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  1. is IF/a/s cut inside less in 14.2.2 than fm 13? im playing as ROMA with florenzi and gervinho as IF, i rarely see both cutting inside (even with cut inside PPM's), to exploit space totti (TQ/F9) create. and FB's dont overlap cos the IF still in wide position, Playing 451/433 i couldn't risk playing WB's they leave TOO MUCH space (i learn the hard way) but the IF is cutting inside more often with WB... is it a bug? or that's just the way it is... many thanks!
  2. to many specialist role for a balance style, try go rigid. Start form there
  3. depends on your strike force and their attribute really, i play as AS Roma 451, reason is huge amount of midfielder and winger, only 3 striker, so make senses to play 451, totti is the best striker Roma have, he is best play as a TQ or F9 (IMHO), play as TQ means he roam the final third looking for space, play as F9 he drop deep, both role are aim to create opening on the opposition defence, therefore it make sense that my winger should cut inside to exploit the space totti has create.
  4. too many long shot? could be lack of movement on the final third, and lack passing option, your player was force to shoot cos there is no support... is that 2 BBM's in the midfield? I dont think thats a good combination, try a static and dynamic combination e.g CM(s)+BBM(d) or DLP(s)+BBM(d), CM/DLP more static role, ensuring there's always a passing option behind the strike force, while BBM/BWM always on the move roaming the pitch, they are not always on position for passing option
  5. I think placed shot is for striker, so he doesn't take a long time to decide where to put the ball on the goal, also better accuracy of the shot. CMIIW
  6. cleon, I think it safe to say that Im understand the basic in tactic creation, but Im still having a hard time to figure out how to analyze in game problem my team are facing, so as a test for cedrik tactic, without changing the shape, my solution would be remove "push higher up" "hassle opponent" probably change mentality to "control" or even "standard"
  7. works great in 2013 , manage to win the first season with a quite thin defence squad depth. in 2014 still in friendlies, there's one counter attacking moment where is the movement is quite similar to the florenzi goal against Inter, where totti's magic ball control making pass for strootman, and he runs forward before he pass to florenzi, but unlucky he didnt score , so yea I think we're in the right track on replicating Roma's tactic , still frustrated by the defence flaw in 2014, until SI come up with a new patch, Im playing 2013 yea Im waiting for the new patch for 2014, i want to play totti as F9
  8. and i keep wondering why would you sacrifice 3 pretty good wingers Ljajic, gervinho and Florenzi
  9. for me AP is a quite static roles, i would not recommend having 2 AP even with a different duty. i even avoid using more than 1 PM because it too static
  10. strootman offers good offence and defence, i would go for B2B for his role, bradley exell as BWM, DDR can play any roles you give, but mostly i play him as DM, pjanic works well with AP if totti's role is not TQ, cos many times I see pjanic and totti play on top of each other
  11. strootman seem play as B2B midfielder he is good in both defence and offence, look how he rampage to front after he recieve key pass from totti before give assist to florenzi against inter. DDR drop between the defence and the midfield. the inside forwards seem identical but gervinho seem to dribble more i dont think pjanic plays as AP, bcos i think the main creative outlet is actually totti. after totti injured pjanic plays more creative role could be AP, and borriello as TM agree with iMan totti seems play as TQ, but he is injured doing defensive work against napoli, what you guys make of that?
  12. everyone is having the same problem until SI come up with a new patch Im playing 2013 see other post http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/369203-Conceding-like-mad-amp-poor-full-backs http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/368277-WHY-won-t-my-players-make-a-tackle-or-close-down http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/369875-Defending-in-FM2014
  13. this gegenpressing is quite similar as sacchi's milan defence. great post!
  14. I just my opinion, Im glad that they decide to remove sliders! BEST!
  15. please do mate, I would love to look at others approach first thing I find its interesting how you play Florenzi as MC, which I never do, I know Florenzi have the ability to play as MC I assume you change the role depend on who play between Bradley or Florenzi is it? same for me, totti play mediocre I op to play destro, or Osvaldo as striker, before the update Totti hv good stat to play as TQ, but after the agility stats drop to 9 which is quite low, even as DLF he play mediocre. not mention he is injury prone BEST!
  16. as i said before I want to win the ball in the final third, BMW role provide it and bradley doing excellent job as BWM. i forgot the final stats but in the 4-5 games he get 10 tackles/game could be more on the end of season DDR as Anchor man just for the 1st season, I mention AS Roma have a shaky defence, so until I get a few good defender, DDR will play as an Anchor man as you can see the 2nd season, after I sign Heitinga, I play DDR as DM, cos Pjanic play extremely well as AF, and I already play the ST as TQ, I just dont see the point play him as DLP and I him to solidify the defence agree red cards is inevitable BEST!
  17. yea man! tell me about it, didnt get the result as I expected tutoring and training is hard BEST!
  18. yea DDR, Bradley pickup many yellow and red cards, but usually things are better after I issued a warning to them both after the red card. playing them as BWM, DM, Anchor, we should expect them to pick up cards, But man! Bradley playing ridiculously well as BWM even better than DDR play as DM or Anchor So yeah they will pick up quite many cards but its worthed, even they got suspended I can still play Tachtsidis as BWM or DM BEST!
  19. Im managing AS Roma, I find most of the first team players played better if they train their tactical roles, I experimented training on a specific area as I feel I need them to be better on those area such IF I train quickness etc, AP first touch etc. But their perform appalling in the early season. I come to a conclusion that I cannot train all of the first team a specific area of training, I hv to train their tactical roles as tactical roles connected directly to my tactics the question is is this true?
  20. not much 1st and 2nd season he only get 5 assists, which is not a problem for me coz I want him more on the defensive duties most assist came from Pjanic 11, Lamela 9 assist and 12 goals
  21. Im starting a new save, still play AS Roma I just love this club so much the reason is I failed on the training aspect, especially on the youth training . This time Im hoping to get it right BEST!
  22. seems to me that your 3 up front is to hi up the field. you constantly get pressed by the opposition cos they dont have option to pass it to the attacker, check the analysis tab does your passes get intercepted a lot in the back?
  23. Finish season 2014, turns out the unbeatable league form quite stretched really dominating the league, win the league in the 33rd week Tactics no changes the starter the subs 2014 Summary -have better squad depth, but not enough quality to compete in Europe -A better Tactics -Better defender -Better team talks approach. In the middle of the season player doesn't react to usual team talks, as the starting season. seem that changing to a more demanding tone make the player react better -team talks could be a decisive factor between winning or losing. or at least between playing good or bad -once again no players dominate the stats but its getting better, the 3 up front pick a lot of goal, Lamela 12, destro 10, caprari 8, sadly florenzi is underperform so is Osvaldo, de rossi got him self on the scoreboard quite a lot 9 goal. Assist came from Pjanic 11, lamela 8, bradley 6, balzaretti florenzi and destro. Best rating avg player is de rossi, but for me the most effective player is Bradley 5 goals, 6 assist, 81%pass compl, 8,67 tack/game, 13km distance/90mnutes to bad he only play 18 match because of injuries -best young player, Marquinhos, caprari can play as IF and TQ, Bertolacci -best old player Brighi always perform to cover the injured player BEST!
  24. hi im still new to this tactics logic, so please correct me if Im wrong W(s) is to get pass his marker and hit an early cross, DLF(s) is in drop deep into space, and the IF(a) cuts inside late in the final third. I imagine the cross will be deep not near the goal, and the DLF(s) still have to hold the ball until the IF(a) arrive in the box, or wait the MC's to get forward. It wont be much of a threat coz the opposition defence is pretty much in a good defending position no one draws them out of position but if we change the W to attack duty he will hug touch line cross byline this could draw the opp defence, and by that time the DLF(s) and the IF (change to support duty to balance the formation) could be in a much more threatening position, and the W(a) have more option to cross Like I said Im still learning this so please correct me if Im wrong BEST!
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