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  1. Hello, I'm no expert but... Part of the CFa role is to hold the ball up so I would guess that Neymar may not be entirely suitable for this position. I'm guessing that you've bought Pogba because you like the way he plays at Juventus and he's more of a BBM there than a DLPd so I would suggest that you either bite the bullet and sell Ramsey and play Pogba as a BBM or RPs or you change formation to accomodate both as I don't think you could play them as a two in midfield, but I always set up a 4231 as 4321 with the outer CM's on defend roles and the FB's on attack. If looking to play Sanchez, Neymar, Ramsey and Pogba, I would probably go strikerless and play IFa, ENG, IFa BBM, BBM DMd FBa, CDd, CDd, FBa that would then allow you also play Ozil as the ENG and another controller type player at DM with plenty of players making runs around Ozil for him to feed. Finally, one of the things that seems to be working for lots of players is a massive reduction in team instructions and I would do the following - Remove the roaming instruction, and instead select the PI roaming instruction Remove Run at Defence, all your attacking duties should be running with the ball often in any case Remove Be More Expressive, you're playing Control so Creative Freedom is already 'quite' high Remove Pass Into Space, it kind of conflicts with the idea of Retain Possession in that you're asking all your players to attempt through balls more often, plus I think it works better in a situation where the opposition is pushing up and leaving space behind, one or the other would be the way to go Remove Exploit the Middle - never liked the idea of directing my team to only play through one area on the pitch Remove Play Narrower Look for the Overlap I only use when the opponent is dropping deep
  2. As strange as i may sound I am beginning to find that supporting full backs (FBs) are the best way to go when they play the wings on their own providing that you give them PPMs that mould the way you want to attack. All their decision making is set to 'sometimes' which I take to mean that they will attempt an action if their attributes and the in-game situation allow and they have a lower mentality making them a touch more secure defensively. After a long struggle of removing those PPMs I did not want all my dedicated full backs now have or are in the process of getting... Gets Forward Where Possible Runs with Ball down Left/Right Runs with ball often - only if dribbling is above 14 Hugs line A good way of being defensively secure and still providing attacking threat from a lone wingman.
  3. Hello everyone, hope you're all well - enjoying this thread a lot as it plays out a lot like my approach at the moment (even though I am still playing FM13 2149/50). I favoured 3-at-the back for an awful long time, but began to experiment with strike partnerships and wingers when youth intakes began to flood me with wingers and forwards and then began to wonder if I could have my cake and eat it and develop an all-in-one tactic where I can mimic 3-at-the back, have a strike partnership, use wingers and a man-in-the-hole. So this is the tactic I've used for the past five seasons...I've only won the league once in that time, multiple cup wins make up for that a little, but it is nicer (for me at least) to see strikers well into double figures, lots of assists and key passes etc. from left to right, rigid, standard, shorter passing, zonal marking, work ball into box, pass into space, GK has Defender Collect ticked GKd WBa, CDd, CDc, FBs CMd, DLPs, Wa APs DLFs, AFa It just about mimics a 3-4-1-2 approach, and, of course, it is viable in FM13 but I don't like the idea of using a DWs/a to get my width because of the maximum closing down settings I do not like the 'headless chicken' approach to defending. Also, Naks once mentioned about attacking from different depths so I've tried to achieve this by using the WBa as part of a flat back four, as it was further noted by Cleon that in FM13 WB's in the DM-line were a touch broken. All tactics have points that can be attacked by the opposition, in my case a lone WBa on the left hand side is the obvious weakness so I've opted to play a DLFs and CMd on the same side and made work rate and teamwork the primary attributes when putting players in these slots because I know that the WBa will need support when defending or in transition when attacking. Because I'm playing FM13 I'm avoiding using Play Narrower, Play Wider in isolation because I don't like the idea of play being directed in one particular way, instead I have the same tactic set up in the two remaining tactical slots with Counter and Control and Default/Direct passing so that I can use a narrower/wider team shape, adjust passing according to weather conditions, still keep mixed team passing and keep tactical familiarity at 100% or as near as dammit. So that's my ode to simpler times format for playing FM13 - same tactical setup and shouts, change to Counter or Control to control width and defensive line, change to Direct/Default passing according to the weather.
  4. I had completely forgotten to check the tick boxes for Rest Days as I leave Match Day Training to my Assistants, but it may well have been the case that both were ticked thus bringing the workload down to Light...doh... Anyway, excellent training analysis Rashidi - I did used to leave well alone and set it to Balanced Low, 10% and change the Individual Focus every three months, now will be rotating Ball Control and Tactical as a base...
  5. Thanks so much for replying so quickly - much appreciated. Yes, all Individual Training is set to Heavy and the Coaches Workloads are all Light with a mix of 4 - 5 stars. I have, however, dug a little deeper and found that of my 19 people coaching the U18's, 8 of them have Balanced or Fairly Determined/Professional/Ambitious as a Personality trait - just over 42% of the staff available to coach my youngsters. Does Personality have a factor in this? Will substituting a Fairly Determined coach with a Determined one up the workload...Only one way to find out... EDIT Well, that was interesting and shows that you never stop learning with this game... I removed my Fairly Determined U18 Manager and Balanced U18 Asst Manager and replaced them both with Spirited personalities and the Overall Workload is now back up to Medium. Another lesson learnt...go for more definite personality types in future, avoid Balanced and Fairly where possible.
  6. Hi, I have a question regarding the Overall Workload that is bugging me... My training programme is currently the same for Senior/Reserves & the U18's - Tactics on Low, Match Training @ 10% and Individual on Heavy However, the Overall Workload is listed as being as Medium for the Senior/Reserves and only Light for the U18's. What causes the programmes to come out with different workloads? I currently have a total of 23 people coaching the 25 x Senior/Reserves and 19 people coaching the 24 x U18's. Do I need to balance up the number of coaches? Many Thanks in advance.
  7. Hi, I am nowhere near being an expert on this game (still playing FM13 in fact) but I play the game at the moment by using two very very similar setups and change game by game depending upon the oppositions number of strikers, here are my 3-4-1-2 and 4-3-1-2 formations... SKd CDx, CDd, CDx DWa, CMd, DLPs, DWa APs DLFs, AFa SKd WBa, CDd, CDd, FBs CMd, DLPs, Wa APs DLFs, AFa One of the touchstones of my FM reading when I begin to confused tactically is always NakS article in Clear Cut Chance No.1 - an excellent read on changing your setups depending upon what the oppositions is doing
  8. HI everyone, enjoying this thread a lot especially as I'm playing with a 442 for the first time in my FM13 save... Re. Bergkamp as the F9 - I felt that he wasn't getting forward enough and was too much of a passing hub in midfield. I'd suggest changing the role to a DF(s), and modify it with either PI's to make more risky passes or the killer balls PPM for the player, meaning that he still drops back in defensive mode, looks to make 'playmakery' passes and carries that little bit of 'bite' in the role as well, Bergkamp did get the odd sending off now again for double bookings or an appalingly timed tackle.
  9. 57! However, much like yourself, I have moved on slightly again...still using Rigid/Balanced, Counter though. l to r SK(d) WB(a), CD(d), CD(d), FB(s) DLP(d) CM(s), BWM(s), CM(a) DLF(s), AF(a)
  10. Hi Sussex, I'm currently using a VERY similar 4132 in my FM13 save Season 2136/37. The only differences being using a DLPd at DM and a DLFs up top instead of a DFs. I am using Balanced, Counter with all other TI's at Default and a base set of shouts of Push Higher Up, Play Out of Defence, Work Ball Into Box. I recently got absolutely hammered 3-2 by Coventry (title challengers thanks to a heavy spending tycoon takeover), sped into a 3-0 lead within 15 minutes and I spent the rest of the game trying to break down a now sitting defence with my goals coming from set pieces and not open play. For this game the only change I made was to change my WBa's to WBs thinking they would sit a little more. This is in part true but they still like to bomb forward and all of the Coventry goals came from exploiting the space left behind. I began to have a poke around, checking the mentalities to find a more suitable sitting role or duty and found that changing roles (in my case and my team) was not the answer but... Changing STYLE was... In a Balanced set up the mentality for WB's is just about as high as my AF and is higher than all the other roles in the team. Switching to a Rigid style and leaving all roles and duties unchanged now has my WB's in line with my DLP and below my CM's. I only replay games when I get a crash dump so I can't say for a certainty that this will work, but I've played 4 games since Coventry where I've not been favourite and felt the need to be more cautious and all I changed was to switch down to Rigid and I won them all on an ok 9-2 spread. It might help...
  11. Hi Tom, congratulations on an excellent thread and thank you for the lessons learned therein. Currently I have pinched one of your tactical set-ups and slightly modified to my love of the sweeper and always take a good look at the mental attributes before deciding if a player with mediocre finishing has a future with my club... TQ, TQ APa DLPs, BWMd WBa, WBs CDx, CDx SW
  12. Beginning to feel that I may shift across to FMC this year, I've avoided it in the past because prolonged exposure to that bright white skin really hurt my failing eyes! Does anyone know if there will be a dark skin option for FMC this year? Many Thanks.
  13. Had a mild panic when I received an email asking for some form of verification as it was my first order i.e. passport, driving licence, but received keys a few minutes later and FM15 is now sitting in my steam library ready to go...
  14. Hi, enjoyed the opening post and noted your initial preference for a diamond set-up. This is an option I'm currently using in my FM13 Arsenal save: I feel that Alexis, Welbeck and Walcott are a bit lightweight to play at STR so instead I have kept the diamond set-up but pulled them wide to STRL and STRR. IFa, IFa APs DLPs, BBM Anc WBs, CDd, CDd, WBs It allows me to play so many of Arsenal's best players in their best positions, gives the APs and BBM room to create passes and move into, is flexible enough that the IF's can come back in line with APs and not lose familiarity, changing to IFs allows the set-up to be a little more defensive and creative at the same time
  15. Hi Torkus, being a Saints fan I always have to take a look at any thread that mentions them. I have recently been reading a lot of the late, great SFrasers threads and a 4231 has been percolating in my brain for a while. I'm still playing FM13, not a huge fan of '14 and hope that '15 will be better and this time around - I will learn my lesson and not purchase until the final update. Anyway, in FM13 I have a draft wide 4231 set-up as follows: Balanced, Standard, everything else default apart from zonal marking GKd WBs, CDd, CDd, WBa - WBs tweaked to RFD & TTB sometimes DLPd, DMs APa, AMs, IFa DLFa Have gone with Standard so that I've room to move with drop deeper and push higher shouts Shaw as a WBs as slightly less attacking than Clyne at WBa, but also just to get a little bit more depth to our attacking play DLPd to sit and spray passes DMs to make runs into that big midfield hole APa on the left will make passes and cut-in AMs will drop into midfield/defence and push up into attack IFa to cut-in and be the main scoring threat DLFa to drop into space but also push up when in possession Hope it's of interest...
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