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  1. Sorted for some strange reason the saves had moved to the fm 2015 demo file ???? They were not there before i know that lol
  2. Yeah the battery just fell out my laptop while i was playing FM i wasn't in the middle of saving or anything. turn the laptop back on and my saves have dissapearded? Gutted!
  3. If you mean what i think you do then you can only have 1 tactic "active" at a time in Fmc. You can however save your current tactic and then set the formation to one of the standard ones and create your new tactic. Then save it and you can switch between tactics that way using the tactic dropdown in the tactic screen
  4. Loving some of the first touches and the build up play at times is a real joy to behold. Really enjoying the game at the moment good job !
  5. Very easy on the eye, Love the ability to control players individual training and the new board options. Certainly gonna be a full time FMC'er this year great job SI
  6. Right on time. I was wondering the same thing as you when this happened i had no idea what was going on until i got the news they where completed must just be a bug i guess.
  7. Personal choice really its just a matter of keeping players fit ad keeping players happy with the amount of playing time they get. I have 25 first team players but i compete in 4 competitions and usually go all the way in the 2 domestic competitions.
  8. i had youth training facilities planned and was subject to a board takeover. The progress bar went missing when the takeover happened and the option to build was greyed out in boardroom option but later on i the season i got a news item saying the facilities where completed and they where. This is probably the same thing happening to you with your stadium i cant say for 100% but i would say your stadium is still on track for completion.
  9. im pretty sure you would have to offer the new scout another contract with the job title of head scout
  10. to get your coach /assistant to use your main tactics for u21/u18 squads go to staff responsibilities, Click reserves the check the plays matches with first team tactics box. Do the same with u18s.
  11. Anywayz my favourite has to be fm13 seeing as though the first football manager sim i played was fm12!
  12. Frank/Hala if the game is so bad why dont you stop playing it and stop moaning. Do You have nothing better to do with your time ?
  13. I recently made a transfer offer for a player which was accepted and had agreed a contract of 130,000 pounds a week. However i was waiting for extra funds for the transfer through sales of my own players and had to delay the transfer twice. The second time the transfer was cancelled so i made another offer of the same amount which was accepted but this time the player only wants 80k per week. Score!!!!! has anyone else ever had this happen ?
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