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  1. What would you do with a winger who's pretty fast but lacks the dribbling skill to support that? I'm currently trying to get the most out of this guy. Same problem with this guy but in the striker position. He's pretty fast but not that good in other aspects of his game. Poacher? Any roles or instructions you would recommend when you're looking at his stats?
  2. Update: End of the first season Our results after we implemented the new tactics. Outside of the games against Erfurt and Fortuna Köln I really couldn't have asked for more given the situation we were in when we made these drastic changes. 9 wins, 3 draws and 3 losses is a pretty impressive result for a side that had a complete mid season tactics overhaul if you ask me. The draws against Osnabrück and Mainz II were very unfortunate though. They're both teams we should have beaten comfortably but they sat back and countered and we didn't have the means to deal with that. Heartbreaking. We were 11th before the tactics change and now missed the playoffs by 1 point. That's exactly where the two really unnecessary draws hurt you most. It could have been such an amazing success story, but in the end it just wasn't enough. It doesn't really help that we actually beat all the teams who finished above us. Hopefully we'll manage to make the cut next season. Next goal: Promotion What I noticed in my tactics First off, the counter tactic mostly did what it was supposed to do. We snatched points from bigger teams and sometimes even got a win out of it (Kiel, Halle, Wehen). However I was really surprised how much possession we had with the counter tactic. I don't really know what happened there. The standard tactic also worked reasonably well. All in all it was probably my most used tactic. However the games were always pretty close. The control tactic ... doesn't work. We never actually controlled the game and I never really felt comfortable using the tactic. Maybe it's because we lack the players to establish dominance and pull this tactic off. Maybe it's just flawed because I made some mistakes developing it. I don't really know yet and we'll have to see in a few pre-season friendly if we can optimize it. The players Bischoff, Kopplin and Kara were outstanding. They really came through for me and absolutely deserve their status as key players. Most of the other players also had a good season, although I'm still disappointed by Reichwein. I'm actually not even sure if I want to keep him. His 5 Determination really puts me off and I still don't know how to utilize him to his full potential. Definitely leaving us will be Greshake, Weißenfels, Schulze Niehues, Kefkir and Pischorn. The first 4 just aren't good enough and Pischorn is getting too expensive with a contract renewal. I'm not sure what I'll do with Benkada yet. He scored 9 goals (most in the team together with Reichwein) but I'm not really convinced of him as a player and his contract is running out. Maybe I'll renew with him as a squad player if he isn't too expensive.
  3. I wonder if people are reading this ... Anyway, tomorrow will bring the huge "post-season-update". Spoiler: I didn't get sacked. Anything you would like to see in the update?
  4. Fruits of our labor Rostock - Preußen Münster 0:1 What a crucial victory for us. Rostock were just one point behind us, but we played a really solid game. Our goal came from a beautiful cross from Hoffman from the right side which was put away by Benkada. We only managed to score 1 goal out of 3 CCC but at least we won and kept a clean sheet. In the first half we were much better than Rostock, in the second half they managed to make it an even game. We played this game with our counter tactic. Preußen Münster - Halle 2:1 Holy crap, what a game. Halle were second in the league but we were touted as favorites for this match. I wasn't quite convinced but decided on the standard tactic nevertheless. It was a game at home after all. We went one goal down in minute 13 after a corner was flicked on at the near post and a Halle player was completely free to casually head it in at the far post. We managed to equalize the game in minute 66 after Bischoff played a wonderful through ball at the box to Hoffmann on the right who slotted it in near the far post. In minute 84 Schwarz, our left back crosses the ball into the box, the whole defense and manages to find Hoffmann at the 6 yard box who just has to tap it in. We turned the game around. In the end we were a bit lucky because Halle scored an offside goal. What I noticed: Benkada shoots ... a lot. 6 goals in 19 starts isn't bad, considering that my top scorer now has 7 goals, but the "Shoots from distance"-PPM with long shots 13 really isn't doing him any favors. Only 31% of his shots are actually on target. A pretty bad number for an inside forward. I'm not sure if I want to renew his contract.
  5. Münster's tactical revolution ...? After lots of reading and even more thinking this is what I came up with. Three different tactics with the same formation. A counter tactic for when we're clearly outmatched. I don't think it's ideal, but I feel like it's basically my only choice if I hope to steal away some points from stronger opponents. We'll exploit the middle because that's the part of the pitch where we're strongest. Kara, Bischoff und Reichwein are expected to handle basically everything in our game while our Anchor Man ties the defence together. More disciplined and stick to positions go hand in hand to creating a solid defensive shape that will (hopefully) be hard to play through. Maybe we can sneak in a few goals on the break, maybe we can't. We'll see. The standard tactic for close matches. Again we're sticking to positions because most of my players aren't the sharpest tools in the box (sorry guys, no offence) and we're exploiting the middle for the mentioned reason. Playing narrower is done for the same reason. We're strong in the middle of the park and that's where it's important to defend and close gaps. Hit early crosses is selected because I can't rely on my wingers or full backs to beat their man more often than not. Might as well cross it into the box as soon as they receive the ball and hope for the best with Reichwein. This one is basically the standard tactic with a control mentality. We'll only use this one against bottom of the table teams where we hope to dominate the whole game. I'm not entirely sure if my team will be up for the challenge but that remains to be seen. Any glaring issues I've missed? Obvious flaws? Improvements?
  6. Everybody is more than welcome to disagree with me on some points or conclusions I'm making by the way. I'm sure I could also learn something from you guys and some different perspectives and a bit of input might actually help to get the team performing.
  7. Trying to turn things around As I said, we're back to square one. I still believe that our 4-1-2-3 DM Wide is the best formation to suit our player material. Everything else (Mentality, Shape, Team Instructions, Player Instructions, Player Roles) will be questioned. Let's start with our Mentality. I feel like teams in lower leagues will almost always be prone to defensive mistakes and errors leading to goals. The players are always lacking in some attribute or another. Pischorn for example, one of my Central Defenders, only has 8 passing, 9 concentration, 8 technique, 9 acceleration and 7 agility. He has an average rating of 7.01 this season so he isn't doing badly at all, but he will make mistakes and they will lead to goals. It's pretty much the same with all my other central defenders. They're either lacking in technique, passing, concentration or speed. There's not much I can do about it other than accept their limitations and work them into my game. My point in all this is that I think defensive tactics are bound to fail in the lower leagues. You'll rarely keep a clean sheet and the only thing you can do about it is to outscore the opponent and try to capitalize on their defensive mistakes. So the Contain and Defensive mentality won't be used. What about Counter though? There are definitely teams in the league that are just better than we are. The question is if the Counter mentality is the right way to deal with that disadvantage. The problem is that countering relies heavily on pace and we just don't have pacey players up front. Reichwein (Striker): 11 Acceleration / 11 Pace Weißenfels (Striker): 13 Acceleration / 11 Pace Benkada (Winger): 15 Acceleration / 14 Pace -> Exception Kefkir (Winger): 13 Acceleration / 11 Pace Hoffmann (Winger) 11 Acceleration / 11 Pace Greshake (Winger): 12 Acceleration / 12 Pace It's safe to say that we won't outrun many central defenders or full backs. Nevertheless we probably won't beat teams like Kiel in an open game. The other end of the question is what happens when we're actually the favorites and expected to make the game. Standard? Control? Attacking? We don't really have the necessary passing skills to pull of a fast and direct passing game with the Attacking mentality. On the other hand, going for Control would probably lead to lots of passes that amount to a whole lot of nothing because we only have 2 really creative players with good passing and vision in our squad (Kara and Bischoff). Team Shape My dreaded enemy. There are so many different philosophies regarding team shape that I've lost count of them all. In an ideal world I'm a fan of very fluid systems. I think defending, transitioning and attacking should all be team efforts. I hate forwards that just stay up the field and wait for a ball in their general direction. I also hate full backs who just sit back and defend while they could potentially offer so much more going forward. My idea of football is that every single player should be involved in every aspect of the game in one way or another. So what's the problem? My philosophy basically screams fluid or very fluid team shape. As much as I would like to play like that, I have some serious doubts that my players would be able to handle it because I think that most of them don't have the mental attributes to decide for themselves when they should be attacking and when they should be defending. The last thing I want is to make my game too complicated for them. Highly structured team shape might be too extreme, maybe we should go with a structured team shape? Thanks! Let's hope the next entry isn't "Got sacked, game over."
  8. Münster v Erfurt 0-3 What a horrible game. We played at home but we never looked like it. We conceded two goals after corners and one goal after a cross from a counter. Erfurt was better in pretty much every aspect of the game. We only managed to get 7 shots and only 1 of them was on target. You can't win games with stats like that. Only 1 CCC against a team that should punch in our weight class is another stat I don't like. Something definitely has to change. We're absolutely harmless going forward and lack of concentration is costing us at the back. Admittedly, we're facing a little injury crisis, but still. We should absolutely not be collapsing like that. At the moment neither offense nor defense are working like they should. Maybe it's the player material, maybe it's the tactic. (Screenshot taken after the game) The tactic we started with. I tried to see if my assistant knew what he's talking about when he's making suggestions. Turns out, he has no idea. I changed it after about 30 minutes. We were already one behind by that point. (Screenshot taken after the game) This is what we played like for the rest of the game. I tried to get everyone involved, close them down much more aggressively and bring our passing success up a bit. It didn't do too much good for us. Back to square one. I have to think long and hard about how to approach these next games. The fans and the board are getting frustrated with our results.
  9. What are good at? We are the best team in the league: Leadership (9.95) Strength (11.62) Positioning (12.14) Long Shots (10.25). We are decent (2nd - 5th.): Work Rate (4th with 13.05) Teamwork (3rd with 13.33) Aggression (4th with 11.33) - Note: We picked up 53 yellow cards and 2 red cards in 23 games. Handling (4th with 12.23) Stamina (2nd with 11.83) Finishing (2nd with 13.50) Heading (2nd with 13.00) That's actually not too bad. We can work with that. Hard working, can run endlessly, lots of physical strength and power in the side. What are we bad at? Passing (19th with 9.24) Pretty much all the goalkeeper stats except Handling Midfield Tackling (16th with 8.92) Technique (19th with 10.75) - Note: That actually doesn't look too bad. Apparently other sides are just at lot better at it. Attacking Pace (16th with 11.00) We can't pass to save our lives, our midfield sucks at tackling, our Technique is apparently lacking and we don't really have any pace up front. That's kinda really bad. Standout players (Key Players) Probably one of the best players in the league. My assistant thinks he would be a decent player for most Bundesliga sides and it really shows. I have him playing in central midfield as a Central Midfielder (Attack). As you can see, an average rating of 7.58 in 21 games speaks for itself. It's absolutely crucial for our success to get the most out of this guy. A damn good right Full Back for the 3. Bundesliga and now with a torn hamstring. As far as I know an average rating of 7.41 is exceptional for a Full Back. I was hoping to develop his Long Throws (17 with Long Flat Throw PPM) but that didn't happen so far. He's playing as Full Back (Attack). The other midfield genius the squad has to offer. He's playing next to Bischoff as in central midfield as an Advanced Playmaker (Support). Average rating of 7.35. His physical stats leave a lot to be desired but he makes up for it with his technical ability. Too bad he's already 32. Now this is an odd case. What I'm seeing from his stats he should be a good striker but I just can't get him to work properly as the lone striker. He's not doing terribly, don't get me wrong. A rating of 6.84 is still okay so he must be doing something right, but 6 goals out of 19 games is just meh. He isn't really quick, he isn't exceptionally strong but he is kinda good in the air. Not better than most central defenders but still good. His determination is horrible though. As I said, no idea what to do with him or how to play to his strengths.
  10. New year, new version of Football Manager, new career with German third division club Preußen Münster, same old story. This thread is going to my journal on how I approach lower league management and what I'm struggling with. It certainly won't be a guideline and everyone is more than welcome to give their opinion on the struggles I'm facing with the club. I'm imagining this thread as a journal of my managing story and as a constructive dialog about tactics and how to overcome all the little problems one has to face when not managing a top club. So let's start this off. Welcome to the journey of SC Preußen Münster SC Preußen Münster - for everyone who doesn't know (does anyone know?) - is a relatively small club in the 3. Bundesliga but was originally one of the founding clubs of the Bundesliga. What are we working with? We are a professional club with a good (2.5 stars) national reputation. Our financial status is okay. Yearly wage budget: €3,066,300 p/a (used: €2,892,750 p/a) Transfer budget: €0 Affiliated Clubs: Dortmund Media predict we're going to finish 9th in the league. Board expectations: Top half Stadium capacity: 15,050 (3000 seated) Facilities Corporate: Adequate Training: Average Youth: Adequate Junior Coaching: Adequate Youth Recruitment: Fairly Basic The story so far It's 30. January 2016, we're 11th in the league with 31 points after 23 games and just had a crushing defeat away against Cottbus (3-1) who are last with 15 points. Our position is okay but we're not satisfied. We shouldn't be a mid table team in the 3. Bundesliga. We're going to change that (or get sacked trying).
  11. Yes I set them to be released. It didn't seem to change anything regarding the wage budget calculation although it should have freed up about 400k/year.
  12. I'm currently in the winter transfer window with my German 3. division club and I have a yearly wage budget of about €3m and 0 transfer budget. Now I have some contracts that are running out in the summer and I don't intend to renew. However, I can't bring in new players because the players who will leave in the summer are still on my payroll and are still factored into my wage budget although the new players would only arrive in the summer. That doesn't make any sense to me. If the contract of a player who's on 200k/year is running out in the summer I should be able to spend these 200k/year on a player who would join in the summer or not Is my only option to bring in players during the summer when the old players have already left and the best deals are already long gone?
  13. Maybe there's a limit on how often you can adjust the budget now? I remember that I was able to do it once during this transfer window but I didn't think about it and just automatically adjusted it for this one transfer. If that's the case I'm in a lot of trouble.
  14. Update: I actually managed to get promoted after this terrible start to last season. So the next major update in this thread will be from the 2. Bundesliga. There is one problem though. A major squad revamp is in order for us to actually compete in this league. Unfortunately I got 0 transfer budget. I thought it wasn't a problem because I could always adjust the wage budget for the signing and agent fees. Turns out I can't do that anymore. So I'm on €1.5m p/a under my wage budget, but I can't adjust that for 50k or something for signing fees. Is that intented or a bug? I'm pretty sure I could lower my wage budget in order to pay signing/agent fees whenever I wanted in FM14. Anything I could do besides selling players?
  15. Well, as you probably guessed I got slightly frustrated with this little project. Last weekend I booted up this save again and turned everything upside down. I scrapped my tactical approach and went for a control 4-1-4-1 with shorter passing, work ball into box, run at defence, look for overlap, higher tempo instead and guess what happened ... a streak of 10 undefeated league games that got me to 7th in the 3. Bundesliga. I'm currently working on my scouting assignments because I feel like that area needs drastic optimization in order for us to be successful. Any hints on scouting lower leagues with 0 transfer budget?
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