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  1. Anyway, I won the League in the first season on Goal difference, had +6 more than Liverpool. Lost against City in FA Cup final and against Atletico in quarter final, won 2-1 at home but lost 1-0 away!! Also lost against Leicester in quarter final in League Cup. I started the first season without any team could buy until the January window. I got those players in January: And those after the season: And now my team looks like this:
  2. About to start the 2nd season and I want to replace Matic and maybe Lukaku? Who should I try to get? Also Skriniar for 70m sounds a good partner with De ligt?
  3. ShirazS, can you send me your tweaked tactic?
  4. Knap, do you have any beta tactic? If so i can try it with Man Utd for you..
  5. Download Link http://www.mediafire.com/?z2ftnmzazmm Doesn't work
  6. This tactic is fantastic for Spurs BUT i have twice lost really bad 7-2 vs Man Utd and 8-1 vs Arsenal both away :S
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