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  1. Do you think that with de Jong being younger there may be more room for improvement? You are right that Privat is cheaper by about a million and there wage demand nearly the same. I'm have managed to qualify for the champions league and noticed de Jong scored in Europe whilst Privat has not played in Europe yet. Hmmm.... I'm still stuck!!
  2. Not sure if this is any help as i,m not exactly sure what to do
  3. Thanks guys. I have posted in the thread you recommend
  4. Could people please help me with the deciding between which of these two players I should sign. I have read my scout reports and just can't decide. I only play 1 striker up front and that is Salamon Rondon at the moment. Buying/Selling: Buying Player Name: Luuk de Jong Your Team: Malaga Buyer/Seller: Buyer Player's Value: 3.5 million Offer: 7.5 million Transfer/Wage Budget: 13 million Patch: Season: 2nd Season or Buying/Selling: Buying Player Name: Sloan Privat Your Team: Malaga Buyer/Seller: Buyer Player's Value: 2.8 million Offer: 6.5 million Transfer/Wage Budget:13 million Patch: Season: 2nd season
  5. I was wondering which player would people sign between the two mentioned in the title. Both I can buy for 7 million but despite scouting and reading the reports I just can't decide which to sign. I'm currently managing Malaga at the moment and only play 1 striker in my formation if that helps.
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