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  1. Anyway, I won the League in the first season on Goal difference, had +6 more than Liverpool. Lost against City in FA Cup final and against Atletico in quarter final, won 2-1 at home but lost 1-0 away!! Also lost against Leicester in quarter final in League Cup. I started the first season without any team could buy until the January window. I got those players in January: And those after the season: And now my team looks like this:
  2. About to start the 2nd season and I want to replace Matic and maybe Lukaku? Who should I try to get? Also Skriniar for 70m sounds a good partner with De ligt?
  3. I have already done this process, "I’ve encountered a message stating Football Manager has stopped responding" Uninstall my anti-virus, I'm using Windows 10 and my laptop should run almost every games easily. I have uploaded my last save which is named Leeds Utd.
  4. The game keeps crashing and I have removed logo packs and other graphics stuff. And cache cleared also. It has happend to me in about 3 or 4 saves and it seems to happen randomly when I'm playing matches.
  5. My first season transfers: Second season tranfers: My team squad for 2nd season: Bayern offered me 36m for Schneiderlin... Not sure If I should take it and is there something I need to add to this squad?
  6. Should I sell Schneiderlin to Bayern for 36M pounds?? Its summer 2016 and I only have him, Bastian and Pogba for the DM role.. Not sure if I should accept the offer and if i do then I need someone to replace him in the squad.
  7. Bought him for 44m after 2nd season.. Liverpool had bad 2nd season and before the season ended I declared interest in him and then he wanted to join. He is just backup for Januzaj. Januzaj was my best player in 3rd season playing in amr position.
  8. Won everything in season 3 and this is my squad. I have 120m to spend and im not sure who i should try to buy. Maybe i doesn't need anything. Barca offered me Neymar for 90m.. Its tempting but i probably doesn't need him.
  9. He has not been great but he only wanted 88k in wages. With this squad I thought I only needed a right winger and maybe backup for Shaw.
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