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  1. I do like the idea of giving my DOF a secondary job as scout. I am concerned that if I just fire the DOF it will take months if not longer to resolve, and I still have to sign half a roster before then. edit - except that literally no-one will accept such a double role. It's a non-starter for everyone. edit2 - and my board won't let me fire my DOF as it would cost too much.
  2. I don't have an option of signing a scout.
  3. Keep trying what? There's actually nothing to try. Something seems wrong.
  4. Added a screen shot to show what is available from my staff page re: recruitment team
  5. yes edit - actually, not sure I tried that. I'll try and get back to you. edit2 - yes, they block it. not sure how to do any recruitment (especially when one of my charges is to sign players I can sell for a profit) without a scout.
  6. But I can ask for more money for coaches, for physios, etc. I don't seem to be able to ask for more scouts. Any scouts.
  7. Second division Israeli league. No there are no allowances.
  8. I joined an Israeli team that has no scouts, and no scouting positions, and no ability to ask the board for more scouts. Is there a mechanism to adding scouts that I don't know about?
  9. Please check other filter UI when you look at this. Last year there was an issue with the job center filtering.
  10. I’m going to report this again. Fourth year in a row. I don’t use Game Center. I have disabled it. But every time I switch app to FM, it complains that it can’t connect to Game Center. Every. Time. PLEASE. Fix this.
  11. When you switch the app mid-game, and it reloads the game at that point after switching back to the app, it attempts to generate a match report. When it does that, it replays the entire game up to the point you stopped - THE ENTIRE GAME. And you can’t short circuit it at all. It looks like this. For a long time. Oh man. And then when it finally catches up, and you play the rest of the game, it pops up and says it can’t load the game. And you’re SOL.
  12. This is the only app that nags me like this. I would bet something could be done.
  13. Every single time I switch back to the app, I get nagged with a pop up that the game can’t connect to Game Center. Every. Single. Time. I don’t use Game Center, and I’m often playing offline anyway, so I don’t know why I should be connected to Game Center. If I had a hundred votes on what bug to fix, this would get all my votes.
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