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  1. The new created save worked ; in loading the database it found Chelsea under filter and a new new editor file created with transfer embargo dates removed, so it's now sorted thank you.
  2. I haven't tried it, but I think I realise what the problem is. I think I need to start a new save and create a custom database. But I will keep your suggestion in mind thank you Freddie Sands.
  3. Hi. I have the FM20 pre-game editor installed, and after starting a new season where I am still in the first week as manager of Chelsea, I wanted to remove the global transfer ban o the club. We I start the pre-game editor it shows it loading the database apparently and yet there are no records showing when I search for Chelsea under clubs. Where am I going wrong? I've attached a screenshot. I followed the instructions given here However when I clicked filter, add condition and then typed Chelsea, as expected nothing came up, no Unique ID or anything, since it appears no records are showing? Any help would be appreciated. Cheers!
  4. No. Football is about using the right tactical set-up on a game by game basis against different opponents, being balanced both in defence and attack but being positionally well set up and organised and strong with a good defensive block and an aggressive press, attacking at the right time but being quicker to get in the last third and being creative and penetrative in trying to score. It's about the manager first, who sets the team up and organises them, then it's about the players how they respond to those tactics and how well they improvise during a game. Messi, if anything, with all the above being set up correctly, would have enhanced the Argentina side, but with a poorly organised Argentina side conceding too much space at the back with a high line and also not being quick to the press and to get the ball in the danger areas, were unable to offer a sterner test using Messi more effectively.
  5. Hi, A general question; I purchased Football manager mobile 2018 on my tablet (Kindle fire). I was wondering; am I able to download the same purchased game onto my mobile and not have to pay again? I'm thinking not, but wondered if anyone knew. Kind regards
  6. @RocheBag...Spot on. Sliders for that reason are unrealistic. Now you have to do it really thinking like a manager, creating your own formation and footballing philosophy for your team, creating a style of play based on the players you have but having to set them up with more thought into their player instructions to be merged with the team instructions you can choose.
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