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  1. Too many teams requested

    So if I understand correctly I should add nation rules for the first country, save, then remove nation rules, add new nation rules for next country, etcetera?
  2. Too many teams requested

    I've added teams and divisions, that's basically it..
  3. Too many teams requested

    Ýes, it's the same message I got before, so too many teams requested from that and that league.. I'm not quite sure what you mean with splitting/copying the database?
  4. Too many teams requested

    So I managed to get rid of the initial notifications by deleting all teams from the divisions and adding them in again. But still when I get to the point where you choose which countries to load there's a red triangle next to the 3 nations that had the notifications to begin with. I tried renaming the files so they will be loaded first, but doesn't seem to work either. Anyone got any idea what else I can do? Thanks again.
  5. Too many teams requested

    Yes, basically I created a main database, with league changes etc. Then from that database I added nation rules for the first nation and saved. Reloaded the main database and added the next database and so on. So, best to start with the ones that didn't show up with the notifications? I'll give it a try, hopefully it works, thanks!
  6. Too many teams requested

    I tried searching but couldn't find anything giving the answer, so I'll try it this way: I've created a database for a game I want to play, creating league setups for several of the smaller European countries. But now, when I start a new game I get multiple "Too many teams requested from Division X" for some of the cups. For example it says there are 15 teams requested from 1.Divisioun Serie 1 from Luxembourg, but that there are only 14 teams in there. I've checked the database and there are 15 teams there, so I'm kind of stuck. Who can help me with this? Thanks! PS. if there's already a topic on this subject, please point me there and this one can be closed.
  7. FM 2015 files for FM 2015

    So, in short, no way to have a look at the new files except if I buy the new FM?
  8. FM 2015 files for FM 2015

    The files you open in the editor, so if someone makes an update, you have to download his file(s) which you can then open in the editor.
  9. FM 2015 files for FM 2015

    I was just wondering, is there a way to open FM 2015 editor files in the FM 2014 editor? Would like to edit the 2014 database but with altered CA/PA's. Tried the most straight forward method, but it won't even find the files, so was hoping someone here could help me. Thanks! Edit: Off course I meant FM 2014 in the title
  10. No Foreigners Database

    Don Biglia, do you have any idea why this is?
  11. No Foreigners Database

    It seems that in Holland there's a maximum age for the Eredivisie, but I can't figure how to remove it, can someone please help me? EDIT: Actually, it only seems to be the case with Feyenoord.
  12. I'm hoping someone can help me with this. I've made some of the worst countries in European football potential world beaters. For every one of these countries I've made a very basic league structure. All teams except for 16 were deleted and given u23 and u19 teams. Then I've created a Premier League, Cup, Super Cup and Preseason Cup for each category. Now when I start a new game with just one of the files loading no problem, but as soon as I add another I get the following error message: Warning: Could not process rule group settings in .../Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2012/editor date/cyprus.dbc Cypriot Reserves Cup - Too many teams (16) requested from Cypriot Reserves Premier League (0 teams) The same happens for: Faroes Reserves Cup - Faroese Reserves Premier League Icelandic Reserves Cup - Icelandic Reserves Premier League Liechtensteiner Cup - Liechtensteiner Premier League Luxembourger Reserves Cup - Luxembourger Reserves Premier League Maltese Reserves Cup - Maltese Reserves Premier League Sammarinese Reserves Cup - Sammarinese Reserves Premier League The obvious answer would be add teams to the mentioned leagues, but I've checked every single file and all the competitions in each file are completely filled. Can anyone help me with this?
  13. [WIP/2011]European League

    Can anyone help me with this?
  14. [WIP/2011]European League

    Had a bit of trouble with my laptop, it's working again now. Restarted FM and tried to open the database, this is what is says when it crashes: A serious error was encountered and the application will close. An error file has been generated in: