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  1. I'm more impressed with the hat-trick at the stadium named after him! True club man.
  2. It seems (to me) quite feasible for the groundsman to mark out a different pitch size for any pre-season friendlies. Then give a deadline of say 4 weeksbefore the start of the season for choosing your prefferred option. Currently we can do it in FM at the click of a button (ie. we can go from 120x90 to 105x65 in an instant), so I don't really see the issue. If not, then surely the pitch size choice shouldn't be in the game at all? At the moment, I have chosen badly two seasons in a row. That's 730 days of having the pitch requirements that don't suit my tactic.
  3. Surely you could play a pre-season friendly with a certain width/length in terms of the white lines.
  4. Probably this career. Building a Derby side to conquer the world, whilst keeping it fairly local. Promoting the youth early and letting them play forever 1,000 games for my GK a definite highlight.
  5. Why is there no option to trial a pitch size? After choosing the 'minimum' size for my little Swedish club, I soon realised it was quite unsuitable for my tactic. This led to a season of great Away performances, but lots of struggles at home. Glad to get the season over with. Now I'm able to choose again. Let's try 'Wide'. Still unsuitable :/ 25 games to go...
  6. Forgive me if this is a common problem - I don't come around here much anymore.... It's the end of a season, and I'm trying to offer contracts to my assistant and various players (as well as new targets) But everything is greyed out. I only have the option to 'walk away', no matter who the person is.
  7. Yeaahhh. False hope. Just lost 7-0 to Liverpool :/ Back to the drawing board.
  8. Encouraging! Just faced Palace (who I lost to 1-5, as seen above). I've made my BWMs into Defending rather than Supporting midfielders, and made my Defensive Forward into Deep Lying Forwards. Also adopted a more direct approach of getting the ball forward, instead of my trademark possession style. 4-2 victory including a hattrick for my AF (which never happens...) But time will tell. Only my first game vs a 4231 opponent.
  9. Thanks guys, I'll try and implement some of those thoughts. It's 2063 and STILL struggling when faced with this formation. It's gets worse as my team improves - if that makes sense. Only recently have I started coming up against the likes of City and Chelsea rather than, say, Barnsley and Colchester.
  10. Quite difficult to be too detailed as I play on the fly. Those full-backs might be limited defending full-backs or wing-backs at any point during the game depending on how things are going, either with DEFEND, COUNTER or ATTACK as my focus. I'm more interested in the actual "defending position" of my players. How to combat a solo striker and two wingers who constantly get in behind the "full backs", as this setup doesn't seem to work.
  11. Got a great tactic sorted and has served me well for many many years. I do well when I come up against 442 or 451 formations. Yet when faced with a 4231 using wingers and an attacking number 10 type - I get absolutely hammered byt 4 or 5 goals without fail. Any thoughts?
  12. Is there a way to stop my U23 manager picking players from the U18 squad for games? My promising 17 year old central defender has racked up 60+ games by March as he is being picked for both squads, whereas the the slightly older and less talented CDs I've brought into the U23 as "fillers" are being overlooked. I realise I can pick the team myself for each game, but I'd rather not!
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