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  1. You don't get it from the context? If I said I sign him for my U19 team, and he does not require huge salary, why should I give him Rotation status? At most case, you are supposed to degrade a player's squad status as low as possible when you sign him because he will be less likely whining if he is given less play time. Try one yourself, sign someone from Qatar with youngster/hot prospect status and then look where he will end up. Anyone from SI can tell me if this should be fixed?
  2. I don't pay more than $1-2 millions for a kid like this, equivalently his salary demand should be fall into the range of youngster-hot prospect at most.
  3. This is an annoying part every time I sign a youngster for my U19 team: when he arrives, he automatically lands at the first team and he drags the tactic fluency and team cohesion down. Imagine when 10 such guys are coming in at the same time: MADNESS!
  4. Are you sure you land at PROFILE page, not ATTRIBUTE page? With the same position, when I switch role, the highlighted attributes do not change when they should. Would you try some of other players with some of other positions like Central Midfield D/S/A?
  5. Hey Duncan, Let me be honest, the game documentation last updated 10 years ago gives many of us headaches. Some of them are unclear and that is why it creates "myths" as I said. Here are some examples: 1) Will determination influence the training level? If I am determined to pass my CFA exam, would I study my ass off? I think it does. => Myth 2) When I played FM 2013 with Valencia, I usually faced Falcao of AM. Considering the obvious size & jumping attributes, he can't compare to my Adil Rami. However, in our match, he outheaded Rami like hell. Even my assistant warned me about his "aerial prowess". It really confused me which factors could lead to those heading stats. And I am pretty sure it was not written anywhere. => Myth
  6. I like this idea. Just like we separate the left/right wing exploitation, we should separate left/right FB overlap too. Juanfran defends and Felipe Luis attacks.
  7. I really like to contribute to FM to make it better. When others explain reasonably like Neil, I still agree. Even he said the claim I made about SS is fair. But if the attitude I receive is "SI is absolutely right, you are wrong", please help close it. There is no point for discussion anymore.
  8. If you can, please read again the descriptions of AM and SS. Description of AM contains phrases like "fashion chances", while description of SS contains nothing than "goalscoring", "aggressively pushes forward". But SS has "More Risky Passes", AM does not. WHAT?
  9. Or SI will just erase the default "More Risky Passes" from SS. By giving that "mythy" answers with general terms like "spend time", "assessing what a player assigned", "get more out of the player", you're basically saying, we won't change what we set, live with it. Let me give you an example. Let's say I play 4-3-1-2 with 2 world class strikers who I am pretty sure will be marked tightly even when they go to toilet. So I decide to be deceptive by setting a decent U19 youngster as an SS and the 2 famous strikers as F9's. I plan to confuse their defenders by letting them mark the 2 famous strikers and when they are busy, the SS will finish them. Now, the SS has "More Risky Passes". The main role I plan for him fades because whenever he picks up the ball and can't shoot, he just pass it riskily to nobody when he should at least try to retain the ball.
  10. So basically you're saying because SI sets SS has "More Risky Passes", I have to set other attacking players. Supports around him aim to create chances for him, that is the meaning of support. Supports around him do not mean to pick up his risky passes. If it happens like you say, we should name this role Shadow Striker-and-Creator.
  11. Nice, this one is for you. Of course it can be placed at bug forum but still: we know that a DLF has different suggested attributes, based on duty. Now if you click on Messi's profile page and choose role DLF, then choose Support/Attack, the suggested attributes do not change. Bug?
  12. Now I see there is some "myth" about Prevent Short GK Distribution even among Mods and FM Team: some says it presses the GK, some says it presses the defense line ..... That is why this thread is born: let the myths go.
  13. As I told Plachy, for the SS, the problem is that none of your teammates are ready for that risky pass. If they have support duty, then they don't look to move forward. That risky pass will go wasted because nobody is there to pick it up. Why makes such a bad decision? That "have their back to goal" explanation sounds good enough to me, only for why support TM does not have finishing attributed highlighted. Still, F9 has support role, don't expect him to score, we can't have the best of both worlds. I can expect him to make a long shot, but not getting in there and score.
  14. So you're saying a F9 can operate as a F9 in the beginning of an attack then becoming a SS later? Is it some kind of "multiple level thinking"? And for the SS, the problem is that none of your teammates are ready for that risky pass. If they have support duty, then they don't look to move forward. That risky pass will go wasted because nobody is there to pick it up. Why makes such a bad decision?
  15. Thank Neil, these discussions could make the game better, don't you think? Developers can hear from users, users can hear from developers. I strongly agree tactical perception is not something absolute, that's is why we need to listen to each other and maybe we can come up with a decent solution. 1) For SS: As you said, "If he's going to be in such an advanced position a shadow striker is liable to be looking for passes which lead to a goalscoring opportunity." Then why a Poacher will release "Fewer Risky Passes"? I don't think "the advanced position" between a SS and a P could be that much different to cause 2 opposite decisions. 2) For F9: As you said, "Just because they are down to support is irrelevant in regards to whether they can finish an opportunity which comes their way." So a support Target Man won't look to finish an opportunity which comes his way? A TM sits even higher than a F9 and but there is no Finishing highlighted. 3) I can agree with this one. In my own opinion, I would simplify by eliminating the attacking FB and the defending WB. But based on individual tactical perception, it could be explained your way.
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