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  1. @Weiry Well done Weiry!! From a researcher perspective, glad to see that their is a way to start a Luxembourg save out there. We're trying to improve the Luxembourg DB each and every year. Adding in more teams and trying to get the leagues as accurate as it can be. I've added in a many more teams and stadiums this last phase for the lower divisions but definitely more to do going forward. Anyone interested in becoming a researcher for Luxembourg, I'm always looking for more assistants to join our team.
  2. Thank you, this has been fixed. The city was set as Luang Namtha, Laos instead of Luanda, Angola. The cities are right next to each other in the drop down menu in the editor. Simple mistake.
  3. When a transfer comes in for one of your players, you have to option to accept or deny it. It would be interesting if we could include a conversation first with the player in question as to whether they want the transfer accepted or denied. As it stands, you could be forcing a player to go to a club that they don't want to play for or a league they have no ambition to play in. Why not give some more versatility in the way transfers are handled by opening it up more to the players rather than just having the manager have the final say.
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