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  1. PeeDub

    Cannot connect to game center

    It goes away after dismissing it. But it pops up every single time I go back to the game.
  2. You might not, but there have been no SI responses on this entire forum since August: https://community.sigames.com/forum/594-bugs-found-on-ios/
  3. I'm feeling lucky. I'm going to enter this bug a third time. I have game center disabled on my iPad. Yet every time I *switch* to FM Touch (not every time I open it. Every time i switch to it.) I get the popup that it cannot connect to game center. And every time I have to dismiss it. I know that you can deal with game center being disabled because literally every other game handles this. Please stop showing the popup.
  4. I've just discovered how to get my iPad saves over to my computer, so no, I don't have a save from before the issue happening. But the game decided I deserved a second team (although I already have a B team, so I'm not sure what a II team is that's different.) But my assistant manager won't ever control the team. I have to quick result every game. I wish I'd never agreed to form a II team. Would it be possible for someone to fix my game? Save is titled peedub_havetomanagesecondteam.zip
  5. Maybe it’s iPad they don’t care about. I’ve entered several bugs over multiple years and yet to see one fixed. Also, can’t upload a sav from iPad.
  6. Thanks. As for the bug report, I don’t know how many I’ve entered that have been ignored. I just don’t think SI gives a crap about touch.
  7. I’ve been using n/m in forum posts when the title says it all for over twenty years, since before text speak was a thing. I was given the choice as to whether to form a second team, so I said “yes!” I have no other option than to manage the team myself. So I regret saying yes now.
  8. N/m means no message not nevermind. As in, the title is the entire message. So yes, I do.
  9. Trying to improve a player's morale: Me: "Hey, can you recommend a signing?" Him: "What position?" Me: "Midfield" Him: "What squad?" Me: "I'm looking for a first team player" Him: "Are you looking to replace me?" Me: "I'm looking for someone to play alongside you" Him: "I feel you've treated me unfairly" ??????????????????????????