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  1. Good post lam but I am having a few problems interpreting the ass man feedback. What should i do when he says that our passing is awful and we're gifting them possession. when i had passing set to direct, nearly all the way to long he was still saying our short passes were rubbish but long ones connecting very well.
  2. Also, there should be more of a link from the fans ;dissapointment' of a match to the odds and reputation of the team being faced. For example losing a league game 4-0 should be worse than losing an FA cup game 4-0 against a team 2 divisions higher. This doesn't seem to be the case at the moment
  3. I would like to be able to shortlist a club in the same way you would a player, for example if you were waiting for your favourite club's manager position to become vacant you would know asap.
  4. Hi there, I’ve just finished reading all the way through this, spending 3 days at work attempting to not get fired! Great work and very enjoyable Kip, thanks! Not sure if it has been said before but its funny how the experiment has changed, as it turns out it would have been just as enjoyable without the 24 created players and just following how the team fares and how the AI deals with having the finances / stadium etc. in a lower division and how long it takes them to rise to the top. anyway, can't wait till the next update!
  5. Board April Fools????

    Im playing as Stafford in th BSP and it happened to me last night at about 1am, very funny lol
  6. Have to say im very impressed! when i first looked i has my suspicions about whether or not his would work but just played my first game with Stafford Rangers using this and tactic and won 7-1! Admittedly i was favourite for the game but it was away from home and i haven't scored more than 3 before in 30 previous games! Cheers for the tactic!