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  1. ? Read what I type properly. I type MAY have a hard time. I didn't type WILL have a hard time.
  2. I've played malaysian league up to 2050. From 1.5* rep I managed to increase it to 2.5* rep Your main cash comes from continental winnings. You can try fix friendlies with Barcelona, they will steamroll you but the match will give you a nice 750k into your bank (fix another friendly with a low club to fix your devastate morale afterwards ) Until your club become more successful, JDT and Selangor will continuously poach your best players. You may have a hard time getting new foreigners to sign with your team. Even your current foreigners will fly away once their contract have ended. If your club president want to sell the club, pray that you get a sugar daddy.
  3. One of the Football Manager Classic unlockables.
  4. Wow no wonder, I was wondering why your fm is very clean and shiny
  5. 3 star is considered a good player. If his PA is really 5 star he won't last long in your club anyway. Big clubs will poach him away and there's nothing you can do about it.
  6. Without any player value, how do you know how much to bid for the player? Let say player A has a value of $8m , thus I know I can start bidding at $4m and both clubs can start negotiate from there on. Let say player B has no value, how much do I bid for him? Should I start at $2m? $6m? $10m? or $20m?
  7. Never had any problems with injuries with training workload as light during a hectic schedule. In fact, making your training workload as medium and above during hectic schedule will result in your players getting injuries.
  8. Can you imagine the commentator trying to pronounce user created players and clubs? "asdfg passes to qwerty" "qwerty shoots" "GOAL FOR ZXCVB!!"
  9. I second this too, this is highly confusing when people asking question on the forum. Not sure if they are asking for the pc version or the tablet version.
  10. 1. In the news section you can select whichever news you want to read 2. Yes
  11. What will happen to future FM if EA have 100% rights to english premier league too?
  12. You personally manage Arsenal, lose all your matches. If you get fired, create another new manager and manage Arsenal again, lose all your matches again. Repeat and repeat until Arsenal get relegated to the conference.
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