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  1. Could I get some advice for a laptop? I'm looking for a convertible laptop that is capable of being able to play FM with say 10 leagues running on a medium database for a good couple of seasons without slowdown but also functions as a tablet when I want to use it in bed or around the house in general. Not hugely fussed on 3D matches. Budget wise I'm flexible - cheers
  2. Would probably echo what TAV2 has said about this tactic; good if you've got great players. First season as Liverpool, I struggled a bit and had a habit of conceding a lot of goals when I did lose. The start of the season was particularly difficult but managed but a good run in the middle third to take me to 5th. Second season I've upgraded on nearly every starting position and I've been pretty dominant so far
  3. Finished my first season 5th recovering from a disastrous start First season transfers Decided to shift out a lot of players for the second season and I managed to bring in some quality attackers for decent sums Bernado Silva looks and plays like a beast Martin Skrtel did his cruciate at the start of the first season so I was forced to rely on Jemerson as 1st choice CB (and then Juan Jesus in as a loan during the winter window) but I knew I had get a ready made quality centre back to challenge in my 2nd season and Manolas has not let me down Here's my best 11 currently in my 2nd season, leading the table by 3 points with 12 games played and qualified for the Europa knockouts Hardest thing is to fit in all the players now; Breel Embolo is developing along nicely But players like Maxi Meyer and Lincoln are struggling to get much playing time so I'm not sure whether I ought to loan them out or not. May also sell players like Milner and Jordan Ibe who were stalwarts of the first season but just haven't been getting much time this season. Firmino's been massively underwhelming when he has been fit too, looking to shift him out for big bucks hopefully to free up some funds for these wonderkids.
  4. Sinclair and Chirivella were head and shoulders above the rest, ended up selling Chirivella for £25M despite not 1 app in the first team (loaned him out 4 seasons in a row) and Sinclair for £73M (even though he only had 1 really great season for me)
  5. Tutored him with Blaise Matuidi; problem is this far into the game, there are far superior regens knocking about so I think I'll just loan him out to boost his price tag before moving him on. The rest like Ibe, Rossiter etc were distinctly average for me. Jerome Sinclair is the best of the bunch in my game
  6. Alt + F9 and they'll get saved to fm14's screenshots folder
  7. Nothing to write home about I'm afraid, still 3 star potential (Could become a star in the prem so says my assistant manager) but he's wayyyy behind some of the regens in the team
  8. So Jerome Sinclair looks promising but he can't get much of a look in ahead of Mauro Icardi who is quite a beast!
  9. I'm just wondering whether training workload has any effect on the regularity of injuries picked up during matches?
  10. Can someone from SI, mods, or anyone really help? I've still got the game running on my laptop, still stuck at the end of the match.
  11. It just takes me back to the pitch with players walking off, except it's frozen/still
  12. What the screen looks like, pressing Cancel Pending Changes does nothing, play pause button does nothing, spacebar does nothing
  13. I've currently got the same problem, 90th min and the game's already shown that my striker is the man of the match but the screen for post-match team talk isn't coming up. I've tried reloading skin but the problem remains. Any ideas? Edit: Just tried switching skins and changing rendering mode. Went back into the match and it went straight to the half time team talk (everyone's stamina levels were as they were at the end of the game though), gave a talk and then tried pressing post-match analysis button but all that seems to do is toggle and play and pause button for the match engine.
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