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  1. the 2d in fm 20 is just wonderfull for me.. i am a die hard 2d fan nowadays despite the fact that when 3d comes out i was more than just excited.since fm15 i i only play on 2d mode in any case the 2d in fm20 is great.. and in general to my mind the match engine is a little bit better than in previous fms
  2. i just see you have released a new hotfix.. sorry for this question.. but can we now make the update without having the problem which i mentioned previously.. as i have said the problem has been solved for me but it almost took 1 day ..have you fixed the problem with steam now ?
  3. hello YES I CAN NOW CONFIRM THAT FM WORKS IN ALL MY MACHINES.. thanks for your reply and sorry for the late answer
  4. maybe it has to do with the workload on steam today.. in any case i see it is just a matter of time.. so patience is the key word
  5. hello mate i have fm in more than one pcs. in the one worked in the other not.. the THING is that it worked first in the one in which i have just make the update earlier in the afternoon . so the problem maybe has to do with the update and maybe for some reason require some time after the update for the game to begin . so for me partially fixed.
  6. i have tottaly the same mate.. even i played in the afternoon, go for a coffe return..make the update and face this problem.. patience i suggest
  7. hello to all guys. i have a problem with fm20 which i never encountered before on previous fm and even on fm 20 .. after the 20.1.3 update when i try to open the game i receive this message in the photo.. please take into account that i have purchased the game on its fisty day of release and i didnt have any problems at all up to today with the release of the new update. i would be gratefull if anyone could help
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