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  1. Dave, This has been my experience in previous versions as well it just seems to be FM16 that is doing this for me. Just answered another conference with upbeat answers and lost yet another % on media handling...
  2. Sorry If this has been posted elsewhere but my forum search did not bring back anything promising. I am getting a little fed up with my constantly dropping Media Handling attribute. It is now early 2018 and despite handling all press related content myself and not delegating anything to other staff members it has steadily dropped down to 26% and I find myself being grilled about it in job interviews. What am I doing wrong? Am I just failing the mini game inside the programming or am I genuinely doing something completely idiotic? I find it annoying that I take the time (and it really is time consuming) to read and reply in a manner I think suitable to the endless press questions and the game keeps demoting my score. Opinions greatly appreciated Dan
  3. Ready to rumble with The Stutes! Profile and Information
  4. I think that the shouts to widen are only supposed to effect the team in an attacking sense, I don't think it will make you more open at the back...or at least shouldn't! D
  5. Righty so I've watched the Palace game through and these are my observations: GK: Giving away possession too much with long punts up the field and I don't think this suits the Invincibles way, I would set him to distribute to full backs maybe on shorter passing style to try and start moves on the ground from the back more often, can't see any reason why this won't be beneficial to the team as a whole. CB's: Perform their duties well but as already mentioned they are too deep too often and it leaves exploitable space between the midfield and defence occasionally despite the fact that the CM(D) does a fab job cleaning things up for you most of the time. RB: Looks about right to me he makes some lovely runs down the right at times offering overlap options, can't see a whole lot that needs changing here. WBL(A): Not bad but I keep feeling like he could offer more by being a bit wider he seems a little narrow at times to me but this may be showing as it is in the heat maps due to taking up good defensive positions which was a clear feature. CM(D): Nothing to change as mentioned above the role is being performed really well. RPM(S): Supports his fellow central midfielder really well and I think a case could be made that this role is right, for me though Viera used to arive late in the box at times as well and provide another surging runner, I think it will be worth switching this to a BBM, certainly worth trying in my view! WMR(A): Yup I like the look of this a lot in game and it is great to see him doing a Ljungberg in the game and getting in that box to get his goal...good stuff! WP(S): I don't like how this is working in the engine at all from what I have watched, it isn't bad as such, he just doesn't play like Pires used too right now, Pires was so often on the scoresheet in that season and was frequently seen in a central advanced position running from deep. Looking at the roles I wonder if a WM(S) Duty with 'Get Further Forward', 'Sit Narrower' and 'Roam From Position' were checked. CF(A): Working really well, gets into great positions, great runnign with ball at feet and a goal to boot. Only critism is not pulling really wide like Henry used too but I think it will be really hard to replicate this in the engine really, frankly I think it already performs way better than I really expected. F9: Now then this role is interesting, it does pretty well but I don't know, something about it not exactly Bergkamp'y. Would the suggestion of a CF(S) be totally outrageous? The tooltip describes him as 'dropping deep' and 'playing balls through the defensive line'...this sounds more like him to me! Overall feeling and suggestions: Good performance here, the third goal was beautiful and looked like the sort of football they played, but at times, the tempo is still too sluggish there is a lack of urgency, have outlined below a possible way to fix this. I might be shot down here but despite Arsenal often being thought of as a short passing team I think there is scope to increase the directness of passing for the Invincibles and this goes well hand in hand with the higher tempo. I wonder if shifitng mentality to Standard to bring the Def Line up a little bit (I think this might also make it appear like you break up opposition possession a little better I was suprised to see that although this was a dominant performance Palace had a higher possession rating!) and switching on Direct Passing as well, Arsenal were masters of moving the ball quickly from Defence to Attack that season and I think this could help stop the 'sluggishness' I feel you see watching this team at the moment in game. All I can think of right now
  6. Get rid of that nasty DLP(S) I would switch the DLP to a BBM and the lone forward to a Support role striker, whichever he suits really but DLF and F9 are both good choices. To me that tactic then looks very good, it is balanced, has movement between the lines, attacking players from Deep, forward support and a defensive shield. * Off topic from central midfield but I tend to find Wingbacks are best employed as lone wide men, your left wing back is fine because he has an inside forward ahead tucking inside but I wonder if the WB and Winger on the right might get in each others way? I would make him a fullback were it me. *
  7. The very best piece of advice I ever got was from Cleon regarding watching in full match mode at the start of games to actually see whats going on. I only have one game going now when I play FM, an unemployed "Sunday League Footballer" (Now National A licence) start. I watch every game in full match from start to finish now and the difference it makes it comparison to highlight mode regarding knowing how the game is actually playing out in comparison to what match stats and highlights show is really massive. I have to say that this years engine really feels good and I don't feel like I get the occasional 'weirdness' I have encountered with all previous versions. I am in the Vanerama North at the moment as Hednesford (gotta love those keys) and due to full match mode have opted to stick with my current methods even when conceding because I can see that I am the better side! As mentioned above it becomes far easier to see when stats that suggest you are dominating are deceiving such as high possession ratings. Loving the lower league football at times too...I have nicknamed one of my first choice defenders 'HOOF!', as this is what he does when he has the ball at his feet 9/10 times...great defender but oh my that passing
  8. Sorry to hear you lost the last one Drak that always really sucks! Get reacquainted with Hasselt buddy and we can fire this thing up again
  9. Apologies as well I checked a lot and then forgot about it I would like to say yes with the role change but I think if you use two D roles with the two CM's you will never win the midfield battle and fail to win a decent amount of games. The question is going to be managing to get dicipline in there, I have never much liked the DLP role that much, I would probably use CM(D) and BBM in the middle. Trying to get a good relationship between the strikers and good movement from the wide players is going to be the key job. With the defenders I guess clearances can account for a portion of the low % rate, I would still set them to pass shorter myself though, it is lso a case of if they actually have good passing options available as well. I don't want to make anymore suggestions without experimenting myself as well, I worry that if you end up sittin with too many D's and A's role wise you will end up with a team that is split apart, perhaps the key is more support roles with this formation? I love how a CM(A) works but there is no way to incorporate it into a flat 4-4-2 sucessfully that I have seen. It always need the coverer and the supporter to make it flourish. I will add some more soon when I try some more bits out. Are you linking anymore games soon? Dan
  10. Hey Drak! Just found this thread a very interesting read sorry I didn't find it sooner really. I have downloaded the latest match the one against Luton. I think the first thing that struck me was that because of the way you are set up formation wise here, the number 7 was always going to be able to find space, I don't personally think that man marking him with the number 12 as it will give them a man over elsewhere, I think I would simply look to reduce closing down and go more conservative in the tackle and sit the two CM's in front of the defence to shield as best they can, you seem to have some decent CM's there at any rate. The advantage you had was clear at certain moments, pause at 09:41 for example and observe the space your fullback (no.2) has, overloading their sole wide players surely the way forward and you highlight that you use 'Exploit the Flanks', is 'Look for Overlap' also possible? Or perhaps making the Right full back more aggressive even as long as the two CM's sit deeper to cover him. Not sure how this would pan out but I think it would be a an idea. Last thing I noted was the abysmally low pass completion % of both your CB's in that game, would look at resolving that a little as it might have helped you control the game more and not concede so many shots at goal. Dan
  11. Happy to give what input I can sounds like an interesting project Cleon
  12. I don't think you need feel lucky about this win, it is a far cry from you only have 4 shots and 1 on target for 2 goals or something. You had as many shots on target and created better quality chances, nearly a third of their shots were long range as well. I'd say thats a good solid performance!
  13. Personally I ignore my staff with regards to individual training. I have my team play a specific way so every player needs to be working towards fulfilling that role, hence every player in my team has individual training set to 'Heavy' for the specific role he is going to be playing (Ball Winning Midfielder, Flase 9 etc etc). I tend to therefore set general training on 'Balanced' although I start seasons using 'Fitness' training but generally on lower levels but high % if that makes sense, so intensity will be low but the bar will be on only 10% Match training, usually ending up in Medium work loads and happy players. Works for me at least!
  14. I think it is going to be Evolution rather than Revolution going back to your opening post. Pep wants to dominate and attack attack attack. While it has been highlighted about what he said about tika taka I think the only real difference is that he wishes to build slowly initially so that players are positioned correctly and then attack very quickly (likely meaning shorter passing for defenders and more direct for attackers in the FM sense). The tempo change and directness should come explosively to open up the opposition defence and fashion a chance rather than the patient approach that I believe characterizes tika taka. The interchangable nature of his teams also suggest that Very Fluid is the correct philosophy while adding 'Roam from Positions' might also create excellent movement from players or at least adding this to the more attacking players to make them difficult to mark.
  15. This is something I have to deal with all the time as well, against the 'top' teams where I am not really very far behind them quality wise I often get totally dominated and switching mentalities etc seems to have almost no effect at all on proceedings. I tend to look at the speed of their forward(s) compared to my CB's, if they are faster then I will likely go Counter strat with 'Stay on Feet' selected, or maybe even Defensive and always have a DM present to shield the backline. If I have a faster backline then I will switch to a Sweeper Keeper on support duty and use a higher line with high pressing with either standard or Control and try and take it to them, by condensing the field you can usually break up the massively high passing % they usually have Good luck
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