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  1. Ability to play friendlies on neutral venues. Real life examples: *pre World Cup friendlies played in host nation or countries nearby (iirc Austria and Switzerland were popular this summer, and the host Germany of course) *pre-season club friendlies while on tour. a chance to play not only against a club from the country your touring in, but other clubs who're in camps in the same place (eg. Eurosport showed a few friendlies this summer from Austria played between Werder, Olympiacos and such neutral teams in that country). *international friendlies on neutral venue: Algeria v Gabon, Mali v Tunisia, Cameroon v Uruguay, Ivory Coast v Senegal - all these are today/tomorrow played in France IRL. Plus Ghana v Togo is played in England. These teams with European-based players just won't go to play friendlies in their home grounds as the infrastructure is third world. In FM, that's unfortunately what you must do as the game won't allow your to play on neutral ground. This needs to be in the game.
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