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  1. I accepted everything when I started the save. Didn't notice the win silverware objective... But it shouldn't be there in my opinion... Next time I'm going to read all the objectives before starting😁
  2. After the cup game against juve i did get a message saying the board was disappointed but they understand that we had a tough draw against juve. A day later i got sacked... I really like club vision but you're right it has to be more flexible! Not a fun way to end my first FM20 save😁
  3. I thought i was doing ok, never got any indication i was gonna get sacked until that meeting... Roma hasn't won anything since 2008 IRL so why was i expected to win any silverware in my first season? Is it possible to change the club vision objectives at the start? I just accepted everything so that might have been my mistake! I was really enjoying this game...
  4. Hi all At the end of january in my first season with AS Roma I've got a message saying the board wants a meeting because I've failed at a club vision objective (= win silverware), after that i got sacked. I was third in the competition after 22 games with 2 points behind Inter and 12 points behind Juventus. I've lost in the quarter final of the Cup to Juventus and failed to go through in the Europa League. What do you guys think of this? Is there something wrong or were my results bad enough to get sacked? Grts
  5. Hi all I need your help! I'm looking for a team in Italy, Germany, Spain or England that hasn't won the Europa League or Champions League and that can win the Europa League within the first couple of seasons. Also a team with some good youngsters to build a team around or to sell for a high profit. In a previous FM I tried this with Palermo (they had Dybala back then) and failed but it was one of my favourite games, so I'm trying to find something similar. Grts!
  6. Hi all Has the colors within the game schedules changed (see example below)? Maybe it's just me but this is really bothering me... So is it possible to change it back to how is was in previous editions (green circle for match won)? Grts
  7. The TV money comes in monthly... Last year I got around 110 million EUR. So I think you're right, they've balanced it against that. Thanks for your help!
  8. Hi all I'm managing Crystal Palace, at the end of the 1st season the board gave me a transfer budget of 65 million EUR. My bank balance is -6 million EUR. What will happen if I spend my transfer budget? Will I go bankrupt or will the board take out a new loan to cover the debt (= negative bank balance)? Will I fail FFP rules? I really need to strengthen my team but I'm afraid this isn't possible due to the low bank balance... Has anyone some experience with this?
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