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  1. Thanks for this information, You might be correct. Ill keep playing and see how it goes
  2. This is even happening for World Cup Qualifiers now, Surely this should be fixed by now?
  3. Any update on this? Only 3 months remaining in the season and its still not fixed see :(
  4. No worries at all. No not stopping me going further, its just I'm an international manager and interrupts a lot.
  5. How much longer do we reckon this will be before it gets fixed. Haven't been playing the game due to this error
  6. Any idea how long this will take to get fixed, I wont really play it until its fixed see.
  7. Sorry mate, I found it hard to explain ha! When its fixed will it be noted on here?
  8. For some reason its not allowing me to load a save game but I've sent this picture of Morgan Fox, played for Wales in the Nations league but still shows he can play for England
  9. For some reason, If a player with dual Nationality plays in the Nations League, it isn't counted as a competitive Cap when it should do. Can this get fixed please.
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