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  1. Ah! Nice to see a fellow Benfica fan. Of course, I'm Interested as well. That was one of the best Benfica's team in recent years, only beated by the 13-14 season team.
  2. This might be a stupid question but that's the name of the thread sooo... What's the relation between the structured shapes and PPM? A player in a highly structured shape will still put in place his PPM's? I'm just asking because on this type of shapes we're told that players do intend to keep it simple. For example, a player assigned as winger but with the ppm of "cuts inside...". What will be his behaviour regarding to this?
  3. Can a mod close this please? I'll revisit this maybe after the end of this season. I don't want to ruin all my season with some experiments that I'm not sure with. Didn't like my experiments for now. Just won at Schalke (using the tactic used all season) with 8 games to go and I'm first. I'll have to play Bayern and Hoffenheim at home who are 2nd and 3rd respectively. So the title can be clearly achieved and I don't want to ruin my possibilities. I'll try to adapt and play with my positive points. Thanks for all your help!
  4. Thank you so much for this!! This comes just in the right time as I want to turn my IF in the new Ronaldo! Need to have a proper study on this but for sure it'll be very helpful!
  5. Yeah, that's definetly on my list to experiment! Thanks for the input. I haven't decided the player who will be playing up top as I want PEA on the IF role and explore all the space available. Maybe Reus or Mor. I'm still on FM17 so I don't have the SV role available. And I want the Madrid team just because I don't have the players for the Chelsea team. I want to take the most from Gotze, Weigl and all that personnel. Regarding the suggestions about the CWB and the Anchor you make valid points and it's something to consider. How so? Which was your main eleven? Ginter, Sokratis and Bartra just make a lot of positional mistakes that it's exasperating sometimes. How do you use Weigl, Gotze and Kagawa in that midfield? What do you think about Rode? At the beginning he was like a fringe player but he's contributing a lot now for me. I definetly can't complain abou the contribution of PEA, Schurrle and Dembele. They are all contributing with good movements, goals and assists.
  6. Hey! Introduction My time to ask for help. I'm managing Dortmund and I think I'm doing quite good (the prediction is 2nd and people have reported that it's hard to get things going in the first season) but I could be much better. Some screens: My squad isn't that big btw, I just put the youngsters that I think that have potential there to follow them more closely and with proper training and tutoring. Almost all play with the under 19 team. As you can see, 2 points from the first place isn't bad. I should consider as well That I'll receive them at the end of the league. So fortunes are more or less with me. And I say more or less because I suffer a tremendous amount of goals and that annoys me to great extent (the 6-5 win in the first part of the season looked like I was in a hockey match!!!!). My luck (or good management) is that I have my strikers on fire and they score a good amount of goals. I just want to get my defence better. Tactically, I'm using Ozil replication of the Sacchi system. It's quite good and allows some players (Dembele, Kagawa, Gotze, Auba and Schurrle) to perform in their best. But I want more. I consider I could be in a much better position. "But how do you want to play?" Because I think I have the players to pull that, I want to play like Mourinho's Madrid, to some extent. From my memory and some research that I've made, they played with an high d-line (90%) of the games and when winning they just retreat and then hit teams on the counter (the best team that I saw playing with space). But then they also suffered a lot of goals. I just want to find the middle point (below is my starting point). Team shape and mentality I've chosen Flexible with Standard because I wanted to start right in the middle and then ajust. Flexible because I wanted my players mentality ruled by their duty. Mainly to have 3-4 players in defence (defending by numbers since we can defend by positioning) and to try and mimic Ronaldo movement. Standard to not rush play and adjust accordingly with match developments. Possible TI's and PI's Much Higher Line Ccoupled or not) with press more Higher Tempo More Direct Passing Pass into Space As you can easily see, one area of big concern might be the left flank. I'm prepared to take this risk because I want my IF to be my primary goal scorer (Auba) and have Guerreiro to back him up (just like Marcelo and Ronaldo). I might consider pull my IF to the midfield line but I don't know how to set him up to be my main goal scorer. And I need your help with that. Can you give me any pointers on how to be more tight at the back but still maintain my offensive prowess? Thanks in advance!
  7. Ok, thanks for clarifying this. I've started once again with Arsenal in the hope of making this work. I'm still on pre-season but this are my main set ups. As I said before I want my AML/ML to be my main goal scorer. The logic behind the roles and duties is simple: the CWB gives width and attacking prowess from the right flank, the DLP must control the game from deep and provide the occasional long pass to my main goal scorer also on that side, the CM (S) should give power and support from midfield (played by Matuidi), Ozil as a simple Attacking Midfielder to not attract the ball and have more options (move into channels and roam from position) and the striker to be able to play with the rest and still push the opponent defensive line back. Do you see this a coherent set up for what I want?
  8. I have a question. Let's assume that I want my Inside Forward to be my main goal scorer. Does the principles here explained still apply? If so, how can I structure my attack to make this happen? I've tried different types of setups and I'm still unable to achieve this. The player in question is Alexis Sanchez. I want to play a direct attack game (based on Mourinho's Madrid) and I want Alexis to be my Ronaldo. From the various times I've tried I always have him score little and with average (if not poor) ratings.
  9. Hey guys! If you wanted to build a DNA based on a successful Mourinho team which atributes do you choose? I guess none of the technical (at least not for the entire team) but then almost all of the mentals makes sense. I'd say agression, bravery, composure, concentration, determination,, team work, work rate. What do you think? I didn't want to open a thread based solely on this question but if this isn't the thread tell me.
  10. Hey guys and girls, I'm finding very difficult to play with Liverpool. How do you approach the first season? What's a reasonable prediction? I want to play a direct attacking (or counter attacking) game to take maximum use of Origi, Mané, Firmino and Coutinho. However I've tried to use tactics from others (mainly the ones that Ozil explains in the tactics forum) and my own ideas and I can't pass october or november. The defense just keeps leaking space and goals and I found that terribly annoying and start from the beggining. Their concentration and timing for tackles are absolutely horrendous. Right now, I've started a new game with Liverpool. I've implemented the tactic from Ozil that recreated the Arsenal's Invincibles. Bought Lindelof from Benfica, Laporte (Romagnoli was my first choice) from Bilbao, Rajkovic (GK) and Darren Fletcher to tutor the youngsters and have some game time in midfield. Sold Lovren (hate him in the game), Emre Can, Sturridge and Ings. This last three didn't suited my plans. I'm on the second game. Just lost 2-0 at home with Stoke (a screamer from Shakiri and the striker sneaking away from my central defenders) but won 1-0 at WBA with a solid performance. I'm interested to hear other opinions and how do you approach the first season. Sometimes this game makes me very mad haha.
  11. Putting Stankovic as a simple destroyer or a ball winner midfielder is so wrong and incorrect. He clearly was a deep lying playmaker or at least with a role with a good passing ability. Motta was clearly a more destroyer player type and he was used with that intent. The game he does against Barcelona is the clear example of this (the 2nd or 3rd goal is a clear example of this). With this being said this was the team most difficult to replicate of all Mourinho's teams. With Porto, Chelsea and Madrid you could see a clear pattern that was showed all season (at least some points were always present). If I was to replicate this team I would focus only in the games against Barcelona and the final with Bayern. This were the best performances. Inter was very irregular all year losing an advantage of 13 points to Roma and only edging them again in the end. Also the quality of play was not constant along the year with the constant injuries of Sneijder and others. The patterns of play changed so much and that's why that for me it's almost impossible to define a style on this team and maybe be better to focus on those specific games. In the home game with Barcelona we saw an attacking game from them and that could be the home tactic for the replication. The other two games can be used to define the system for more difficult away days. Just my two cents.
  12. Hey Jean, Interesting as always. I've only one point to add to discussion. Why did you gave a CM (a) to Sneijder? I always thought of him as a playmaker. Just toyed with some of this ideas on a Liverpool save that I have and I was very impressed. Specially with the clean sheets.
  13. Hey Joey. This is very interesting. How do you evaluate your reputation? Do you find hard using this tactic against teams that are confortable to sit back and defend? I've tried to use this with Liverpool (for example) and didn't have much success.
  14. Hey guys! Even if my football preferences don't match with this kind of football, I decided to load up FM again and start with this kind of approach. Specially because nowadays I don't have the time to create something with which I identify. But that's another story. I decided to start with my beloved Benfica just because we have some quality players to play in the front 3 and some quality in midfield. Besides, the gulf of quality to the other teams allow to play some quality youngsters we have and give them precious game time. And Benfica have some quality prospects! Speaking in practical terms, I'm at the end of October undefeated in all competitions. Including CL (Atletico Madrid, Plzen and Salzburg), League and Super Cup I have like 2 or 3 goals against. So, it is very stable defensively. Regarding the tactic, I made some changes, using some of the experiences described here. I have 3 versions as well, the CD are normal ones, I often change the AP to CM (A) to allow more movement if required, my AMR change depending on the player, etc. I started the game against Atletico (at home) with the control one to try and gain advantage early on. They were all over us but luckily we had a goal from a corner. Switched to the defensive version and never looked back. I ended the game with 0 shots on target against. Another thing I want to refer is that we must see where the free man will be (Cruyff talked about this often) and try to use it to benefit our game play. I faced a 442 diamond and it is 4 against 3 in the midfield (the SS doesn't contribute much defensively) and 2vs2 in defence. So the free man will always be on the wings. I was 1-0 up and having a lot of troubles. I was playing with the Control version with the distribution to CD. So I changed to the Defensive one, changed the distribution to wing backs and the AP to CM (A). Almost instantly I regained the control of the game and eventually I won the game 3-0. All in all, listen to what Ozil says but adapt it to your own players and circumstances.
  15. Amazing read once again! Although it's not my preferred style of play, I respect a lot Pep and this team. You said you have the Assistant running the motivation talks but it should be you with the ability you have for motivating people to follow your threads haha It kinda makes me wanna go back to FM17 and build my own system but it brings too much negative emotions and I prefer to be on safe lands and play FM13 with the latest great plug & play tactic. Please keep writing and I look forward to see the developments you have in store.
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