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  1. Nice work. Haven't learned this much from an OP in a long time!
  2. One behind the other. I think it was set up something like... IW/A AP/S W/A A/D It wasn't a silver bullet, but it did a better job than my default 451.
  3. I often use the wide 4132 against a 4231.
  4. ajsr1982

    Analysing squad

    You're not over-thinking it, no. That's what you want in a winger. But as you point out, there may be some attributes where he's lacking. I tend to come at it from the other angle. At a basic level, does he have the attributes I need? Are there any showstoppers? A winger is a tough example, so let's choose centre back to be really obvious about it. If I look at his attributes and I see he has 10-14 in everything I want, but his Jumping Reach is, say, 6, that's a showstopper. I can't play him at CB because he's going to be a liability. Once I'm happy there are no showstoppers, I'll start to think about what I can do to mitigate his weaknesses and harness his strengths, such as they are. Take your winger, if his crossing isn't quite as high as you'd like, what can you do? Well you can tell him to cross less (with a different role) and provide supporting players for him to recycle the ball into midfield. Or maybe it's his dribbling. You can tell him to cross the ball early so he doesn't have to beat his man. Not as quick as you'd like? Well you can put him in a support role so he's more likely to move towards the ball and receive it to feet rather than trying to get into the space behind. Of course, all of the above has knock-on effects for how you play and the other players you put in your team. I really liked @Snorks method. Get your best players in their favourite roles and build from there to let them do their thing. That might mean you have to drop your lightweight winger to get a hard working wide midfielder, for example, but such is life as a football manager.
  5. Maybe not exactly what you're after, but there is this.
  6. I largely agree with this, but for balance, I think it's also important to point out that the main cause of over-complication is often the players themselves. Now, some of this is because the game allows us the freedom to do almost anything, so it's no surprise that people push the envelope. However, we've all seen the threads where someone is trying to cram a Libero, a Segundo Volante, a Regista, a Treq and a Mezzala into an asymmetrical strikerless system. Most (successful) real life tactics follow quite a narrow set of rules/guidelines, with the finer details (PIs) and the abilities of the players making the difference.
  7. A small clarification. Show the opposition inside, rather than onto weaker foot. Onto weaker foot may encourage the cross/pass outside if the right winger is left footed. Showing them inside encourages them to pass/dribble towards the centre of the pitch, where you should have a numerical advantage.
  8. I can't offer you too much I'm afraid. Opposition teams are going to get crosses into the box and your defenders aren't going to win every header. However there are maybe a couple of things you can do. First, use Opposition Instructions. Close down the opposition and show them onto the inside. This might only give you a marginal gain, but every little helps. Second, I'd look at your back line. You've got it pushed up and using the offside trap. And you're using a Control mentality. That's a really aggressive line that leaves space in behind. On the one hand, that's good because it pushes the play further away from your goal - fewer crosses coming in. On the other hand, when crosses do come in, two things are happening. 1. There is lots of space for forwards to attack, and it invites the early ball. 2. Your defenders are facing their own goal and it makes it much harder to win the header, mark the attackers, and clear the ball. The other small thing, and I'm sketchy on the details here, is that you have the middle defender with a cover duty. If you're pushing up and playing offside, do you not want your players in a line? With one player dropping off, it maybe creates space for attackers behind your wide CBs.
  9. I think this is a very good point. It's all to easy to say 'you've got too many attack duties', 'who is linking the play', etc. While these points are often valid, it's also hugely important to realise that you need a good synergy between what you're asking players to do, and what they're capable of doing. In other words, is the most important thing in the game actually player attributes? If you have a centre forward tasked with being your primary goal-getter, does it really matter what role you put him in if he has poor attributes for Finishing, Off The Ball and Composure? A player with good playmaking attributes will surely look to dictate play and find passes, surely. It's really just a case of deciding how to position him and how you want him to distribute the ball, and this is where I think things can be a bit easier. Rather than having lots of different playmaker roles, I'd prefer to be able to tell my playmaker to look for the wide players, look in behind, or look to play the ball into the feet of my forward(s). One could argue I can do this already, but it's rather implicitly tied up in roles and duties of other players and TIs that have side effects.
  10. Update: Well, I beat it. I beat it 5-1. In the playoff final. What did I do? Almost nothing. Played my 4-4-1-1 with a Structured shape and pushed much higher up. That's it. I'd offer some insight, but I don't even know why it worked. There you go.
  11. Of course, but the idea is to let them do that, defend deep and hit them when they over-commit. I'm perfectly willing to accept that fighting fire with fire is the only way to beat the 4-3-3, but I'd like to come up with a (realistic) system that stifles it before going on to play on its (obvious) weaknesses. It's not quite at game-breaking levels for me yet, but after the above game, teams have gone on to play the same system against me and I've lost 0-2 and 0-1 after going ten unbeaten. Morale is now shot and my promotion chances are slipping away. Not the first season derailed by coming up against this formation, to the point that I'm seriously considering a return to FM17 unless I can find something (realistic) that at least gives me a fighting chance.
  12. Iran definitely used 'Get Stuck In'.
  13. Time for an update on this. First, some good news. After taking on board the initial comments, I decided I generally needed to be a bit braver. Thus, I changed my system to: GK/D DFB/D CD/D CD/D FB/A W/A CM/D BWM/S IW/A AP/A AF/A That's Standard/Flexible. I'll change up the full backs depending on what I'm up against. Same with d-line. I've added 'Play out of Defence' too, which helps a more measured build-up. So, all good. The result was a Div. 2 title, and now I find myself in the playoff spots half way through my first season in Div. 1 after a sketchy start. I'm a couple of points off the promotion slots and I'm flying, unbeaten in ten. I hadn't actually faced the 4-3-3 very often, hence the lack of update on this. But here it comes. I'd set up and trained a system to deal with the 4-3-3, so time to put it into use. It's not a huge move away from the above, I think. GK/D FB/A CD/D CD/D FB/D DM/D W/A CM/S BWM/S IW/A DF/S A move to Standard/Structured, with the following TIs: - Much Deeper D-Line; Exploit Left/Right Flanks/Be More Disciplined/Pass Into Space. Note, I've changed the FBs around because their pacy AF was on their right. The LCF was a slower target man, allowing me to have my RB as the out ball. Now, it's not all bad news. I had my chances, and instead of the 90/10 balance of play I was seeing before, it's now maybe 65/35 or even 60/40. But... There is plenty of this... CB gets on the ball and simply belts it forward. It looks like I have the situation in hand. You can see my 4141 set up there. The attacking RB is in a nice position, helping out. The LB is a bit too wide for my liking, but still. I'm nice and deep. All that needs to happen is the LCB takes a few steps backwards and heads the ball clear. Alas, no. It looks like maybe my LCB has his eye on the central CF, which means the RCF has a free run, and of course he scores to make it 3-0. Any thoughts here? This isn't the only instance of this type of situation happening, and it's really frustrating. I went into this game on the following run: P10, W7, D3, L0, F15, A4. In fact, I'd conceded 1 in the last 6, and that because I'd played too high from the start when I shouldn't have. Morale is good, my players are in good form and injury free. And then a 3-0 hiding from a team below me in the table.