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  1. First season here. Only bought Ben Gibson in as an additional CB. Found myself top of the league come Xmas playing this formation. Usually play Countinho in the SV/A swapping with the right winger. Absolutely fantastic on the counter
  2. I've finally got into fm16, but I've started at Crewe. Once I've got my head round the new interface and ME I'll be looking to recreate the log diamond again.
  3. Have you tried using wingers on support? I did this in FM15 and the wingers often hit 15+ goals and 15+ assists a season.
  4. Mine was more aimed at recreating LGV's 3-4-3 diamond, which was bit more rigid with its positioning of players. I did retrain any defender that had the DCL or DCL/WBL description with the correct attributes (and height) to play as a centre back. I though this would help as they would often get dragged wide or cut out attacks down the flanks.
  5. Player instructions are; Sweeper & both DCs have none. DM - Shoot less often, Dribble Less CM - Shoot less often, Dribble Less, Close down more, Hold position AM - Roam from posistion, pass it shorter, move into channels, close down much more W - shoot less often, pass it shorter, cross from byline, close down much more FW - shoot less often, dribble less, close down much more, pass it shorter, move into channels As I go into a game, I set both CMs to man mark the opposition wingers in the MRL or AMRL position. If they don't have any wide men then I don't set any marking instructions for the CMs. If the opposition then has 3 in midfield I'll set the AM to man mark a CM so he drops back even more, if it's a strong team. Against a weak opponent I'll not set any marking instructions for the AM.
  6. All depends on the players too. The CM's need to be hard working. Defence was very tight in the league. Not so much in the CL, but I decided to just out score the opposition as we didn't struggle scoring goals. The front 4 were very deadly.
  7. I set the CM to man mark any wide players, AM to then man mark an opposition CM so we weren't out numbered in the middle. Here's it more in detail now I'm at my computer, but the forward is now set to Complete Forward - Support
  8. I created a Louis Van Gaal inspired diamond on FM15, much similar to the one above. But with a Sweeper and a AMC. Helped me win 3 league titles with Ajax and a Champions League, whilst also breaking the 100 goal barrier a couple of times in the league.
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