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  1. Not much help to get, so I have worked this out for myself. Still could use any advice, is there anything that stands out? Anyway time to get this save going, who knows might not need any help in the end
  2. Its time to start my Man Utd save, I have a general ide of how I want to play, but I have found that alot of what I thought I knew about FM and tactics dont hold up, systems that I have used for the last decade dosent play out the way I want them to. So I have come up with some changes taking into account what I have learned from my other saves but I could use some help and I have alot of questions. So lets just jump in and set up the team. 4-2-3-1 or 4-1-1-3-1. GK: nothing fansy, not using a sweeper keeper. I do use a higher line with my defense but think a standard keeper is going to be fine, DDG can do what he does best. RB: IW. I used to like a fullback overlaping and help creating space for winger or help cross. But now I find it dosent work the way it used to. Crosses gets mostly blocked and despite instructions to cross from byline they seem to just lump them in for downpitch. So I want to try IWB. He might as well be usefull and help midfield keep possesion instead of wasting away the ball with crosses. Center Defenders: Always been a fan of the Bruce\Pallistar, Johnsen\Stam, Ferdinand\Vidic system so Cover and Stopper. I was considering using a BPD, and while I have seen some nice creating passes, most of the time it seems the BPD just lumps the ball away with over complicated attemts giving away possesion. DL: Big question. Not sure what to use, while the RB have a winger infront of him to play wide, I will use a inside forward on the left. So Would like the LB to play wider. However again I dont want him to cross willy nilly so the Vingback type rolles seems like a bad ide. Or maybee it is not so bad if only one fullback is doing it? Really could use some advice here. DML: Deep lying playmaker defend duty. Seems simple enough, want him to help the defense play out the ball and keep it simpel at the same time screen and shield the defense. My question is if this role will interfere with my Attacking guy in the senter up front. Can i get him to do what i want in onother role, just a standard DM-Defend duty perhaps? SM(R): Ball winning. I do use higher defense line and higher pressing line, not the extreme but one up from standard. I do want my team to press to win the ball back but not to extreme. The Ball winning role seems suited for this. On support and freedom to get forward he will also help up in attack. RW: Winger support ?. I want to maintain some wideplay and to play abit Wide to create space. LW: Inside forward. Support or Attack? He is to cut inside link up with my Attacking sentral guy (Pogba) I want him to create space with movment, assist, score, etc. Attacking Offensive Sentral player: Not sure what role to use. Want him to be creative with passes, but also scoring goals. Striker: Deep Lying forward or will that just have him get in the way of Pogba and ISF? Advanced striker or will that just have him hunting for room behind defense that dosent exist? Poacher but that will make him avoid build up play. I want to play possesion, not that I really care about the numbers but it is a tool to control the game and play. Pod, Shorter passing, Dont want to play on high tempo but cant play on to low. Control is well and nice but we need penetraition. Work ball into box? or is it overkill? how will players behave whitout it? How to get the right balance in pressure? Using higher lines, is more instense pressure overkill? I also intend to create and almost identical tactic, just with a 4-1-4-1 wide. So, yeah, I have alot of questions and who knows maybe its something wrong with what I dont have questions about. I`ll take any help and advice anyone can offer, Thanks.
  3. Being a Manager in a top club is to easy. Twice over I have started a new Man Utd save only to loose motivation. The first time I signed some great players so it dident really come as a suprise that I dominated as much as I did. Still three seasons in and not once had the titel race been even remotly close, So i decided to start again, This time I decided to go more the old Man Utd way under Sir Alex Ferguson, sining and devoloping youth. So after the first season I was rather happy, the titel race may not have gone to the wire but it was closer then my last save. Man City had ended as number two, so I actually jumped for joy as they signed world class player after world class players ahead off the next season, surley this year winning the titel should be a real challange. Man City dident even get a champions league spot and Guardiola got sacked. The titel was mine and I more or less needed binoculars to spot the next team. The third season was more or less decided ten games inn. My main problem seems to be that the other teams drop points left, right and center. Not once in the six seasons did any off them even get close to a sum of points that could win the league in real life. Iknow iknow, its a game and it can only be so realistic. And ofcourse I do want to win but it would be nice if it was a challence from time to time. So I`m looking for help in achiving that. What can I do to make the game more difficult? Will it help starting with a lower reputation\coaching badges? Should I deliberately restrain myself when hiering coaches? I have considering edeting players like Zlatan, Pogba Mickytarian back to their old clubs as I dont think they would have joined a Man Utd side who dident play Champions League unless the Manager name was Mourinho. What about improving some of the other top team players? I know a few who I think deserves a boost. Then again considering the dream team Man City had that one season and still ended outside top four that might not help. Any help, advice, tips etc Would be appriciated.
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