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  1. Since we now have entered Q2 of 2024, when do we think we will get the first major reveal of FM25?

    Miles wrote this on The Future of Football Manager-blog:


    By this point that I’m sure that most of you are asking the same question – when can we see what this all looks like? Well, as mentioned earlier, we've had resource on FM25 for some time now, building towards a key milestone at the end of 2023. So, this means we're aiming for the first major FM25 reveal in Q2 of 2024.


  2. On 18/03/2024 at 10:39, RDF Tactics said:

    Miles also promised us a roadmap for game updates this year, similar to how they did feature releases. I don't believe we're getting that either. The previous update post doesn't mention anything about future update/plans. We've had one Content Update change list which was on November 10th (I believe).

    I agree with a lot of things @RDF Tactics, but i´m just curious where/when Miles promised a roadmap for game updates this year?

  3. On 07/06/2023 at 14:45, XaW said:

    Probably not. I mean, licensing are crazy, even the fixture list is licensed, so I would struggle to see stadiums not being it! :seagull:

    With the licensing being so crazy, why can SI have all the names of the worlds footballers and even represent them with correct height, weight, skin colour, hair colour etc. in the match engine without being impacted by licensing? Is it because the match engine is very "vague" and the players are show from afar and not in any detail?
    But if the stadiums are used in the same way it will be obvious breach of licensing because of the clarity/size of the stadium?

  4. I was going to ask if anyone could make a skin with just the shouts option added to the lower menu, when the subs bench is minimized.

    With the default skin you only get the tactics&subs option in the lower left corner. I always play my matches with the subs bench minimized to get a bigger picture of the pitch as well as getting space for more options in the touchline tablet. This means that for every time i want to give a shout to my team i have to click lower right to bring up the subs bench - click the desired shout - click lower right again to minimize subs bench. 
    Instead this could be done with just one click if the shout option was added to the skin.

    I know there are great skins available that have this option, but i am so used to the default skin and just want this one change. 

    I know nothing about altering the skins and of course i can try to learn all about it, but this will probably take me hours - an experienced skinner might do this in minutes? 

  5. Thanks for the answer. I can imagine that this is not easy to balance.

    All your points are valid, but then why is my suggestion posted on january 6 about adding colorful weather symbols not yet been reviewed?

    I would like to think that this precise feature request wouldn`t require much research, discussion or googling? Perhaps i`m wrong.

    And to be clear: this is not about me and my feature requests! I see this in a much larger scale and how to treat people with the respect they deserve. There are more than enough people who spout rubbish about the game (and everything else) on social media. That should be considered to be just noise. But those that actually take the time to register on this forum and put forward their ideas on how to improve the game is definately not noise, even if some ideas are unrealistic and repetative. 

    I just think it`s important to show gratitude to the people actually willing to help out in a polite and constructive manner, and a small gesture would be to at least review the "easy" feature requests by date posted :) And i`m sorry if you have such a system in place already and just "miss out" on some posts because of a big workload.

  6. In the headline feature reveal video James asks about two things regarding the Champions League: at the start of the match when the players come out with music and trophy lifts at the end. The answer is that both those areas will be affected by the changes to FM23....but it`s unclear to me if there was a misunderstanding to the question here. I`ve seen others asking this as well.

    So hopefully someone from SI can clarify this: will the Champions League hymn be played in FM23 before games?

  7. My biggest hope for FM23 is a huge improvement to the matchday graphics, stadiums, newgen faces etc.  Just to add to the experience of matchday being the single most important thing about this great game.

    I see some comments about the graphics being outsourced after FM17 is the reason for the lack of progress, but is this a fact or just speculation? Does anyone have any sources to back up such a claim?

  8. This is not a suggestion for the game, but for the forums and how the suggestions are being dealt with.

    Now it seems very random what topics/suggestions are being noticed and reviewed. I don`t have many exact examples of this but it seems that sometimes whatever has been posted lately gets noticed over suggestions posted a long while ago.

    I have topics/suggestions as far back as february/march that has not yet been reviewed, but i know that posts made just a month ago have been reviewed. 

    It think it would be much better that you review in the order of date posted. If only as a mark of respect to the posters who have made their suggestions early on in the game cycle. 

  9. Both of these players are on my shortlist, but still i get different options so that is probably not what is causing this.

    I realized that i had the option of adding every scouted player to my shortlist on. I have now turned that off to see if that changes anything.

    And looking at the two pictures again now i see that for the player that i can not discard using the x, he is not fully scouted, but the player that i can discard is fully scouted. I`ll look out for this to see if there is a connection there.

  10. 13 hours ago, Michael Sant said:

    As far as I'm aware its working correctly from an accounting perspective. If you list something as a debt a 'positive' value in this context means debts of X amount. If you use brackets to indicate a 'negative' it means you're owed money from sources.

    Thanks for explaining.

    But even if it`s working correctly from an accounting perspective, that does not mean it`s presented in a way that is easily understood by everyone playing FM, which should be the objective. But i don`t have any other suggestions of how this can be phrased or adjusted other than the colouring.

  11. Can somebody help me and explain how the scouting update works?

    I like to get scouting updates from my chief scout and i view every card, not a list of players.

    For some players that i have no interest in, i can click the red x to indicate that i "have no interest in this player and that your scouting team will be informed that you no longer wish him to be recommended or  for him appear in player searches".


    But for some other players this option of clicking the red x does not appear:


    What is causing this? Is there a setting that i have missed that makes it impossible for me to use this option for some players but not for all?

  12. On 12/03/2022 at 04:47, Michael Sant said:

    Net debt is what your club owes out in excess of its finances. So presumably you have more than £16.5m in the balance for your club and so in theory you could pay off that debt at any time. 

    Regarding finances and transfer debt this should be a feature suggestion in itself: Pay off debt at any time when the finances allow it. It could be added as a board request under finances.

    In my save game i have a bank balance of  £81m, but i still have to pay on a loan of £13.5m (250k per month) for 5 more years.  This loan could easily be paid off without any negative effect on my finances.


    On 12/03/2022 at 04:47, Michael Sant said:


    Not quite sure i understand this, but wouldn`t it just make more sense to have the net debt of £162,661,048 in a red colour?

    On 12/03/2022 at 04:47, Michael Sant said:

    Net debt is what your club owes out in excess of its finances.

    When the net debt is no loner negative and reaches £0 the colour turns to white.


    On 12/03/2022 at 04:47, Michael Sant said:

    Transfer debt is based on your clauses and so can be negative (money owed to you that you are hoping/expecting to receive but haven't yet) or positive (money you owe out but are perhaps hoping you won't have to pay)

    Again, maybe i don`t totally understand this, but couldn`t the game calculate this and when the transfer debt is negative the colour is red, but when it is positive the colour is white?

    In my opening example i am owed around £70m in future payments and have no net debt so it just feels weird to have this in a red colour which gives it a negative feeling.

  13. All my examples are from the english PL, but i seem to remember from FM21 in the lower leagues that there have been some variation to the shadows like in your example from Weymouth.

    But it`s strange if this somehow is related to what league you are playing in, and not the longitude/latitude.

    As you write longitude and latitude are already in the game, so it should somehow be possible to make the stadiums/shadows linked to this without having to program everything from scratch.

    The reason for me going on about about improving the matchday grapichs are simply because i believe this would lift the game to the next level. With the match engine, transfer system, dynamics etc. there are many things that could wrong when adding new features/tweaking. One small change might have a huge impact on another unforseen area of the game. I would think that improving the matchday graphics wouldn`t  have the same negative possible sideeffects....but then again i know absolutely nothing about computer programming and i absolutely understand that SI have to make tough priorities about the game going forward :)

  14. Good suggestion. 

    And i guess you would have to enter the 3D match engine to be able to view the stadium. So somehow it should be possible to enter the match engine, but not playing a match - just be able to look at the empty stadium and use the different camera angles that are already available.

  15. I don`t know if this is happening in all the different leagues/countries in FM22, but so far in my save game with Nottingham Forest in England i have not seen the shadows from the stadium roofs come from any other side than from the left.

    This means that all the stadiums are located in the same directon of the sky/sun.

    So my suggestion is to adjust the shadows / placement of stadiums to get more varied shadows in the different matches/stadiums.

    For examples of how little variation there is in FM22 look at these different stadiums/shadows. The shadow always comes from the left.


  16. In the game now under Finances - Debt and Loans, there are 2 main "categories": Net debt (which is what my club owes to other clubs) and Transfer debt (which is what my club is owed from other clubs)...i think.

    So in my game i am owed 70 million pounds, but this is written in a red colour. In everything else regarding finances red is negative, but here this is positive outstanding payments. Why is the colour red being used for this? Wouldn`t it be more logic to have this in green or just plain white, anything but red? 

    Or am i misunderstanding something here?


  17. 1 hour ago, autohoratio said:

    Agreed to this part - I'd prefer to at least be able to enable/disable certain pitch patterns via the editor because I really dislike the circle and lengthwise stripes and for FM22 it seems they can't be changed via texture files anymore sadly.

    Thank you! I forgot to mention in my suggestion that if this can not be implemented in the game, at least make it possible for us to change the pitch patterns in the editor. 

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