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  1. quick question your target man is used to hold the ball up? because he's not the tallest not the best in the air or is he your back up ?
  2. or im guessing fast defenders help ive got james chester I think andy carroll would out run him haha
  3. i use touch mate are there any player instructions im going to give it a go how do u find playing the high line don't get caught out with balls over the top ??
  4. anyone had any luck on fmt yet playing as villa won the championship easy got of to a good start in prem but couldn't win a game after Christmas you guys as Newcastle and everton any chance of sharing tactics for em to have a look at please
  5. knap what do you use on FMT ive tried anchor on there with no success
  6. anyone have any decent tactics yet playing as villa got promoted got off to a good start in prem but after chirstmas can not win a game
  7. Hi Knap Playing as villa on fm touch got promoted using my own tactics started the season decent im currently 22 games 24 points hit an horrendous run what would you recommend me to start playing with to build towards next season ?
  8. ive just got promoted with villa so im guessing the defensive one would be better
  9. so which overall is better anchor or the other im using villa btw
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