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  1. that would imo be a great way to show off FM09's new feature think i'd have to either have a 'The Woman' or a 'Mrs Jeremy English' if I was to sign-up for that
  2. I don't think anyones ever had their name in one of their sign-ups before you roberto, although correct me if i'm wrong of course
  3. I presume it's a number of reasons: a. to show everyone you made the challenge b. to make the title seem better and catchier, eg: dafuge's small club to big club challenge sounds better than 'the small club to big club' challenge imo I don't think there is any sense of 'ego' in it, just shows your proud of making it I suppose?
  4. yeah, but you could have a couple of teams from the North and a couple from the South. Just an idea of course.
  5. One idea I had was you could have a set number of teams, with a set number of players? say 5/6/7? As much as I enjoy the banter, it can distance you a bit when people are posting things about how the team is doing in the Champions League when your last go was managing them in League 2
  6. iirc, his Euros one was more like the challenges posted in the Monthly Challenge thread when it was going
  7. I imagine it is more to do with the fact that once people have finished a challenge/failed a challenge, they tend not to go back in the thread as much as they would have.
  8. is that anything to do with since we've been on the new forums the mods don't have to do as much? iirc Serpico mentioned that in an OTF thread today. Will also take part and inevitably fail miserably in your challenge again this year
  9. 1. Are you going to be running a new sign up / challenge for FM2009? - I will continue season 1 of The Mole, and if it proves successful I will definitely look into making a second. Also looking to start a new X Factor sign up, something I didn't get to do this time around. 2. What type of sign up / challenge will you be running? - Pretty much summed up in the above question 3. Are you going to be posting your thread as soon as the game is released or wait until a patch has been released? - I will wait until a couple of weeks until after the first mole to do the second if I do it, then once that is finished will be taking a nice rest before I start the x factor sign up
  10. looks very unique and interesting canvey!! I'm not big with US Politics so wouldn't really know much that would be of help to you though
  11. My concern with that is that TOO many sign ups/challenges/AI Experiments will come from that, and all sense of originality is gone within 3 weeks of FM09's release
  12. just an idea, but you could base it on a film/trilogy, I saw a ffb LOTR one in FMS, perhaps you could loosely base it on a film/trilogy like Rocky/Star Wars etc
  13. From what i've heard of it, the original sign-up was one of the best sign-ups in the history of the forum, i'd love to be able to take part in this proposed 'revival'
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