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  1. FM16: AFC Ajax - de Godenzonen

    7-1 extra time victory over the United States? 1-1 after 90, 7-1 after extra time? That's falling apart for you.
  2. How newgen/regens names are generated.

    I had the same issue changing Faroe Islands in last years game, and I'd assume that this is the same thing. If you change Faroe Islands to a new country with the language set as English, half the regens still come out with Danish names. It's because as well as the nations's language, there's also something which sets Second Nationality for the regens. So when my fictional English speaking Faroe Islands produced regens, half of them came out with Danish as a second nationality and Danish names. There must be something in the databases that says Danish second nationality is common for the Faroe Islands, I couldnt find anywhere to edit it. I'd guess the same thing is happening with Gibraltar and a chunk of the players having English as a second nationality so you get English names. I got round it by using the extinct old Ireland, made it active and set the language to English and everything looked ok.
  3. Pure insanity!

    I normally stick to my own tactics, but I was getting a bit bored of FM2014 so I thought I'd see what kind of things other people were running. Pure Insanity caught my eye because asymmetrical tactic! Different from my normal teams, so worth a shot. I've played one season with Spurs using V1, and impressed with the tactic. Spurs won the league by 17 points, won the FA Cup beating Chelsea 2-1 in the final, won the Europa League beating Fiorentina 4-2 in the final. Only failure was the League Cup, I played a weakened lineup in the early rounds away to Chelsea and lost. Didnt make any signings that really improved the team. Signed a backup left back for cover and signed a couple of strikers (one of them on loan) as cover after I sold Adebayor. I got sick of seeing "looks disinterested" beside Adebayor's name, so he got a cut-price move at the transfer deadline. The two strikers I brought in didnt help much, end of the season one of them had 0 goals in 6 games and got sold to Wolves, the other had 3 goals in 16 games (mostly as a sub) and was allowed to return to his parent team. I was really lucky Soldado went the whole season without an injury. There were a couple of games where everything went wrong, particularly with the "B" tactic (a 0-4 at Man Utd, a 0-3 at Swansea that could have been worse, a 1-3 at Crystal Palace) but generally the tactic was dominant, and played good looking football too. So well done, two thumbs up, would recommend, etc.
  4. You're watching a Barcelona game with friends and you say out loud "How's Cesc Fabregas playing? He broke his leg last week" before you remember that wasnt in real life.
  5. Changing Regen Name Language

    I haven't tried it in FM13, but in FM12 the problem with replacing Faroe Islands was that its hardcoded that most of the players are generated with Danish as their second nationality, hence the Scandinavian names. I couldn't find any way of changing that, so the solution I came up with was to not use Faroe Islands for a new league. USSR and Ireland (pre-1920) were good alternatives, if inactive countries still work.
  6. Funny Screenshots Thread

    6 English Arsenal players?
  7. I've got a created one too. Head north east from Scotland, wave to Ireland on your left as you pass it by and keep on going. You should hit The Republic of New Darien, if you hit Iceland you've gone too far and have to turn back. Top division of 22 teams with north and south regional divisions below it (both 24 teams) for a grand total of 70 teams. It replaces an inactive country, language is English so everybody has very UK names. I've been creating this league for the last few versions of FM, FM2011 was definitely much easier and quicker to set up in the editor than previous years. I don't have a pretty map, though.
  8. I know playing as Man Utd is kind of playing on an easy level, but still a positive start to the season using the tweaked 4-1-2-3 I'd like to point out the 5-0 v Liverpool didnt require any diving for dodgy penalties, or Stevie Gee madness. The final game, 2-1 v Wolves, is the only game this season where Man Utd have been behind.
  9. Did the previous season's cup have a winner? I set up a cup, i didnt have penalties or extra time set so the final went to a replay. another draw and another replay. Eventually after 3 replays all ending in a draw the season ended with the cup having no winner. The following season the cup didnt happen, I guess cos season 1's competition never finished.
  10. Regen name 'nationalities'

    The problem seems to be that second nationalities are hardcoded somewhere. If you redo San Marino as UK, in UK + Ireland region, city with English as the language, you'll still get loads of Italian names as most San Marino people have second nationality Italian, so your new nation will have most people with second nationality Italian too. I had the same problem with Liechtenstein kicking out lots of half-Swiss players with Swiss names. A way round it is to use an extinct nation, I used Yugoslavia, changed it to English speaking in the UK and all the regens look ok. Only problem with this (other than having to edit the xml directly) is that it seems my new country and Serbia are hardcoded to use the same national stadium, so my team plays in Belgrade for internationals.
  11. definate penalty bug

    Small sample size I know, but there have been 14 penalties in my first 11 games of the season (both for and against my team). Almost all of them come from the same situation. Dead ball cross into the area, either a corner or a free kick, with a penalty for holding.
  12. Problem: Altering Nations

    It works, but it's not perfect. I got a good number of players with Swiss second nationality and Swiss names. I guess the whole second nationality thing is hardcoded. Which may be why San Marino didn't work, I bet most of the regens for San Marino have Italian as a second nationality, hence the name.
  13. Problem: Altering Nations

    I've done something similar replacing Liechtenstein with a made up country and I got the regens to have UK sounding names by: 1) delete everybody who is real Liechtensteiner 2) update language for Liechtenstein to English 3) went through all the Liechtensteiner cities and changed their language to English if it was set to something else and 4) moved Liechtenstein to the UK and Ireland region. After that, all the regens have UK sounding names. Without step 4) all the players spoke English, but still ended up with central European names. That annoyed me for a while.
  14. editing player 3D appearance?

    This is pretty annoying if you play with non-real players. The facegens created for the players dont seem to match the 3d appearance, black facegens for white 3d players and the like. I'm guessing it will be a problem with all regens.
  15. My Own Nation

    When you use CIS as the nation, what kind of names do the regens have?