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  1. Hi all So with FM i like to have a couple of teams, however i have noticed that when you got to play a match at time that it will get stuck on processing as one of your other managed teams will have a post match interview that won't come up, you then change managers to find which one it is, however even if you complete this it was still get stuck on processing. the only way round it i have found is to save game and the reload and it the will go to the math and play as normal, because it is not happening every game it is hard to pinpoint to replicate, i have loaded a game file MINE2 do it
  2. Summary: Continuous crash on recruitment meeting Description of Issue: When Going into Recruitment meeting it crashes seems to always be with My Genk team as didn't Man Utd or Feyenoord. Steps to Reproduce: Click on Recruitment meeting for Genk and it will Either Crash dump at start or when leaving meeting this has happened 3x's in a row Files Uploaded to the OwnCloud: File has been uploaded as Beta 2.1
  3. Also this is my DxDiag folder, Nvadia drivers are all full upto date and these issues are happening without custom logos etc. i also see i am not the only with this issue, this seems a pretty big bug and hopefully will be resolved by full release DxDiag.txt
  4. Yeah and it is the exact same place also. Always when exiting the Recruitment meeting FM 2021 v21.0.0.1476964 (2020.11.20 17.36.08).dmp
  5. Is this going to be fixed before full release ? otherwise theres no point using the Beta as can't get past the 1st August. What is causing this problem? FM 2021 v21.0.0.1476964 (2020.11.20 12.32.50).dmp FM 2021 v21.0.0.1476964 (2020.11.20 16.05.07).dmp GPU_info v21.0.0.1476964 (2020.11.20 12.32.50).gpudmp
  6. Game keeps crash dumping and exit out of game any ideas FM 2021 v21.0.0.1476964 (2020.11.13 01.30.09).dmp FM 2021 v21.0.0.1476964 (2020.11.15 15.49.49).dmp
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