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  1. Hi - I've just given the files for Bradford a final once over and released him so that should be sorted by final release.
  2. I've ditched my tactic and started again - had some issues with being wide open defensively and as a result wasting decent performances - keeping the tactic as a plan B though. Attempt 2 involves something that I've not used before, and been inspired by in this thread - the Inverted Wing Back. Only had one friendly so far but I quite like the initial shape. The idea is that I have Politano acting like an inside forward and being overlapped by Pirola/hopefully Peruzzi, and Duncan also pushing forward from midfield in support. Width provided by the WB on the right and the DW on the left. This is what it looks like without the ball: That's basically doing exactly what I want it to do - a compact, decent shape that limits my opponents and means they can't easily walk through us. With the ball, however: I can see one problem there straight away - my BBM (Duncan) is too close to my AMC (Ricci) and they'll get in each other's way. My proposed tweak to this is to add "Get Further Forward" to his instructions to try and get him running beyond the AMC and supporting the striker. I do like the width provided by the DW and WB though, and the IWB filling the space behind Duncan gives me a very nice midfield shape. I've got a couple of other thoughts on potential tweaks - one is changing my MR role to WM (S), while on the left going for W (S) or W (A) - I am a little worried about my team being a bit unbalanced towards the right when attacking. The other, if the first tweak to the BBM doesn't work, is trying a CM (A) in that role - I would want to keep the DW in that case though in order to not overcommit my midfield forwards. It does depend a bit on who I can get as a left sided player - how are you all getting Depay? He's not really interested on my save.
  3. 4-4-1-1 is a relatively common formation but I've been trying (and failing) to get one to work all year in FM, so I'll give it a go. With regards to transfers, I've signed Gino Peruzzi because the squad desperately needed a right back, Ruben Botta for AMC (Plays for Lanus, has a release clause of £1.5m) and loaned Ryan Fraser for cover on the wings. Got rid of Terranova because I didn't need all the centre backs, and cashed in on Lorenzo Pellegrini because I have a million identikit central midfielders and he had Shoots From Distance, which is a PPM I hate. I've gone for a fairly simple system - using the Wide Midfielders on the flanks for the extra versatility - the one on the left sits narrower and creates space for the overlapping fullback, the one on the right simply has "Dribble More" selected - Politano has enjoyed this role so far in the Europa League. Cruised past Stabaek 6-1 on aggregate and I've got a Latvian team in the next round. Defrel has looked a big threat up front so far but I can't wait for Berardi to be fit again.
  4. I'd be up for this - need something to get me back into FM properly.
  5. I've just got round to getting this game going after being busy with holiday and work beforehand, and I thought I had a working tactic - however, I just lost my first league game 2-1 despite dominating, with both goals coming when an opponent got wide and my left sided CB in the back 3 didn't go to close them down. How can I avoid this?
  6. Got tickets for four games and I'm taking the opportunity to do a trip around France - going everywhere by train, basically Germany v Ukraine in Lille on 12th Go to Paris for a couple of days on 13th - no games there, sadly Go to Lyon on 15th - Northern Ireland v Ukraine and Czech Republic v Croatia in St Etienne Go to Lens on 21st for Czech Republic v Turkey I've not got a car, so I'm going everywhere by train - thanfully, France has a good train network. Looking forward to it loads!
  7. Hi - if there's a second batch of formations available I'd quite like to have a go - would be interesting to try and develop something new without just going back to 4-1-4-1...
  8. Mine also arrived yesterday - cannot wait now!
  9. It's entirely designed to frustrate people - every time tickets go up, they get snapped up straight away and you get the "sold out" message. Unless you want the €145 tickets for Romania v Albania.
  10. There weren't many for Italy when I did manage to get on - there were briefly ones for Ireland v Italy but they went before I could get them. Did also try for Iceland - Austria category 4 tickets as well, but someone got them first.
  11. Anyone else using the re-sale portal? It clearly hasn't been designed for the sheer weight of interest that it's getting. Have managed to secure tickets to Northern Ireland v Ukraine though!
  12. I've just found out that my application has failed - decided that I wanted to go too late to qualify for a decent chance at England tickets, and didn't get anything in the general ballot this time around. I'll have to wait for the re-sale window. Don't particularly care who I see (though I'd like to see one of the home nations) but I do want to go to some of the games.
  13. Cheers for the feedback - I've swapped my midfielders over (they were that way round because one of my potential playmakers is left footed), knocked the tempo down a bit and changed the AM role to Shadow Striker to see what happens. We've won both games since, and this one was particularly dominant: Sadly, Del Piero hasn't done that well, and with Devante Cole back to fitness and Iliev getting two from the bench he may drop down. He's still making an amazing tutor for Cole though. We're predicted 5th, and I've improved on that squad - should definitely be pushing for the top two.
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