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  1. I also get info on roles, duty, mentalities etc in my reports from my opposing team scout and my analysts. (no skins) The information is there if you want it or have the staff needed to get it. How acurate that info is I dont know, might depend on your staffs skillz.
  2. why two BPD? Seems from your other instructions(witch there are way to many off) you want to play out from the back and play possesion fotball. Seems a common misconception. BPD are actualy more likly to try direct passes and take risk. Also take new screenshots in English this time so it will be more easy for the tactics guys on the forum to understand.
  3. Hmmz, intresting, will try it out, might also give the PF role a go aswell, will leave most of pi at default aswell and adjust when I see their behavior and play. Thank you again for all your help, starting up tomorrow, will be intresting, cheers!!
  4. Again thanks for help. Isent a IWB and Overlap a contradiction? it very much go against the role description. So made some changes for now, think I will start with this and adjust as needed. Perhaps change the defenders role, so the cover is on the left?
  5. First of all, big thanks for your help. So a few questions\comments lets start in defense. I want my fullback to get forward specialy on the left side where the iw cuts inside. So if its to risky perhaps a diffrent role for the left central midfield? Why no stopper and DM? the stopper role I have considerd removing as he leaves to much space behind and the cover partner dosent seem to keen on actualy covering. The DM Defend vs DLP Defend, I would prefer the DM Defend but cant actually adjust his pressure as I want to, its set to standar and cant be interacted with. (want him to press
  6. Yeah my bad, dident even think about that. Anyway done now, So I`m I not creating space? are my offensive player to easy to mark out?
  7. So before patch I was rocketing it. Good resaults decent play, somewhat along what I wanted. Sure there was shooting into the netting from the byline 75% of the time, but when my wide men wasent doing that they created some nice goals. Now however they absolutly refuses to pass\cross low into the box, instead they hoof it into the air. With Martial, Rashfoord, Greenwood etc in the box that dosent do ****. I have low crosses in the tactics but dosent help at all. I want my wingers to attack the box with speed, dribbling, while we get plenty of players inside the box. that part is working, but w
  8. Seems a bug to me. must be right? Any real life player would know this deal was made before your time at the club
  9. I ignore most\all off his advice, but if you could find somone with decent coaching statts, like defendig, attackting etc you can make use of him during training.
  10. Its always been like that for me. Dosent matter what the assman have as his pref style, he will always recomend the opposite to what we are doing.
  11. Howe is Smalling doing in Roma for you guys? In my save he is their 2th top goalscorer with 6 goals with 24games.
  12. I do play with Man Utd. but that really shouldent matter, right? I had some report from the beta, witch I did not play myself; that Liverpool and Man City was hitting the 90+points mark. But I have never seen it myself in any game\save. The other top teams drops point left right and center in the latest versions and dont manage 80p making you win the league by default. So was kind of exited about the prospect of a difficult challange. At 15 of Febuary Liverpool is sitting at nr 2 with 55p in 26games, making them hit 80p if they keep it up. I get that playing as Man Utd will influence it to so
  13. 15 of February. Thats how long he lasted, witch btw is a new record for any of my FM games and saves. How come this issue cant be fixed? Year after year, the best manager in the world\game with the best squad in the league is the first to get the boot. Why havent SI fixed this? or is it really just me who have this issue?
  14. Not much help to get, so I have worked this out for myself. Still could use any advice, is there anything that stands out? Anyway time to get this save going, who knows might not need any help in the end
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