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  1. This is the search criteria for my England search. Basically nothing except a 4 star or above potential detected. http://i.imgur.com/zPEL4jy.jpg this currently has 39 results. For Germany http://i.imgur.com/3rvOeg1.jpg with 32 results For Scandinavia http://i.imgur.com/cRekb74.jpg with 0 results It's the same search criteria, they all start at 15 and has to have a 4 star potential or better.
  2. Also, in recent years my board has started fighting me when I want to upgrade our youth facilities, they never used to do this. Now they're saying that they "don't see the point" in developing our own players.
  3. I don't see how you can say that I don't find them. I'm running the same search in Germany and England and there are 20+ results with each report, for Denmark there are almost always 0 and sometimes 1-2 and most often they are players bought or loaned from other countries. If they are there why aren't my scouts finding them? If I look at my competitors in the same league, their teams are filled with foreign players. AGF, one of my strongest competitors, in their first team there are TWO players from Denmark currently. The rest are mostly players from Brazil. So it seems they can't find all t
  4. I rarely ever bother talking to the coach but I did so twice in my current run and both times he apologized and said he'd fix it. Can't remember what I said though.
  5. 27 years into my current game. ALL the great regens are from either: Germany, England, Argentina or Brazil. Pretty much everyone else get shafted with useless stuff. Are you guys still claiming that regens are balanced? In 27 years I've had ONE wonderkid from Scandinavia. So every 27th years, we get a single world class player from Scandinavia? There's all sorts of things wrong with that.
  6. You don't know. Being a moderator you know what they want you to know. Which isn't much.
  7. It makes no sense that the clubs I'm consistently beating, having ZERO world class players are constantly a threat to my million dollar squad. Not just for one match but for the entire season. If I slack off a single away game, they win. That's pretty much it. They win with useless players. We're talking 20k Euros a month vs. 600k euros a month players. After the game they beat me over the head, saying this or that player was so great. I look up his stats and he's terrible. There IS rubber banding going on. FOR SURE. Otherwise these guys would NEVER EVER challenge me. And they do. All the t
  8. It's not make believe. On one hand the AI is giving out rewards for this and that to players that are not anywhere near the level of my own players. If I say "ok", maybe my 2020 scouts are wrong and hire some of those same people. They are reported WAAAAAAYYY below my current staff and when I play them, they don't perform at all and my staff wants me to get rid of them. The current FACT is that I see terrible players consistently compete with my world class players in the stats. Over and over. So if there's no rubberband mechanism, there's definitely HUGE errors in the internal calculations
  9. The other Danish clubs have been boosted because of my success. My club is currently rated 4.5 stars while most of the other Danish clubs are rated 3.5-4 stars. I get more value from loaning players out to other Danish clubs than I get from what should be other superior leagues. How the hell those other Danish clubs are rated that highly, I don't know, except for a rubber banding mechanism. Their only good players are loan players or sometimes the lucky Brazilian regen they got for cheap and still overall their players are much worse than mine. Yet, these useless players are winning player
  10. FCM(denmark) to win the euro champs, basically by stealing regens from other countries and signing every decent free transfer player I could. Ended up with something like 1/18 players actually being from Denmark. But sure, there is no bias in the regen system.
  11. I get what you're saying about how the size of a country matters and it makes sense to some degree, still I'd argue that if we're consistently challenging for Euro Champs, we'd receive much more attention from other countries, making our size matter less. Also I only injected money because, as you said so yourself, the economics model was pretty much making it impossible for me to sustain a Danish club at a high enough level. Considering I'm paying my players pennies compared to other clubs and have taken every other step to keep expenses down AND maximize my income from selling players, I st
  12. I'm currently in the year 2043 with FCM, having won the Euro championship several times, so everyone should have "caught up" at this point but haven't. Still receiving pathetic income from sponsors and getting insanely lowball offers for my world class players. I injected 200 million euros into the club last season using the editor(first time I ever used it) and for some reason all my players are now properly valued compared to similar clubs and the incoming offers are fair. Did nothing for sponsorships though. Seriously, my sponsorships will barely cover one world class player's wages. I s
  13. I've won Euro Champ cup 4 times and still my club is in massive debt. Even in a winning season they produce a deficit. And yes I' paying my players less than anyone else. I ended up buying the editor to correct this stupid behavior. The math is WAY off. As it is right now, I can be #3 rated club in the world and still make NO MONEY. So yeah, the math is screwed.
  14. Agreed, I want to add that I want to be able to tell my manager to never ever sign anyone on part time contracts. Countless times I've been busy managing the first team and b team only to discover some poor soul left on a part time contract who could have been a real player. Don't give them more than 5% raise, don't give them buyout or extension options, don't give the seller % of future sales. All these options will kills your finances as it is right now. But it's broken right now though.
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