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  1. Good day everyone!! Just wanted to reach out to the FM Community. If anyone is interested in researching any of the following countries: Andorra, Angola, Comoros, Luxembourg, Mozambique, or Zimbabwe, please fill out the following form. I am always looking for more potential candidates to add to our research team. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1FLEtOxDljxheNEH8tNv8xuTtrsZTj-wI6DYl8bCrihE/viewform?edit_requested=true
  2. Thank you RoCCo. These will be fixed once we receive the files back.
  3. Itubu Imbem is already in the DB. He was set as NFE. This will be fixed for next version.
  4. No I'm not. That would be @Milos Tasic.
  5. @davie77 My AR that was covering the 1st and 2nd leagues ended up having too many things going on in his life so was unable to provide a full file for the two leagues last phase. We have moved someone else into the role for both leagues so looking to see improvement in this next phase. At this point in time, I only have one AR that is cover both leagues. It makes it tough as the priority would be the 1st league at this point in time. If anyone is interested in joining our research team, we are always looking for additional help.
  6. Was already reported and fixed for next version. Little mis-click when it was initially set.
  7. You may be looking at an old DB version. In my files, it doesn't have the ENH in their name.
  8. Nice spot. This will be fixed once I get files back.
  9. TT request has been logged. Thanks Jallo.
  10. When a transfer comes in for one of your players, you have to option to accept or deny it. It would be interesting if we could include a conversation first with the player in question as to whether they want the transfer accepted or denied. As it stands, you could be forcing a player to go to a club that they don't want to play for or a league they have no ambition to play in. Why not give some more versatility in the way transfers are handled by opening it up more to the players rather than just having the manager have the final say.
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