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  1. Please, I do not quite understand. Please explain. Does that mean that I should start the game as FM 17.0.0 and not as a 17.3.1
  2. OK, But do you know what led to this? Can not waste time playing new save knowing that it could happen again!? I played the game for almost a year now, and what I have?
  3. I was sent a file according to yours instruction. The name of file is Neven. When can i expect some proper answer? Please, just don't tell me that you can't do anything.
  4. The game is crashing on same date every time. I tried to do everything according to your instructions ( I’ve encountered a crash dump message whilst processing the game) but the problem is still here. Also i tried the game ( same saved file) on the another computer and a result is same. I removed all the added graphics and skins and again the same problem. Can somebody help me to resolve this problem? http://www.upslike.net/image/rQ18N
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