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  1. Long time reader. First time poster. What a truly stupendous read! I've just finished this and your Romford tale, a great lesson in sticking with a sustainable recruitment strategy. You've laid some strong foundations for Dagenham & Redbridge and I hope you continue for a few seasons yet. I think there's a bit more life in this save still.
  2. In this scenario you'll probably have to wait till the season's finished - there's normally a gap between them being 'available' for other clubs to sign and where your board negotiate next years salary cap. Usually late May/early June. If you done ok with finances and have a decent budget you can resign most of them on similar deals, if you've overspent, you might have to lose a couple. At lower levels I usually have a few player on non-contract deals for backup, and usually only sign players to deals if I think they're worth keeping to sell on later. Currently doing this on my Margate save in the conference.
  3. In the current version this 'loading process' you speak of seems to have less of an impact. For England June 25th seems a pretty important day as that's when a lot of the new season stats are updated. But I echo everyone else's responses here - currently about to start my 4th season with Margate and getting it done early is the way to go - normally week or so after the season's finished. The one transfer window I didn't get it done early we really struggled.
  4. I have the same issue on my Margate save - just got promoted to the conference and one of the toughest transfer windows in recent memory. A few things to bear in mind: If you've just been promoted, then it's likely players and media see you as relegation favourites for next season. Players will be reluctant to come on loan or sign if they think they'll be in a relegation scrap Squad depth - players may be uncomfortable signing if you lack depth in that position Do business early - a part from loans, I try to get my top 2 or three targets the moment the seasons ended, and keep a bit of wage budget back (approx. 10%) to get these deals over the line. Just keep plugging away - I signed a couple just as the season started as some players will hold out for a higher offer then sign for you if there's no alternative. Life's tough at the bottom! :-)
  5. I think the games got something against Rooney because he crashed and burned in my save as well. Nowhere near the England team after season 2 and spent the rest of his career at Monaco after falling out with LVG due to lack of playing time.
  6. A nice problem to have-I'd definitely keep Botrini; he's home grown and as R1zzo23 said he's got great mental attributes. I know who I'd rather trust in a big game... :-)
  7. Hi there, Good set of questions. I've managed Zaragoza for a few seasons as part of a journeyman save and they also have a 'B Team'. With this in mind I'd offer the following opinions: 1) As far as I know players cannot refuse a move to your 'B Team' in Spain, however, this could annoy established and high profile players who understandably would be put out by such a move. Also you need to bear in mind squad registration as after they've played a certain number of games for either, you'll be unable to move them back for that season. 2) I think that 'trained at club' will be fine-didn't seem to affect any of my Zaragoza youngsters. In effect they'll still be contracted to R. Madrid 3) Not sure on this one but might need to take a look at your staff responsibilities tab. I was able to control all contract renewals for the B Team as I didn't want to delegate this. 4) Castilla are usually in the Liga Adelante which is a great league for up and coming youngsters to get competitive action-decent quality of opposition and I've seen a few players go back into Madrid's first team and flourish.
  8. Congrats, what a fantastic result! Looking at Madrid's line up Carvajal and Rodriguez must be getting on a bit but that's a brilliant result regardless. Also like the name of your formation :-)
  9. Rather than follow Chelsea's policy of only offering one year contracts to players over 30, sell a player when he hits 30! I've done this on a few saves and tied it in with an average age limit for the team of either 21 or 22
  10. Started this year unemployed with no badges, loaded up as many leagues as my PC could take. Got offered the Arroyo FC job in Spain's third tier when they had a mighty 2 points from 8 games. Couldn't save them from relegation and got sacked. A week later got offered the FC Olot job, also in Spanish third tier and had 2 seasons there-finishing 10th and 4th. Walked out on the eve of the play-off final after being offered the Zaragoza job, which was a cold but necessary decision to take. (Who wouldn't join a club 10 times the size?) Currently in my third season at Zaragoza having led them to back to back promotions, although the second one was a bit of a fluke and currently 16th in La Liga. My manager is currently studying for his continental B licence which seems realistic given the real life time-scales to get these badges. I'm starting to look around, even though I've just signed a three year contract as I'd also like to manage in some of the other European leagues, and not necessarily jump straight to a 'big' club. Really enjoyable so far.
  11. Definitely this! Although there is an option you can select which says 'never tell me this EVER again', which seems to do the trick :-)
  12. I've done a save where I managed Olot for a couple of seasons-whilst they did not have many youth prospects they did have some decent players. Finished 4th in my second season before being offered the Zaragoza job which I left them for. Only downside is the tiny stadium and wage budget is quite challenging, however, any club with an angel wing on it's badge must be going places!
  13. I play every other year to max out my saves-had a really enjoyable one on FM13 with Staines Town, who I took up through the leagues to Premier league and European glory. I kept that save going as I had a couple of regens from the youth academy I wanted to see through. Now launching a new journeyman career on FM15
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