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  1. Hey Jean, Interesting as always. I've only one point to add to discussion. Why did you gave a CM (a) to Sneijder? I always thought of him as a playmaker. Just toyed with some of this ideas on a Liverpool save that I have and I was very impressed. Specially with the clean sheets.
  2. Wales at Euro 2016 (Highly Structured)

    Hey Joey. This is very interesting. How do you evaluate your reputation? Do you find hard using this tactic against teams that are confortable to sit back and defend? I've tried to use this with Liverpool (for example) and didn't have much success.
  3. Pep's Barcelona (Very Fluid)

    Hey guys! Even if my football preferences don't match with this kind of football, I decided to load up FM again and start with this kind of approach. Specially because nowadays I don't have the time to create something with which I identify. But that's another story. I decided to start with my beloved Benfica just because we have some quality players to play in the front 3 and some quality in midfield. Besides, the gulf of quality to the other teams allow to play some quality youngsters we have and give them precious game time. And Benfica have some quality prospects! Speaking in practical terms, I'm at the end of October undefeated in all competitions. Including CL (Atletico Madrid, Plzen and Salzburg), League and Super Cup I have like 2 or 3 goals against. So, it is very stable defensively. Regarding the tactic, I made some changes, using some of the experiences described here. I have 3 versions as well, the CD are normal ones, I often change the AP to CM (A) to allow more movement if required, my AMR change depending on the player, etc. I started the game against Atletico (at home) with the control one to try and gain advantage early on. They were all over us but luckily we had a goal from a corner. Switched to the defensive version and never looked back. I ended the game with 0 shots on target against. Another thing I want to refer is that we must see where the free man will be (Cruyff talked about this often) and try to use it to benefit our game play. I faced a 442 diamond and it is 4 against 3 in the midfield (the SS doesn't contribute much defensively) and 2vs2 in defence. So the free man will always be on the wings. I was 1-0 up and having a lot of troubles. I was playing with the Control version with the distribution to CD. So I changed to the Defensive one, changed the distribution to wing backs and the AP to CM (A). Almost instantly I regained the control of the game and eventually I won the game 3-0. All in all, listen to what Ozil says but adapt it to your own players and circumstances.
  4. Pep's Barcelona (Very Fluid)

    Amazing read once again! Although it's not my preferred style of play, I respect a lot Pep and this team. You said you have the Assistant running the motivation talks but it should be you with the ability you have for motivating people to follow your threads haha It kinda makes me wanna go back to FM17 and build my own system but it brings too much negative emotions and I prefer to be on safe lands and play FM13 with the latest great plug & play tactic. Please keep writing and I look forward to see the developments you have in store.
  5. Wales at Euro 2016 (Highly Structured)

    No worries man! Thank you for your answer. I did think of Mane to use as that option but I'm just like you. I don't like his stats and I only use him to give me more verticality and flair. But not always, most of the time he his on the bench, But this doesn't mind. I've unistalled the game. Too much negative emotions to continue playing and this isn't the intention of video games. Keep up the good work and please show more of that Messi thing you have
  6. Wales at Euro 2016 (Highly Structured)

    Why weird? Just tried to apply the principles from this thread with a system that I like.
  7. Advanced forward or maybe Poacher, sitting most of the times on the shoulder of the last defence
  8. Thanks for your answer. For what? Ending up in the conclusion that you need to adapt, and it's not possible because you're a top team, and the ME doesn't allow this and that? I just want to hear if people have success with this or just prove my theory that "it's not possible". Or at least point me in a way that shows how to set up this. Because I've tried and I've tried a lot!
  9. This game is worst every passing year from FM 2013 onwards. Before you could play all the ways you wanted and have success. Of course you would lose sometimes but in the majority of times you'd succeed. Today, that's impossible. You play like "the game wants" or rage is guaranteed. Simple question: Is this possible or not (play like the title indicate)? Context: I'm playing with Liverpool. I don't like to play with small teams and I only play with teams that I have a connection. Happens that my fav style of play is to play counter attack football. I like my teams to be organized, concede not so much space and hit others in space. I despise unorganized football (yes Wenger, I'm talking about you) and football without the purpose of making goals. Bores me to death. I just want to play this way. Is it asking too much? I'm starting to agree with @looping. The game asks that you need to play in a certain way to succeed. What I've tried: - Their main players will be Henderson, Coutinho and maybe Mane so I tried to give them roles that could help them express their quality. Flexible with all support roles and 0 TI's and a couple of PI's like it's indicated in "the art of counter attacking". Tight wins against some minors and then failed against Real Burnley of Madrid, Tottenham (Kane, Eriksen and all those guys played like super stars) and the suddenly new West Hamlona. Their left back looked like Messi ffs. Both teams played 4-2-3-1. Received a massacre. Tried Pass into Space, Higher Tempo, etc. Nothing and copiously defeated. GK (D); FB (S) - Clyne; DC (D) - Lovren and Sakho; WB (S) - Moreno; DM (S) - Can with "Get further forward" and DM (S) - Leiva. Before the comments begin my logic would be that we're already deep enough so makes sense to have both on support; WM (S)/W (S) - Wijnaldum/Mane and Coutinho with "Cut inside", "Cross less" and "more risky passes"; B2B- Henderson and CF (S) - Origi - In another save, Highly Structured and Counter. 0 TI's and PI's. Following Ozil's counter-attacking thread. Gave Coutinho and Mane attacking roles to maximize their capability and impact the teams game. So, is this possible or do I have to go attacking, very fluid with retain possession and all that possession bull***? I just want to play my brand of football. Organized, conceding few spaces and be letal on the counter. Winning the league with less than 20 goals like Mou's Chelsea or Simeone's Atletico for example. Is this impossible? C'mon if it is I'd be very disappointed... Is someone on the same situation?
  10. Wales at Euro 2016 (Highly Structured)

    Hey Ozil! I want to discuss some things with you. I've taken Liverpool in the beginning of the game and I want to play a system based on Simeone/Mourinho old school. I was using the principles outlined here. I've started with the transfer window disabled. The recruitment of players isn't one of my best facets and I always struggle to identify if or which player is good for my approach. Therefore I left that disabled to not give me additional pressure. So starting with the original squad, in my mind, my best players are Henderson and Coutinho. The full backs, Lovren and Mane are others that I want to maximize as well. With this in mind I started with the following setup: Highly Structured/Counter. Zero TI/PIB. From right to left: GK (D) FB (s) for Clyne. CD - Lovren and Sakho. WB (s) for Moreno DM (s) for Henderson ( DLP (d) for Leiva W (A) for Mane B2b for Lallana WP (a) for Coutinho CF (s) for Firmino or Origi ( Sturridge was always injured) The idea was to give Mane and Coutinho an higher variation from the base to make them more effective and fully use their qualities. Moreno would give width on the left and Clyne would support on the right. This didn't go well. And I don't understand why. For sure I don't have Bale or even Ramsey type of players. But Liverpool had some good players to make this work. The main problems were linked with errors from the center backs, lack of pressure in front of the defense and lacking quality to bring the ball upfront. Now that I wrote this I realise that I could have give a more aggressive role to Henderson. Like regista or Roaming Playmaker. But I don't thrust his decisions and other attributes related. That's why I didn't use it. My question is: how can I make this work? Can you give some ideas? I toyed with the idea of 2 strikers with the all the rest the same. But couldn't find an ideal combination neither how to bring the ball forward with quality. I'm sure that some of the players lack quality in some departments to play this way. But I would bring new faces in the January market with some already identified. So, any ideas guys? Cheers in advance EDIT: forgot to add that if you feel somehow that this isn't adequate for the discussion you created just let me know and I will start my own thread.
  11. I have all your threads bookmarked and that one isn't exception. When I started playing FM I was a bit straight forward and I just played 433 with wingers in big clubs. That served me well for sometimes and others don't. But I played in a simple way. With ths years passing I changed my approach and now I like to play more cautiously/defensive (Simeone or "vintage" Mourinho form early days) but I don't know how to put this on ME. Also, your threads, Rashidi's and others made me complicate the game trying to pay attention to a whole new different things. But for exemple. Let's take your "art of..." series threads. When you choose that play styles, even then you didn't pay attention to the attributes of the players to choose the roles or which players to get more game time? Maybe I need to play in a more simple way, paying attention to the players I have, accept it and trying to build on this. The thing is I don't know which attributes to look for, what to look in games, etc. Everything seems all right until I suffer 2 goals in a row haha.
  12. Very nice articles. You make it so easy that is almost outrageous that I don't remember to simplify my thought process. The thing that is the most difficult for me is to know how to choose the best players for the style you want to play. I've seen countless times you playing with certain styles and choose certain players that I don't understand why you make it like that. Is there any possibility to discuss this? What's your thought process on this? You select the roles first or see the players in first order? how do you this? Cheers and nice to see you back!!!
  13. Does anyone tried anything on Simeone this year? I've been trying for some time but I totally dislike the wide midfielders on defense. They keep being open and don't come narrow to help pressing. Even with much narrower. I haven't tried to put them on the middle but that's not how they played. So I'm interested to hear some thoughts on this subject. Cheers
  14. Hey guys! Started a save yesterday with Liverpool, my 2nd fav team. Currently top of the league in the beginning of November. The initial idea was to play attacking football with a great deal of expression, using Ozil recent advice on his thread. Started well with a win over United and a win away at Stoke but didn't quite like the way we defended. After that, 2 consecutive defeats at the hands of Arsenal and West Ham (away and home, respectively), I decided to play more negative/reactive football (Mourinho/Simeone). The idea is still evolving to a more expansive football but I feel that the team is not ready yet. Also, I was playing Coutinho on the wing and he wasn't playing at his full maximum. So yeah, after those changes and 7 games more, I didn't lost again and only suffered 1 goal. Including a 2-1 win over Chelsea at home and a 2-0 at City. I've had moments of good fun playing this way. The tough fixtures are all behind me so I hope to get more points in the upcoming months until January. Arsenal knocked me out of League cup though. Rotated a bit and they scored first and gave me my own poison. Players wise, I've promoted Trenton, Gomez and Kane. The 3 had a decent start of the season with regular appearences and valuable game time. Hope to continue this way. The downside is that players that I count on like Klavan, Wijnaldum and Lallana are complaining for more game time. Let's see what I can get for them in the squad. Transfers wise, I've sold Sakho and Emre and also loan Ings. Brought only Riedewald and Rajkovic but he didn't get the work permit so I loaned him out. This has been fun until now. I've regained my joy to play FM again. Hope to continue like this in the upcoming months! Cheers
  15. Normally, I wouldn't say something like this but I'm with you. Nothing that I try would get me the results I want. Defensive, attacking, counter-attacking, nothing. Palermo, Stoke or Alaves suddenly became greatest teams and play even better than Barcelona. It's sad that this has become an increasingly difficult game, the game wasn't like this. And I put a lot of effort in the game. Maybe, this isn't a game for me anymore. Sad, sad game and days.