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  1. Hi! After the first season I received news that the board was looking for a sponsor for a new Stadium. Since then, my new stadium has been stuck in planning permission without a single news article and we're now in August 2020. I'm not able to ask for a new stadium and I fill up my stadium more or less every match and am in dire need of a new stadium. Has anyone else experienced this, or is there any logical explanation for it? My economy is excellent (Rich with +£144M in the bank) and I've won the Bundesliga twice in 3 years including 2 seasons of CL play and a few minor titles. This is what it looks like and has looked like since 2018:
  2. I have the same issue, no player can be dragged or selected to replace the injuried player. The only functional solution is to end the match in which the assistant manager only takes off the injuried player without replacing him. Simulated matches or injuries to the AI team still work as intended.
  3. That depends on how real life translates to the game, 59% possession against a considerably worse team is clearly okay by most standards, but it wouldn't be seen as anything special from Barcelona's point of view. If in tougher games the possession is closer to 50/50 or even lost then that could very well be the issue. I've only gone through 3 full seasons so far and I haven't had any issues with mentality or playing style, only mass injury periods and one unhappy player causing an entire team to rage!
  4. During beta (early access) I sold one of my hot prospects when I received an offer I couldn't refuse (£140k for a player valued at £5k~, my starting transfer budget was £30k), resulting in two players becoming unhappy due to me selling the club's brightest prospect. I told them I would sign a new player to replace him, and I did just that, bought a prospect for £30k with equal or even greater talent than the previous one. One month later my entire squad became unhappy due to me not fulfilling my promise, and the morale stayed at or below "Okay" throughout the rest of the season, even when I won the division and was promoted to the top tier for the first time in club history I didn't get sacked though and come the following season morale was back to normal again. Granted this is supposedly toned down by now, but some player reactions are rather weird from time to time!
  5. Barcelona are known for playing possession football, and 59% possession is on the low side compared to how they play in real life. Perhaps the fans expect you to play a shorter and more possession based passing game instead of creating a boatload of chances?
  6. It went against me, I'm playing as Sirius after being promoted to the top tier of swedish football! Unfortunately I'm still suffering from the "rare crash on continue" and due to that lost 2 games of progress (which were both lost when replaying, so much hate for this crash and forgetting to save after every game), so I have no further stats to provide However, the 13 clear cut chances were really clear cut chances, I couldn't quite believe my eyes how I was 2-1 down by half time with 1-7 in clear cut chances, and even less so when the game ended!
  7. Haha yeah it was a weird match in general, I had a highlight basically every five minutes only showing key highlights
  8. I'm not sure if I'm dreaming, still can't quite believe that only yielded one goal...
  9. Sure, but read what I actually wrote. 6 injuries over 2 games of which 5 were out for over 2 weeks. I didn't even have enough subs to sub all my injuried players out, and had to play the last game with a player struggling with injury for 20 mins. I also had all my 4 CBs injuried in the first 3 games of the pre-season as well, but most of them returned in time for cup play. The big issue my team is having is the injury burst that seems completely unrelated to match or training intensity.
  10. So yeah, this happened in the last 2 games before the start of the new season. The screenshot uploader seems to decline my every attempt at uploading and tell me the imgur urls are invalid when uploading by url, so here are the imgur links instead. All of the injuried players are first team players, luck certainly isn't smiling at me! http://i.imgur.com/Jblo7lm.png http://i.imgur.com/h1xL4rd.png
  11. The real reason why it's a problem is that you have a very limited squad at lower levels, I myself had to pull up three silver star players from the reserve/youth team to fill my bench and play some players completely out of position to even get a starting eleven going. Eight injuries in a 22 man team is not common in real life, I'm a lower division player myself (arguably even lower than this and not on a (semi) professional level, but around the same amount of games per season) and you'll have to be very unlucky to get anywhere near close to this. But yeah, it could just be pure bad luck, I'll have to play more to find out
  12. That happened to Bale in my Bundesliga FMC14 multiplayer game. We played through 8 seasons and my friend who managed Bayern got a transfer listed Bale for £22M in 2015. He went on to have a super year before breaking his leg twice in one season and dropped a full star in rating while still being way below his 30's. Randomness at it's best!
  13. Has anyone else had issues with an insane amount of injuries with lower league teams since 15.2? I previously managed IK Sirius (Swedish First Division Elite) for a full season in a single player game, averaging 1-3 concurrent injuries of which most of them were short term injuries (less than 2 weeks). I used average training throughout the entire season and almost always had one game each weekend. Since 15.2 launched I've been playing a multiplayer FMC game with the same team and the exact same squad, averaging 4-5 concurrent injuries and having several players pick up consecutive injuries up to 4 times in a row within just a few games of returning. I didn't even get to build up their match fitness, they were almost always injuried in the first 10 minutes of the game. At some points I've even had 8 concurrent injuries in my 22 man squad, and four injuries in the same match. tl;dr Never had real problems with injuries before patch 15.2, getting completely overrun by injuries since the patch.
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