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  1. No playing him as a DLF-S in my 4-3-3. But even as a poacher the match engine with 1 v 1 is doing my head in. Must of scored about 4 striker wise, not too sure if it's the striker coding. Crossing as well is so annoying, the amount of times you have an easy square ball😠
  2. In my Arsenal save Lacazette went nearly 10 hours without scoring!
  3. So in terms of pressing what I'd do is press the back four and then turn up the pressing on certain players and down on others. Before I had high pressing in my formation set up so I found my back 5 coming out of position whereas this way the back 5 seem to have good shape, I'm tight and compact whilst the front 4 press. If Pépé, Auba and Laca can stay fit, I'm curious if I could get similar numbers to a Liverpool front three. In my first season Auba scored 24, Pépé 11(He was my main Penalty taker) then got injured for 3 months. Laca scored 11 but I was struggling to get this DLF to play well. He seems to come wide a lot and what I wanted was him to come deep, link play then get into the box. Can this role ever be a consistent 15-20 goals a season role? The role that is working perfectly for me is the DM-D Torriera is a monster, I started him as a DLP-D. Would you recommend having my WBs having the PI of stay wide but both Pépe and Auba staying Narrow?
  4. I was talking about my regular tactic but for instance in a tougher you mentioned Auba up front as a PF and Laca on the right and Pépé on the left. Against tough oppo would you play with both IF on supp or still mix it up? My grammar and spelling was atrocious 😄, I meant two Mezzala-A in the CM region or a Mezzala-A and CM-A combination with my DM-D. I am wondering if it will open up more movement and create more opportunities for the IFs. So you wouldn't use OIs at all. Cause I was using them mainly to get my front 5/6 players pressing the opposition.
  5. Is the attack role misleading in the game. I assume if I have a player in attack they'll be more attacking in terms of making the runs or pushing further forward. I take it that is not always the case as in my Arsenal 4-3-3 I was reluctant to show Pépé on support as he weighed in with a lot of goals for me. Could this work if Auba IF-A and Pépé IW-A. Also out of curiosity would you every play with to midfielders on an attacking role the 3 of the 4-3-3. I'm getting there as I creat plenty chances, defensively I like my shape, it's just opposition instructions now, I normally press the back four, tackle hard on CMs and depending on the composure of wide players I may press and their bravery I'll tackle hard. Tackling hard on forwards scares me as I worry I'll give away a pen. What I notice is a lot of teams playing out from the back seem to be able to bypass the press. Not just good team either.
  6. What's your LOE and Defensive line like? Also I'm far from an expert but in the 2nd formation you have no real attacking roles so your team's attack will be predictable. @Experienced Defender may have some pearls of wisdom on the attacking side of things. Defensively the roles look good but I may be wrong.
  7. I think so, in the fact that you have made changes but kept your structure overall. You've removed minor elements but kept the core system in place not causing changes that are too drastic? So the shape is the same way rs they way the players operate within that shape.
  8. Any other factors that come into play for you. If you were playing a top team say in the CL. Would you alter anything else or is it down to believing in your well oiled players.
  9. Soo ensuring my LOE and defensive line are as close together as possible. Changing some player roles, PIs and TIs.
  10. How do you set up against stronger teams or teams where you are not a favourite. My go to would be to lower my mentality but if I am sticking with the same mentality how can I still play my game without being carved apart?
  11. Thanks! Im still concerned I don't seem to get crosses in when I should. I have a ton of corners. My shots and crosses ALWAYS get blocked. But teams are defending quite deep. I have an FA cup final against Forest. I take it you lower the line of engagement to draw them out?
  12. Just finished 2nd after Liverpool and Wolves collapsed on the last game of the season. I'll be looking forward, to increasing the tactical familiarity, just out of curioisty If I am playing City away or another big team how will alter my approach, just changing the roles or my mentality.
  13. I got held up on this on the other end of wanting this direct fast flowing football that I assumed would have very little short passing. I am surprised how well Özil played in this set up as a MC Mezzala. He has played consistently, after Ceballos got injured so much so I am even thinking about not selling him although Emile Smith Rowe is now 4 star current ability and I have bought Olmo. For me with the 4-3-3 it's just defensive balance but that could be down to my player and oppo instructions but also my players. Scoring or more so chnace conversion is worrying me but I am sure the is and engine bug.
  14. Do you think as you get better tactical familiarity you become better at scoring etc. Played all my games on comprehensive and I'm missing an awful lot of one v ones, crosses and a high amount of offsides direct from throw ins or from Fullbacks. I'm sure there is a bug as I've had easy fit backs and the player alway dalies or shoots. Lacazette does look more lively in DLF-S
  15. Don't worry about copying me mate. I tried Lacazette as a DLF-S he scored. Defensively I'm doing okay I think it's my player instructions and opposition instructions need to be better. One thing I'd say is cause Auba is on the left as I IF-A I give him the instruction to be narrow and be closer to Lacazette.
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