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  1. There are legal reasons why Kahn is not included.
  2. There was the word "loan" missing in my text. What I wanted to say was that some players on loan have a higher wage as the rest of the team which they are playing currently.
  3. I'll take a look at what's worth changing. However you should not lump players from bigger clubs together with the existing staff at the receiving club.
  4. He has not set any wage for his new contract, so it is a result of FM calculation. But the FM was doing well here. This player has a much higher rating than the rest of the team in terms of CA. EDIT: With reference to last DB delivery. I don't know how wage entry was before...
  5. Neither specific club phylosophies nor transfer preferences are defined for that club in the database.
  6. Issue: The U23 teams (clubs with status "U23") of the professional clubs can award a maximum of part time contracts, but they are professional teams except for the effects of the age of a U23 team. Impact: All employees and players will not extend their contracts and all will "escape", and no equivalent replacement is possible to be engaged. They are only snapped at the maximum possible contract offers, because they were previously provided with full-time contracts. This leads to chaos and unrealistic behaviour. For example, if a club loses its manager, it may not make a new commitment to that position beyond the current season. Impact range: - This effects currently all U23 teams in 4th tier in Germany ( 18x ). - As well as a range of possible future promoted teams in 5th tier ( >20x ) Reproducible: Yes Nominal state: Even as U23, these teams should be able to give full time contracts (if parent club is able to do it). A U23 team should be able to award the same contracts as the parent club, because they are administered by the parent club. Giving the U23 teams the status of a professional team has otherwise caused problems with transfers and compliance with the age limitations in the past and is therefore not an option. Attachements: If a savegame for investigation is needed please let me know. Since this is a reproducible general behavior, I did not consider it necessary.
  7. Yes, it should be league specific - not club specific. Do you have some examples which clubs definitely are affected? And which league file did you use? Maybe there is also some options set on clubs because "Oberliga" ist not playable by default.
  8. In Germany there is a strong regulation of non-EU players from the 3rd league onwards. There are some nations which, despite not belonging to the EU, are not subject to this regulation (e.g. USA, Japan, Bosnia, etc.). Furthermore, there are special playing permits for refugees. Here it often concerns Syrians. But these are always individual exceptions. Unfortunately, FM is still unable to reflect the last of these exceptions. I have already asked if we could get such an option for Germany in the future.
  9. @Octavianus [GER] Thank you for your words. I have implemented all things reported so far, in the areas assigned to me - at least however I included them into my considerations. Furthermore, I am sure that if the basic mood with the demands made here approaches a respectful tone of voice, a conversation on the topics can and will be held. Nevertheless, I would also like to come back to the statements regarding the youth players: At the summer of this year (and thus at the research start FM20), not only @Octavianus [GER] left the team, but also the HR for the Lower Leagues, as well as an AR who is an expert for youth leagues and owner of a lot of knowledge about them. Not everything can be completely intercepted ad hoc and continue without a break-in phase and a new team can be established...
  10. Hi van helmut, I'm writing 'cause you have created a file for J1 League of Japan. I was waiting of a file from the japanes community but there is nothing this year, so I planned to do it my way. Now I saw yours. I want to add the J2 League anyway. My problem now is, that I thinking about if the J1 League is round about 10 CA points to weak in your file. For research I was checking the transfers into the J2 League and from it to another country. And the most of them are in the area of a midrange J1 team of your file. The FM14 file of the japanes community has also round about 10 points stronger J1 League. The question now is, what are your indication for voting the league like that? Have I overseen something? Best Regards EDIT: Figured out now, that the Top16 players of the teams could fit my expectations. So if I orientate me on them, the J2 could be getting fine too.
  11. No excuses anymore... http://www.fourfourtwo.com/news/gibraltar-kosovo-granted-fifa-membership-ahead-2018-world-cup-qualifying
  12. There are no news of the japanese community about a players file?
  13. Yes, should really not be that hard, but must be deflivered from SI... So please SI, let the Users add new names they wish to have, without doing it via fake players....
  14. No matter what the reason is in the end: Please add this nation!!
  15. 1) I need really the feature back which allows the user to limit the region, FM is creating the random Position for players, if unknown. I discussed it here and still waiting for answer... http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/442335-FM16-Pregame-Editor-gt-random-position 2) The second real nice feature I'm wishing since I've played my first FM is the ability to add further names or edit the existing pool of names. Too much nations have tooooo less names... I think it's mit that Big deal too enable this editing option in the pre game editor or such a file like edt/lnc. I mentioned that in the wishlist thread of FM15 and FM16 but it was ignored...
  16. I would say, Kosovo not including was no oversight but a decission!
  17. @dllu: Same oppinion here! @Kalemlyco: It could be, but we still waiting for official statement...
  18. Any chance of getting the old (nice working) behaviour back? :|
  19. No official statement about this..?
  20. So that means I have to know the specific position or I have to imagine which it could be? That works great for the last years. Why is a savety now needed?
  21. Not probably => for sure thats the problem EDIT: This must be a bug... I cannot limit the region for a random position...
  22. No workaround for that? I think this is a bug... That could not be a feature...
  23. Is Crimea a FIFA member? No, but they are included... Has Crimea playes official friendlies? No, but Kosovo did! So why are here double standards applied?
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