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  1. In FM13 you either play at the local park or Wembley depending on which side of 20,000 the ground capacity falls under. A bit more visual variety with stadiums wouldn't go amiss in future releases.
  2. I have couple of suggestions for FM2014 I hope people agree with: MUST SEE - You should be given the option to make your former playing career (if chosen) more in-depth & relevant. Say, choose to select the club(s) you played for with the number of apps/goals, the position you played in and the length of your playing career, much like those of other managers in their career stats. On the back of this, press should ask how competitions won and achievements as a player compare to being the boss, what your playing experience can bring to the youngsters in the team, how it feels to be the manager of Forest when you're a Derby County legend, Wales chances of qualifying for the first time since you represented them in the last European Champs, and so on. - I'd assume a popular one, the press conferences NEED an overhaul, It becomes very tedious quite quickly and interviews with journalists about the opinions of other managers don't seem to have visible repercussions. Likewise, being fined does nothing to deter you from speaking out against referees as nothing happens if you do. - As said before, manager job interviews also would be brilliant as an addition. Requests to take over as an interim/caretaker manager for clubs while you're unemployed would also add exciting variety. - DEFINITELY need an option to recommend your own players for an international call-up to either the media or the national coach, especially considering you can big-up others for a call up. WOULD LIKE TO SEE - Maybe an option to convince recently retired players to come out of retirement for the remaining half season to help out your club out when you're in peril? Not to the extent that it can become rent-a-legend, but for instance, Scholes returning to Man Utd to help them win back the title, or a lower league team convinving a local legend to lend a helping hand? - More interaction with fans? Maybe reassuring fans or fan representitives when the club is underachieving or put under greater pressure being appointed to a club whose rivals you used to manage (Benitez at Chelsea, McLeish at Villa etc.) - An overall review of your time with clubs you've managed upon resigning/retiring. How, for example, under your management, "Grimsby Town have gone from the BSP to a stable League One side in three years, with a highlight being the 2-0 giant killing of Man City in the FA Cup 3rd round two years ago." Or how "Under a brief 8-month spell with Everton which saw former Champions League contenders crash down in to a relegation dogfight, losing fan favourite Maruane Fellani to rivals Liverpool" - More visual aspects for a greater sense of achievement. Trophy cabinet of personal and club trophies/medals. Seeing players with you lifting cups in the final. Maybe newspaper cuttings with headlines?
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