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  1. Today is the first game in the Eredivisie, where we take on VVV-Venlo. We then get into our first game in the Champions League, which is proving to be tougher than i'd have liked!
  2. AFC Ajax is more than a club, it's a philosophy. In this series, I will look to develop as much homegrown talent as I can, whilst reclaiming the Eredivise and UEFA Champions League! Can Ajax become a European powerhouse once again? In the first episode of Amsterdam Wonderkids, Ajax take on PSV to try to reclaim the Johan Cruyff Schaal for the first time since 2013.
  3. Great work as always. Have you considered changing the start date to 2018?
  4. Since Sam hasn't posted in a while, I wanted to post the adjustments i've made to his excellent file. Here's some of the change I have made. I have expanded MLS to 26 teams. All confirmed Canadian Premier League teams have been added. New York Cosmos and San Francisco Deltas have been added to the USL. Fixed Canadian Championship. Begins at the start of the 2018 season. IMPORTANT: To start in 2018, untick all countries at the start of the game, except USA and Canada, then click OK. You can then go back on to the nation screen and tick any you desire. Download
  5. Have you tried full screen with 100% text size but changing the resolution to 1920x1080?
  6. The Canadian Championship doesn't seem to create the First Qualifying Round in the 2019 version. I thought it was because of me trying to fix the verification issue without having a current holder of the Premier League, but it seems to be the case with the original downloaded file too. Is it the same on your tests? Edit: It could be because for Number of Teams under Stage 0 general is set to 4, when it should be 6. I'll run another test and get back to you. Update: I'm wrong, it should be set to 4, but the stage is set up for 6. 4 teams added to round 0, 2 added to round 1. The Semi Final also doesn't have the correct teams. Both winners of the first qualifying round go in to it rather than the one winner of the second, the fate action are wrong. Also check requirements for each stage, one of them is wrong and doesn't start, can't remember which now.
  7. Changing them to winners of the 2018 Canadian Premier League seems to work. The game ignores it but the test uses it.
  8. Some possible changes notes.. Bayamon & Bayamon B play in the Puerto Rican Soccer League on this file, which breaks any Puerto Rican files when used with it. I'd recommend putting the B team in the Puerto Rican third division and switching their reps. (Changing Bayamon to 1800 & Bayamon B to 1000). Also, i'm not sure Edmonton Reserves should have such high reputation. I'd also set them to use same kit in the affiliate settings. Are Edmonton supposed to be set as the Canadian Premier League winners of 2016?
  9. Yeh first season as soon as I create a save. Ligue Quebec has All Team From Division set so i'm not sure why it's getting them either. I fixed it by getting Specific Teams, so that's probably the way to go with it.
  10. I have filled the gaps for Canadian club and comp logos. I have included the config file so just merge the folders and replace. http://www.mediafire.com/file/0flm83n0wz0hyl7/Canada Logo Fix.zip OSU Force play in both League1 Ontario and Ligue Quebec (on the Canadian Premier League file at least). St-Hubert needs to replace them in Quebec.
  11. The graphics link is still the old one from 2018-03-29. I will see if I can fill some gaps logo wise.
  12. I've noticed that FC Buffalo play in both the USL and NPSL. The problem seems to be that FC Buffalo are set as a team in the NPSL Mid-West within the advanced section instead of Daytona.
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