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  1. This tactic still works on fmh14!!! Master tactic if I do say so myself haha
  2. Please can someone give this a try? So I no it's not a fluke I made this tactic on fmh 2012 when I was nuneaton in the bsn and got promoted in consecutive seasons with very little money, And then I tried it on fmh 2013 and it worked brilliant again , I got my brother to try it and a couple of mates and they too had amazing success so if someone on here could give it a go and let me no I'd appreciate it 4-3-2-1 attacking short committed No Yes No No Wbk bpd bpd wbk Bwm bbm bwm Apm apm Cmf If somebody fancies giving it a try just let me no how u get on like I say I had amazing success with my nuneaton team on fmh12 and now on fmh with tamworth iv also unlocked all unlockables and I also won the World Cup with Wales! Thanks keep me posted
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