. no, just one whats weird its that it works the first time i press the windows button, but then stops working
  9. sorry that i didnt reply sooner it didnt give me a notification i did, still i cant minimise and it only happens with FM which is strange, im going to try reinstalling the game edit: i reinstalled and i still cant minimise
  10. like the title says i was using the Maximised Borderless just fine but know it stopped working since yesterday, i tap windows key but nothing happens i have to alt+tab my way out of the game to do other things
  11. like the title says i cant get "Back of the Net" and i scored hundreds of goals already and also i cant get "Tracksuit Manager" even though im in charge of all aspects of training, any way to fix this? thanks
  12. Is there a way i can view all apps and goals of a player in club history in all competitions? the player history only shows league apps and league goals for example Lukaku 175 matches - 200 goals (all competitions), and not only show the league stats - 100 matches, 115 goals.. thanks and sorry for my english
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