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  1. I managed to get all this in just the second game i played after your reply.

    Uploaded save game prior to the match Nottingham Forest vs. Montpellier called:
    Alex Matthews - Nottm Forest.fm

    Pkm. file attached here, as well as the rec.file.

    There is a disallowed goal after 53 minutes where the name of the goalscorer and number of goal this season still pops up.

    Nottm Forest v Montpellier.pkm match_recording.rec

  2. "In a game that prides itself on (in Miles Jacobson's own words) "suspension of disbelief", this is a real jar each and every home match day. "

    It`s good to see that there are others that feel exactly like i do about the the stadium graphics in this great game. I have posted detailed suggestions for stadium improvements in the feature request forum and i hope that they soon are acknowledged by SI. I think you should post there as well, because i don`t believe your issue will be described as a bug. The more requests SI recieve about the stadium graphics, the better.

    My main wish for FM23 is a overhaul/improvement to the stadium graphics, because the game can be as realistic as it likes when it comes to players, tactics, transfers etc....but that realism all goes out the window every time i see these identical stadiums, huge tunnels, wide open corners, objects in the corners like shipping containers, dumpster bins, portable toilets, beer tents, trapped ambulances etc.

    I love the aspect of transfer dealings, long term planning, squad building etc, but the most important part of this game will always be playing the matches, so i really hope SI take this seriously and elevates the "stadium intelligence"/graphics to the next level in FM23.

  3. No problem, i appreciate you just taking the time to answer questions like these. I don`t know how the forums for other computers games work (i only play FM), but i think it`s great to see how SI involve themselves on these forums - even if the answers you provide isn`t always what people want to hear :)


    7 hours ago, Kyle Brown said:

    Our license, for example with the Championship, covers logos, kits, match balls and trophies. We don't request the stadium license as it would be far too big an undertaking to design and create every stadium for clubs we have the rights for. The time and resources it would take simply don't exist I'm afraid, even if it's something we'd want to do.

    If i understand it correctly a "solution" to this problem could be the much wanted stadium editor? If the highly skilled members of the FM-community could get their hands on a stadium editor i feel confident that they would soon have created lifelike stadiums for the licensed leagues/clubs without SI designers using their time on this. But could this perhaps be problematic when lifelike stadiums are created for the unlicensed leagues/clubs?


    On 13/12/2021 at 13:33, Kyle Brown said:

    Stadiums unfortunately can't be any more lifelike than we currently have them due to licensing reasons I'm afraid.

    So it`s not exclusively due to licensing reasons, but also not having enough time and resources to do the job? Another reason to make a stadium editor available :)

    But as i wrote above i fully understand if this can potentially create legal problems and can therefore not be added to the game.

  4. Just to update as this may help others who might have this same issue:

    I did use the editor to change the stadium capacity for each home game to see how the stadium appearance would change. No matter what i set the capacity to, the corners would always be wide open, but this suddenly changed. I think the corners got filled in after i set the capacity to 120.000 or something similar and then went back to a capacity of around 48.000. So i am not 100% sure what actually made the corners being filled in but at least i can enjoy the game a lot more now when playing in this nice looking stadium:


  5. On 13/12/2021 at 13:33, Kyle Brown said:

    Stadiums unfortunately can't be any more lifelike than we currently have them due to licensing reasons I'm afraid. 

    I am just curious to how the licensing works.  For example for the english championship, which is licensened, all the pictures of players and logos are allowed, but not recreating the stadiums from that division in the match engine?
    As i asked above, are there special rules for the stadiums when it comes to licensing?

  6. I have reported my fair share of bugs about stadiums in FM, but i am not sure if these cases actually are bugs or if they are intended design.

    If it is intended design to let us experience the "red-tape hell that is a planning commission", i hope they adjust this for FM23. Planning of building/expanding stadiums can of course take many years in real life, but how important is that to simulate in the game?
    Travelling to away games takes a lot of time for a manager in real life, but is just ignored in game with good reason - nobody would want to play a "travel to away games-simulator".

    I think the same should apply to expanding and building of new stadiums: it doesn`t have to be exactly like in real life with planning permissions taking years. I feel this is an area of the game where a little bit of unrealistic "cheating" would bring much more joy. Especially for those starting out in lower league management hoping to eventually build a footballing empire with facilities/stadium to evolve at the same pace as the team on the pitch.

  7. On 13/12/2021 at 13:33, Kyle Brown said:

    For match sounds, we have various Feature Requests in our database already, stay tuned!

    Stadiums unfortunately can't be any more lifelike than we currently have them due to licensing reasons I'm afraid. Likewise with ad-boards, I'm afraid it comes down to what we can and can't do per our licensing agreement.

    Can the stadiums not be any more lifelike in the licensed leagues? Do the stadiums have their "own lives" away from the league licenses?

  8. 12 hours ago, Michael Sant said:

    What is the maximum pitch size your stadium can support @Robbie Hood and was it built while you were in the Premier League as the pitch size you've got may well be an issue. When it comes to the designs of stadiums and their representation in game, as with all graphical aspects there is going to be the intention for continued improvements. Not really something that can have a time frame put to it however.

    The stadium was built while being in the Premier League, but when entering the new season the pitch dimension was automatically adjusted to 105m x 68m.

    I asked for the stadium to be expanded and after a year of planning i got this message:


    I then asked the board again to expand the stadium and was told that the planning was to be completed 7/9/2029. Now the date is 2/10/2029 and nothing has happened:


    I have uploaded 3 save games for different stages of my stadium issues:


    • Stadium 3 - Expand stadium - Nothing happens.fm
    • Stadium 2 - Local council stadium expansion blocked.fm
    • Stadium 1 - Brand new stadium - Expansion already.fm
  9. Sorry for hijacking this thread but i have already posted about this issue at the beta stage.

    I don`t have a video but i have uploaded a pkm where this happens.

    21:40 in the attached pkm. shows a shot that bounces down on the line but the replays only adds to the confusion if it has crossed the line. There is no way to tell if the ball has crossed the line when the replay is shown from a camera located at the middle of the pitch.


    Peterborough v Nottm Forest Goal line.pkm

  10. I just experienced exactly the same issue and have uploaded a save game called "Bug.fm"

    Reconstruction going on in 3 out of 4 stands, and the one functional stand is packed with away supporters.


    On the after match report it says the attendance was 19,268 with 964 away supporters. It`s fair to say that the stadium graphics doesn`t represent these numbers in a convincing way :)


    Fulham real life stadium renovation of one stand just shows how weird it looks in the game engine with renovation being done on 3 stands:


  11. Thanks for the link!

    When comparing real life to FM statistics it becomes clear that something is not right. Hopefully something they can correct for the official release.

    As you wrote Swansea average 85% pass completion while WBA avergae 62%:


    In FM Swansea average 92% pass completion while the lowest teams average around 85%:


    So there is a clear mismatch going on here and hopefully this can be fixed. My biggest problem with FM21 was that it was way to easy to achieve success in the lower divisions, and it seems like a lot of people find the beta to easy as well. But i have no idea how difficult it will be to tweak this in the match engine.  Perhaps if the teams with lower passing ability reflects the stats from life more realistically, that can have knock on effects on other areas....?

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