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  1. Hi all, don't know if anyone's interested, but I've just posted an update to my Club Banners/Adboard mod, and it includes about 58 American clubs, including all of the MLS and multiple lower-division teams. It also includes all of LigaMX, as well as multiple other higher-reputation squads from Central America and the Caribbean that you may come across in the CONCACAF Champions League. Also has all of the Argentine Primera Division, Brazilian Serie A, and many other Copa Libertadores-type teams. As always, this mod doesn't replicate exact adboards or advertisements there, but does reflect some
  2. Hi all, don't know if anyone's interested, but I've just posted an update to my Club Banners/Adboard mod, and it includes about 43 Japanese clubs, including all of the J League and assorted J2-J3 teams as well. It doesn't replicate exact adboards or advertisements there, but does reflect some of each team's support, banners, and colors. I had wound up managing a few seasons with V-Varen Nagasaki, and it added a bit of flavor to the experience. Screenshots below, and for information on the mod just head over to the Skinning department. Hopefully some of you may find it fun; don't mean to
  3. Hey wkdsoul, exactly. Just DL the 'Lo-Fi' version without video ads, then keep his video pack in your simatchviewer_uncompressed folder. You'll need to then manipulate the xml files accordingly, of course. For my lo-fi xml file, I kept the code that labels' the #'s associated with the video ads, but took out the codes that associated the teams or leagues with those #'s, if that makes sense, so that the game would just fill it with the generic video ads provided in-game. However as you've probably noticed, a lot of Italian teams come with particular ads in the default simatch viewer, so I did k
  4. Hi TB - thanks for the kind words. There is definitely a way to do it on a stadium-by-stadium basis; you could create test images that would display a 1-60 or whatever, to see where each landed in the stadium, and then go from there. Unfortunately each stadium layout is different, so Image #34 for one club may land on the right-hand upper level for one stadium, and in the front middle row of another stadium. You could probably do it for a particular club or two if you had the time, but to do it for a large number of stadiums would be too time-consuming, for me anyway. That said, I think that r
  5. RESERVED FOR TIPS ON HOW TO MODIFY/USE THE XML FILE The biggest changes people would like to make have revolves around whether they'd prefer to have video adboards around the pitch, or to have static fan banners around it. Some clubs with high reputation and large stadiums, in 'very developed' nations as the editor says, are hard-coded into the game to ALWAYS display video adboards, so we can't change those, but many others can be switched around. You can do this either by adjusting the xml file to make a club always display video ads (or not), or to set the league/competition it's playi
  6. WHAT'S IN THE PACK? Over 800 clubs, including in... England: EPL/Championship/League 1/League 2/assorted others France: Ligue 1/Ligue 2 Italy: Serie A/Serie B/assorted others Spain: La Liga Santander/La Liga Smartbank Germany: Bundesliga, Bundesliga2 Holland: Eredivisie & more Portugal: Liga Nos & more Turkey: Superlig Russia: multiple teams Greece: multiple teams Europe: 100+ other Champions League/Europa League-level usual suspects Argentina: SuperLiga & multiple lower-division teams Brazil: Serie A and multiple lower-divis
  7. Tired of looking at the same old generic stadiums and FM ads during nearly every match? Hoping to add a little variety and diversity to your match-game experience? Wanting to give each stadium its own club color and culture? This mod turns FM’s generic adboards into club-specific colors, flags, and banners, giving each stadium its own flair and feel and adding some much-needed individuality to the 3D match-game engine. One of the biggest complaints of the FM gaming system is how little diversity is shown in each club stadium, and how gamers can’t really adapt or change those stadiums. While th
  8. No, it should show some generic Serie C ads for clubs without their own banners. Will look like this. I'll work on getting updated ones as I read that they've changed the name back from LegaPro to Serie C? Same with Serie B. At the moment every club in Serie B will have their own banners, but of course as the game progresses some may come up from smaller leagues and won't have them. Hi jeff44, the user Formula posted those images and made those extra banners, and didn't pass them on to me, so you'd need to ask him/her or hopefully they may see your question.
  9. good question, actually. i think it defaults to whichever team is the "home" team, at least in my experience that has been the case. thanks.
  10. hey weston, bari's actually in the pack already, with about 11 images. i think they had made it to serie b one year and so i had added them. they should have a code in there that will allow them to display video ads if they make it to serie a. thanks and enjoy the game, thx to everyone else for the comments.
  11. Great! I was just about to suggest that. For some reason the game doesn't understand Upper Case characters; when I first started doing this I had a couple of team names beginning with upper case, and I couldn't figure out why it wasn't working.
  12. I could quickly post an xml file that you would use instead of the one in the large upload (which would tell the game where to find Serie C images), and then send you 2-3 Serie C images that you would just add into the Italy graphics folder. You would then see something like this (this is from a Russian league game with 2-3 generic league images).
  13. No problem. If I ever update this again, I'll make sure to at least add 1-2 generic Serie C banners so it will look somewhat okay when you play a team that doesn't have its own graphics. And if you do decide on a team to manage, let me know and I can make something accordingly. I do have about 5-10 more Italian clubs I was thinking of adding, anyway.
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