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  1. Wow Naks you are doing very good! You are way more analytical with your tactics and are much more tactically aware and astute than me! No wonder you are very good at the game! I just click and play and always focus on going as quick as I can through games rather than have the patience to analyse my tactics and think logically tactically ! This is probably why I am not very good at the game as It looks like to have a good success rate at this game you have to analyse your tactics and be logical with your thinking! I might take your approach when I play games and take my time with my tactics an
  2. My PC has been broke for about 3 months now and with me about to start a new job I want to get a new laptop to solely play Football Manager and chat to friends on steam chat. I was wondering if any of yous played FM on laptops and wanted to know what laptops you would reccomend to play FM on? I want to be able to load many nations and leagues and run as large a database i possibly can but I also want to be able to play long term saves and also avoid slow loading times, so i would want my new laptop to be able to load quickly as so i can have a quick playing time as when I used to play FM on m
  3. so how do you set about doing this? Knowing how you could turn your 4-5-1 when defending into a 2-5-3 or vice versa? How do you get your players to run into different psitions and outwit the oppsitition manager?
  4. I get the concept of a tactic being dynamic but surely during the flow of a game, you want to have one more attacker at least than the oppositions defenders but then how do you cover having one less player in defence or midfield etc?
  5. Also how come a team playing 4-5-1 can score more goals than a side playing a 3-5-2 when the 3-5-2 side has 2 more defenders? Similar as to how can a side playing a 4-4-2 win against a 4-3-3 side with 3 Centre Forwards when they will have 1 less defender than the oppositions amount of attackers? How as a manager do you pick a tactic that you can miould into a winning tactic that can defeat most opposition tactics? To me tactics are so so confusing! There are so many variables to take into consideration to win a game! I guess the main questions of this is, how do sides cover their tactical weak
  6. I know my 3-52s from my 4-4-2s and my 4-3-3s from my 4-2-3-1s, however, what I really struggle with is knowing how to set up a tactic, i.e what positions roles and duties to choose and what formations suit different sorts of teams styles. I also find it hard to know which formations counter other formations, although, I do understand that unless two exact replica formations are against each other 1 team will always be better off in defence with the other better off in attack or vice-versa. I was wondering if any of you knew ways of me to improve my tactical knowledge and in FM terms how to se
  7. These are two different goalkeeprs and both incidents were exact replicas of each other, one was with Wigans second keeper and another with the keeper of Cortiba both in a first friendly
  8. Twice this has now happened to me, the goalkeeper I have in goal runs to get a ball on edge inside of 18 yard box and dives out for the ball pushing the ball out of the area when holding it. On the first instance my keeper got a yellow card and on the second instance a straight red. A few people talk to online about FM have also experienced episodes of 'Dodgy Keeper Syndrome' Is anyone else experiencing this and are SI aware of this problem?
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