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  1. Push on to champions League qualification, something I think is achievable if we can reduce the number of goals we concede. Any view of any tactical tweaks that would support that, or am I left with player recruitment?
  2. Thanks for all the questions. Responses as requested, note one thing I missed out in my first post was that I'm also playing the Offside Trap. DLF: AML:(Will be changing to the 2nd player as an IF(A) when fit, LB will likely become WB(S).) AMC: AMR: DLP: I alternate between these two: BBM/MEZ Either the Paradguayan above or: DL: For offensive: Defensive: BPD: CD: or DR:
  3. I've read every 4231 post going and still can't resolve my defensive woes. I'm in my 3rd consecutive season of qualifying via the league for the Europa League but can't kick on, which I believe is due to the amount of goals I concede. Tactics: DLF(A) W(A) AM(A) IF(S) MEZ (S)OR BBM(S) DLP(D) FB(S) BPD(D) CD(D) FB(A) SK(S) Mentality - Positive In Possession - short passing, play out of defense Transition - None Out of possession - high dl standard loe Player instructions - split block front 4 I've tried switching to bala
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