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  1. LEEDS UNITED SEASON 2016 - 2017 SQUAD This is my selection would look like this season. Hope everything's go our way. Tactic credit to pl3rious 4-3-3 Asym Bad Possession with little tweak here and there
  2. ow really? Never knew about that actually. Maybe I'll try it next time when another job interview coming. Thanks for the input, mate.
  3. LEEDS UNITED SEASON 2016 - 2017 PREPARATION This is our second season since finally made it back to Premier League. Our transfer we made last season become foundation for our squad. This season I'm not gonna close opportunity to sell our quality player if interesting bids made. And also some players had to out due their incapability to compete for the first team. Aim for this season's transfer is to find replacement and revitalisation squad. ====================================================================== BOARD EXPECTATION Looking back to last season standing, I believe that we can achieve top half finish this season. And by looking transfer budget this season, I believe that the expectation can be fulfil. ====================================================================== FACILITY IMPROVED Continuing my aim since very beginning, I constantly ask the board to upgrade youth facility and recruitment. With this upgrade, i hope Leeds can attract and produce best local talents. ====================================================================== TRANSFER 2015 - 2016 We had a pretty lot budget to wisely spend it. First thing first, I decided to make permanent move for Bernardeschi since his amazing performance last season. I think this is the right move since we only few forward option. And then I decided to sell some players like Bianchi, Canini, Berardi and Doukara. I think they didn't show enough quality to compete for first team. And then, come an interesting 7.75 M pound sterling transfer bid for Casper Sloth that I can't resist. Sloth came to Leeds with only 600K pound sterling. So I made a lot of profit from selling him to Burnley. Then I made offer for Zach Clough from Bolton. I considered him as hot prospect striker for the future. The deal has made but with clausal that I had to loan him back to Bolton until the end of the season. At first, everything come slowly in transfer market. But somehow, a 16.25 M pound sterling offer come for Denis Straqualursi from Aston Villa. An offer that definitely we can't resist. Straqualursi come from free transfer from 2014 - 2015 season. So we made a very huge profit by selling him to Aston Villa. By selling him, made us only have 1 option in forward that made me quickly sign Ademilson, Kenedy and Berisha to complete my forward line for next season. Another transfer considered as coup for us is Gerhardt and Wilshere and Vermaelen who putted in transfer list by Arsenal and Barca respectively. ====================================================================== TRANSFER IN FEDERICO BERNARDESCHI Bernardeschi display amazing performance last season that make me convince to make him permanent. And my effort to make him a striker seems going very well as he finally natural with striker position. With Ademilson and Kenedy, I hope we can scoring a lot of goals this season. ZACH CLOUGH I've planned Clough to be back up in next season since we had to loaned him back to his old club, Bolton. Basicly I can't say much about him, but looking at his attribute, i think he can be promising in the future. ADEMILSON I brought Ademilson from Sao Paulo to fill our striker spot left by Straqualursi. I think Ademilson will fit our playing style rather than Straqualursi. With speed, skill and finishing, I count on him to do more than scoring. With his fellow Brazilian, Kenedy, I hope they doesn't take much time to fit in with our playing style. THOMAS VERMAELEN Thomas Vermaelen doesn't have enough time to proof his quality in Barca found himself in transfer list. I decide to brought him since our defender need to be strengthen. Bellusci and Pearce will found them self as rotation as I found better defender in Vermaelen and Nacho. I really hope Vermelen can give big contribution in our defence this season. KENEDY Brazil U-21 star, Kenedy brought to be our goal machine in this season. Side by side with Ademilson and Bernardeschi, I hope they can produce lot goals this season. Still young and can developed into star player in near future with skill and pace above average. He will be our main goal outlet this season. VALMIR BERISHA I got him on free transfer. He's still young, good skill, speed. I guess he can start to be our back up this season and I hope he will come up with something this season. Valmir Berisha complete our search in striker position. ALBERTO DE LA BELLA http://i.imgur.com/vOTjBwU.png[/img]"]De La Bella brought as an rotation for our left back division. If he can give consistent performance, I don't see why he cannot be in first team choice. I hope his experience can be one of the reason to give us good performance. YANNICK GERHARDT I think Gerhardt will be more than Sloth's replacement. With above average skill in attack and defend also great physical condition, no wonder he will be our new star. JACK WILSHERE I really wonder why Arsenal put him on transfer list. I think Wilshere has enough capability to make goal chances for our team. With him and Gerhardt on board, Anderson, Crisetig and Mowatt will dropped into rotation. ====================================================================== TRANSFER OUT As early said, I sold Sloth and Straqualursi as interesting transfer offer came in. I have no plan to sell them in the first place. But for Bianchi, Canini, Berardi, Doukara, White and Ajose, they time has come in Leeds since they can't compete for spot in first team. Warnock already set for release as his contract come to end. ====================================================================== SHOCKING NEWS They finally decide to retire this season. ====================================================================== JOB INTERVIEW Following Van Gal retirement, Man Utd offer a job interview to coach their team. Like usual, I had to reject this interview. So, another season begin!
  4. LEEDS UNITED PLAYERS DEVELOPMENT SAM BYRAM This kid has developing a lot in this 2 years. As you can see picture above, his overall attribute has been raising in almost every area. But the most notable development is in decision, agility and strength. As you can see, even his weight is reduced. And I'm also added new position so he can play as attacking winger. So his progress has been amazing over this 2 years. I'm continue to tracking his development. ====================================================================== JASON PEARCE Our Captain seems has development to his full potential. Even play in higher competition doesn't improve his overall capability. His physical attribute seems stagnant. Most notable progress is in his anticipation, concentration, leadership and positioning raising a bit. I'm afraid he won't survive long enough in our first team. Two or three season max and then he's out or maybe he can stay in U-21 to mentoring our youngster. Let see where the future holds. ====================================================================== GIUSEPPE BELLUSCI Our Vice Captain is vice versa with our Captain, already close to his full potential I guess. The only notable progress is in his positioning. I had to find some replacement quickly to cover them. ====================================================================== RODOLPH AUSTIN Our key player back when we were in Skybet Championship. As we can see, his physical attribute starts to drop. I guess he already pass his peak and decelerate. The only notable progress only in his positioning. This is key players left from the managerial before me. So maybe next season I will introduce our new key players to see their development
  5. LEEDS UNITED SEASON 2015 - 2016 REVIEW This is Premier League standing 2015-2016. Liverpool can't maintain the title. Man Utd confirm the title even since 3 games left. Man Utd, Liverpool, Arsenal and Chelsea confirm ticket to Champions League next season. Surprisingly, we as newly promoted team finished at 6th by collecting 62 points from 18 wins and 8 draws. by that we qualify to EURO Cup qualification next season. All i can say is our effort in training and recruiting new players in early season give best result. Fellow promoted team, Derby and Norwich seems safe from degradation since they finish in 13th and 14th respectively. Fortunately, Sunderland, Crystal Palace and WBA had to drop to Skybet Championship League. ====================================================================== Picutre above is Leeds players stat over 2015 - 2016 season. Some player from existing squad still can keep their place in team, like Byram, Pearce, Bellusci, Austin and Sloth. But they really have to fight for their place in next season since a lot of fresh blood in our team who ready to snap first team place. Some fresh players start to show their value to the club by claiming spot in first team. Leali took spot in first team goalkeeper like he planned to be before season started. James Husband take quickly left wing back spot replacing Warnock who already dropped to U-21 squad. With 7.17 average rating from 43 appearances, Husband prove that he is worth to take first team place. Cirigliano and Crisetig sharing place as rotation for Austin and Sloth respectively and do their job brilliantly as subs or first team. Maybe in next season or two they can make their spot into first team squad. Straqualursi and Anderson shows that value doesn't have to be obstacle to give the very best performance. This signed-free striker, Straqualursi can be top scorer in Premier League this season by scoring 23 goals and scoring total 32 goals from 39 appearances. Meanwhile, Anderson can take first team spot by 33 appearances in first team with average rating 7.15. Some players need to be loaded out since I think they already can't compete their place even for rotation. Some of them already given chances to show their capability for team, but shown opposite. Stephen Warnock will be give free transfer by the end of the season. Meanwhile I will try to offer to clubs names like, Tommaso Bianchi, Liam Cooper, Luke Murphy, Michele Canini, Gaetano Berardi, Souleymane Doukara, Aidan White, Nicky Ajose. Hope they can get proper chance in other clubs. Most appearances: 1. Giuseppe Bellusci - 45(2) apps 2. James Husband - 43 apps 3. Nicola Leali - 43 apps 4. Jason Pearce - 42(2) apps 5. Denis Stracqualursi - 39 apps Most goals: 1. Denis Straqualursi - 32 goals 2. Federico Bernardeschi - 14 goals 3. Anderson - 7 goals 4. Doukara, Crisetig, Sloth and Bellusci - 4 goals 5. Rudy Austin - 3 goals ====================================================================== Denis Straqualursi is voted as Leeds united Fans Player of the year. Hope he can maintain his performance. ====================================================================== And this is Leeds best Eleven this season. Almost all filled with new faces. Only left Bellusci, Pearce, Austin, Sloth Doukara and White from old managerial. ====================================================================== Straqualursi made it into Premier League top scorer with 23 goals! He beats world class striker, Higuain and Lukaku to get there. Hope he can continue his performance next season. ====================================================================== Straqualursi and Bernardeschi made it into Premier League Team of the Year. Bernardeschi's performance convince me to make him permanent in next season. ====================================================================== Capital One Cup is won by Chelsea, the team who defeat us in Semi Final. In other hand, FA Cup won by Southampton. Also the team who beat us in 6th Round. So yeah, they deserve it.
  6. LEEDS UNITED MARCH - MAY 2016 When we only have Premier League to focused on, our performance doesn't show true quality in the rest of the game. From 9 games left, we can only win 3 games. We lose from Derby, Leicester, Man Utd and Chelsea respectively. A humiliating defeat from Derby somehow doesn't need to happen if our striker can convert al chances into goals. We really dominating the game, but failed to find the net over and over again. With 41 chances, 19 shots are on target, but we can only score 2 goals. A different view from Derby when they only had 8 chances and 5 shots on target, they can score 3 goals. Even our April features dominated by defeats, somehow Straqualursi named as Player of the Month of April. ====================================================================== JOB INTERVIEW Another job interview come from Hull. As usual, I had to turned it down since I want to be focused only in Leeds United.
  7. LEEDS UNITED JANUARY - FEBRUARY 2016 So finally get down to start another half season. In January, we won 2 first match in Elland Road. First, we can get revenge 1-0 with Newcastle where we lost at the very first game in Premier League back to August. And we win confidently over WBA 4-0 with Straqualursi hattrick and Crisetig goal. But in January - February we can get a single win when we came in away game in Premier League. Disaster come when we come to away game to Selhurst Park to face Crystal Place and lose 2-3. But in other side I can be happy with our youngster, Alex Mowatt who show superb performance by scoring 1 goal. Also in St Mary's, Liberty and Anfield. Our defence seem not performing very well when we came in away games. Conceded 4 goals is somehow proof that our defence really need injection with quality players. Meanwhile, even our bad performance in away games, Berdardeschi still can scoop Young Player of the Month in January. ================================================== ==================== FA CUP We came to 3rd Round in FA Cup by facing Arsenal in Emirates Stadium, where we confidently win by 2-0. In 4th Round we came to Ashton Gate to hammered Bristol City 6-0 by superb performance from Straqualursi who score 4 goals. A draw game in Dean Court made us rematch in Elland Round with Bournemouth when we came with a win 3-1. But sadly our wonderfull journey in FA cup this year has to stop tragically by losing 0-4 from Southampton. ================================================== ==================== CAPITAL ONE CUP We drawn to facing Chelsea in Capital One Semi Final. With draw 0-0 in Stamford Bridge, we had to rematch in Elland Road which stopped our journey in Capital One since draw 3-3 in our home base. Since we lost in FA Cup and Capital One Cup, so our focus only how to get best result in Premier League.
  8. LEEDS UNITED WINTER TRANSFER Since our start in Premier League goes pretty well, board offered us to change season expectations. Looking back to our late performance, I decided to raising challenge to finish in top half. As result, our transfer and wage budget has been raised either. So back to our squad. Since not perform very well, I decided to terminate loan of Borja Garcia, Zoltan Steiber and Ante Rebic back to their club. Meanwhile, Bernardeschi stays since his convert performance as a striker goes very well Our defence seems not good enough to survive in Premier League. Tower duet between Bellusci and Pearce seems not longer strong to face Premier League's strikers. Wootton and Del Fabro still not develop into something that we expected them to be. So I decided to bring some fresh player to strengthen our defence. Nacho will be perfect addition and since he is on transfer list so we can get him cheaply. And so to strengthen our attack outlet, unsettled Attacking Midfielder, Thorgan Hazard brought to Leeds. In other hand, I'm still recruiting young player to regenerate players in Leeds United. I bring Djalo and Fezjic to give our youth more quality players.
  9. LEEDS UNITED NOVEMBER - DECEMBER 2015 So Here's our result from November to December. We lose 0-1 from Sunderland in injury time 2nd half. The lads seem out of luck in front of goal. Lots opportunity cannot be converted into goals. And if you see match vs Tottenham, we draw 3-3 by scored 2 goals first by our U-21 players Robbie McDaid. Then they payback with 3 goals straight. Fortunately, we can equalised in last minute. We should highlight team performance while vs Aston Villa, Leicester City and especially Chelsea. They made tons of opportunity, but Leali played very well to make clean sheet. We play brilliantly to score over 3 goals in every match. If you see scorer section, Straqualursi starts to score regularly. He become our main threat to our enemy. He scored hattrick twice in Leicester's and Chelsea's match. But, we have to face 3 games with no win in boxing day in the end of the year. We lose from Man Utd and Everton also draw with Arsenal. But so far we closed half season with proud. ================================================== ==================== CAPITAL ONE We reach Fifth Round facing Aston Villa in Villa Park. Our striker show their capability in scoring goals. With Bernardeschi score 2, Straqualursi score one, delivering us to Capital One Semi Final. We exceed board expectation in Capital One which is good for my performance evaluation. With 9 goals made, Straqualursi awarded with Player of the Month in December. Young Player of the Month November and December won by our young star, James husband in a row! He started to show his quality for our club. ================================================== ==================== JOB INTERVIEW Suprisingly, WBA offer me job interview as they wish me to become their manager. But since I'm committed to play in one club, I had to decline the interview.
  10. LEEDS UNITED OCTOBER 2015 This month is really incredible for us. Casper Sloth gives us superb performance in every match. He almost score in every match, include very fabulous strike free kick while vs Manchester City that saves us from losing. Also a win vs Premier League 2015-2015 champion, Liverpool 4-1 is really amazing performance for us. Casper Sloth also scoring in Liverpool match. Makes he English Premier Division Player of the Month in October. Also his goal while vs Hull become the 2nd goal of the month in October. Meanwhile, a long strike outside penalty box from Rudy Austin became the 1st goal of the month. With this solid performance, I've been awarded Manager of the Month in October also. Complete achievement for team who just promoted into Premier League. ================================================== ==================== CAPITAL ONE The 4th round of Capital One Cup we have drawn with Middlesbrough, one of our rival while in Skybet Championship. Ante Rebic shown solid performance by scoring hattrick include one goal from white spot. With 4-0 win, we continue to next round, which already pass board's expectation.
  11. LEEDS UNITED SEPTEMBER 2015 I'm very complacent with our result this month. The lads show their true quality when we come to Burnley base by won the game 2-3 with late minute goal by Bellusci from corner kick. We alson win from Crystal Palace, with Doukara's and Straqualursi's goal. The game with Southampton is the 2nd game with them since we also meet them earlier in Capital One Cup. Once again the lads show determination till the end and square the game by Bernardeschi's goal. With this 2 wins and 1 draw, I get award for top boss this September. This is really pleasing for me actually since bad start we had in August. A win in Capital One Cup make this month become truly inspiring for us in next performance. ================================================== ==================== CAPITAL ONE We knocked out Southampton in Capital One Cup by win 1-0 in their home base with Garcia's goal in early 2nd half. And score stay still until the end of the game.
  12. LEEDS UNITED AUGUST 2015 So finally, time has come for us to facing first game in Premier League since 2003-2004. In opening match, we had to visited Newcastle ground. The lads fought all out for their first game. But we beaten by referee's dubious decision that give a penalty kick for Newcastle. I'm upset with referee decision and decide to harshly criticised the FA. Since shown that the decision has gone wrong, FA silent over my criticism. So we had first game in Premier League with first lose in the season and Newcastle won their first game with the help from referee. What a shame. In second game, we had to face Arsenal in our ground and expected to lose. But we had leading with Cirigliano's goal, but then Arsenal finally equalised the game. Third game we faced WBA at their ground. With victory over Ipswich Town in Capital One, the team finally get first win in Premier League 1-0. Goal scored by Anderson in early games and it stay still until the end of the game. ================================================== ==================== CAPITAL ONE We have drawn with Ipswich Town in Capital One and win it 3-1 with confident make us through next round. All of our goals are scored by new faces. Hopefully this is a turning point for us in from two loses at Premier League
  13. LEEDS UNITED PRE-SEASON 2015 - 2016 We set our pre-season into 8 games. My purpose is to blending the team since there's a lot new faces came in. In the first 3 games, Antenucci and Sharp still on the team. We have 6 wins and 2 draws. Pretty good for pre-season. So far, i'm happy not only with the result but also with the harmony of the team. As you can see, Bernardeschi pretty flashy with 3 goals he scored in few games. So time to bring this performance into competition.
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