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  1. I have the same issue as item no.03 - international suspensions not finishing. I have 2xplayers in my Northern Ireland squad who have been suspended and I cannot now pick them (really annoying as they are two of my better players). They were both, originally, part of my club squad when they became suspended. I have sold them in case this was causing the problem, but it hasn't rectified. I have also completed the season but they are still unavailable in the next season. Many thanks.
  2. Does anybody else have this minor irritation? You scout a player, usually a midfielder, who is either deep lying or attack minded. You've done the due diligence, plenty of scouting so you take the plunge and sign him. Usually after paying over the odds. He is the missing piece, the glue to hold your team together. He settles into the team nicely, plays 4/5 games then inexplicably changes his preferred playing position from one to the other!! It winds me up, if I wanted another AMC I would've bought one. NO, I wanted a DLM so why change?? Make your mind up or sit on the bench with the others!!
  3. No sorry. The contract was offered in the Jan, its now Aug so many auto saves have come and gone. The only save I have is from 'now'. This shows the pending transfer due to be completed in 4years time.
  4. Hi, thanks for the reply. No, the contract was offered after the update. I've checked and I've definitely updated and running 6.1. However, the career/save was started before the update, could this be the issue?
  5. I think you may be aware of this bug, I've tried searching a few threads and found some similar issues. I offered a pre-contract to a player in Jan whose current deal was expiring in the summer. He agreed to join me. 1st of July came & went without a finalise contract offer option. I checked transfer history menu and it says that the transfer is pending. I looked at the player profile and it states he's due to join me but he's signed a new deal with his current club. It says he's due to join me when his new deal expires however this won't be for another 4years?! He's worth £55mil so I'd love to have him in my squad!!
  6. Is it/would it be possible to refine the player search when managing an international team to highlight more players with dual nationality who may be eligible for that country? I'm currently the Wales manager so I will use that as my example. If I search players as being Welsh I can currently view 24 pages (7 players per page). Usually included are one or two players who have Welsh as their second nationality who may, or may not, wish to play for the dragons should I call them up! However, I've done some 'extensive' scouting of my own. By selecting EU players in the search engine, I've scoured the world, from region to region, looking for players who might be eligible. I have not found many but I have found some who do not appear in the original 24 page Welsh list. One was in Brazil, he doesn't want to play for me! One was in Ghana, he does want to play for me I tried to search all of the Home Nations. Scotland & N.I. were easy enough but going through the English players? I did U21s only and got to page 30 out of 113. I'm committed but not crazy enough to go through all of them! I did actually find a couple of players though, who again, do not appear on the original search list. I realise and appreciate this may only affect those who are managing 'smaller' countries with less players to choose from. I also respect that scouting networks will almost never be able to include every player from larger nations playing in a different continent. Some will always slip through the net. However, is it possible to refine the search engine? At least pick up all of the eligible players in that region with perhaps a sub-search? Right, I'm off. I've got a plane waiting to take me to Australia as I've heard there's a 17yo who looks a good player. He's got a Welsh grannie so I may be able to get him in!!
  7. Thanks for the quick reply. I powered down and restarted device a couple of times and relaunched the game and the issue has indeed disappeared.
  8. An issue seems to have appeared on my manager homepage since I've become an international manager. If I navigate from the bottom left tab into my manager homepage I'm faced with the normal club, international, manager, comps, search etc. If I try to navigate to my club squad it takes me to my international squad. The only way into my club squad is via the league table or immediately before a game. I can use the drop down menu for my tactics and finances but I'm unable to locate and access my training menu. I really need to do this as I have players moaning about their routines. Again!
  9. Its just happened again but a little more understandable this time. I got sacked from Bournemouth whilst sitting in 7th. However it was after no win in 7 but I'd won 4 in a row prior to that. The sacking seemed to coincide with me defending a player who had a couple of bad games and the board disagreeing with my doing so. I have retained a save from just before the sacking but like I say, it seemed more understandable this time. Still, shows there's not much loyalty from the board and their expectations are maybe a shade unrealistic for a team such as Bournemouth.
  10. One of my players has just been banned from all football for 90 days for punching the ref!! Naughty boy!! Never seen this before, is this a new feature to this years release? I wonder who could have inspired this?! I wish I could sack the player without paying up the remainder of his contract.
  11. No, sorry I do not. I've overwritten the main save now with my next club and the automatics have gone also.
  12. Same here, had it happen a couple of times in a few different saves. Ungrateful board members who don't know when they're on to a good thing. There should be a manager to club ultimatum, "sack me if you dare & then see where you end up!"
  13. I've just seen a similar thing for March. I got the sack and the club recalled their players who were out on loan. I can't say when exactly. Neither played any minutes at all for their parent club yet one won the premiership player of the month and the other was runner up.
  14. 4-3-3 can be a good formation, I've used most and generally I'd suggest team line up before formation. Play your best team and set a formation to suit them rather than the other way round.
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