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  1. Counterexample: Paul Scholes. Improved quite a lot. Still a **** tackler.
  2. I would add to Mr U Rosler's comment, that if you are very stressed by the game, sometimes it is worth doing something else for a while: going for a walk, reading, cooking, etc. Sometimes you will think of something while you are doing something else that will "unlock" your stressful moment in the game. Pounding your head against a problem without taking a break can often be fruitless and lead to more stress.
  3. It's even more valid to use it as a learning experience against that one team. If one team is giving you a particular challenge, refining a tactic and playing against other teams won't necessarily test your understanding of what went wrong against that one team. While I agree, you shouldn't be obsessed with just winning a friendly, if a lower team is giving you fits, it's worth fully understanding what about that team's approach is giving you such issues.
  4. I am not a tactics master, but I would not use a mezzala or carrilero in a 5-2-3. Part of what they do is drift to the wings to provide lateral coverage and you already have quite a bit of lateral coverage, but not as much central solidity. I would say a B2B would be better than either of those, but a simple CM would also work. A BWM maybe. Possibly others. But I wouldn't use the MEZ/CAR roles in this case.
  5. Always a solid idea to release a big update right before everyone goes on vacation ...
  6. I do like the idea of giving my DOF a secondary job as scout. I am concerned that if I just fire the DOF it will take months if not longer to resolve, and I still have to sign half a roster before then. edit - except that literally no-one will accept such a double role. It's a non-starter for everyone. edit2 - and my board won't let me fire my DOF as it would cost too much.
  7. I don't have an option of signing a scout.
  8. Keep trying what? There's actually nothing to try. Something seems wrong.
  9. Added a screen shot to show what is available from my staff page re: recruitment team
  10. yes edit - actually, not sure I tried that. I'll try and get back to you. edit2 - yes, they block it. not sure how to do any recruitment (especially when one of my charges is to sign players I can sell for a profit) without a scout.
  11. But I can ask for more money for coaches, for physios, etc. I don't seem to be able to ask for more scouts. Any scouts.
  12. Second division Israeli league. No there are no allowances.
  13. I joined an Israeli team that has no scouts, and no scouting positions, and no ability to ask the board for more scouts. Is there a mechanism to adding scouts that I don't know about?
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