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  1. im from Uruguay, i play the game in my native language spanish even if i can speak english because i understand the players roles better that way, also i play with monthly us dollars wages
  2. won the league but club vision shows failed saying i only ended up on the top-half of the table
  3. https://imgur.com/a/lG0xE3M im halfway through the first season im first in the league but in club vision says im dissapointing and at the same time i also won the league? (as you can see it is marked as passed in the 2023 season) im neither not dissapointing (im first) or won the league so i dont know whats happening
  4. Rodrigo Abascal in Peñarol starts with a salary of 130k per month which is insane for the league, dont know the real value but thats not it
  5. the list are totally different (the players on one list doesent appear on the other, i checked) so i have to go back and forth between the two and apply the same filters for me to see all players that meet my criteria
  6. i dont want to have 2 list of players, i know player search are the ones i have not scouted yet and it could be useful to have it separately but its not useful to me, thanks!
  7. thanks, i read it and saw it works alongisde Youth Coaching, Youth Recruitment and Game Importance so one last question, what if lets say im managing an egyptian club and over the years i can make the Youth Coaching and Youth Recruiment 20, is that club going to produce spain quality regens? seeing as Egypt has Game importance as Very Important
  8. can someone explain those numbers? how does Egypt produces more youth than Portugal or Netherlands and almost the same as Spain? how does Uruguay produces almost the same level of youth as India or Syria? thanks!
  9. thanks, i tried it yesterday without luck, but today i only ticked the two that didnt show and clicked on restore all and worked!
  10. hey, sorry if this was asked before, and sorry for my english, but in the match when you have this to tick , i cant tick the ones that i have ticked before the patch in the previous patch i had a tick in League Table and Match Data, i closed the game and update it to 15.3, and now when i tick those, the box doesent show, but if i tick another one it does, the problem is with those 2, the ones i had ticked before
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