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  1. Used FM21.5Venom&FaithKnap4132CP108CC First season with FC Groningen, won the league and got these kind of performances from the flying Dutchman! Still got it at 37
  2. I assumed so, Do you do anything in particular with training or set pieces? Because my strikers barely scored compared to your numbers
  3. I appreciate the brain power, but there's a few 4132 venom and faith variants
  4. @knap Would you be able to hazard a guess at which tactic this is based on roles as he has appeared to link the wrong one
  5. Now this is majorly impressive, do you have a download for this at all? can't see it on the spreadsheet
  6. Something new you've made for this year or one of the last year tactics?
  7. The games look so much better graphically this year do you agree? is this an FM20 tac or something new for 21?
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