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  1. Thanks. By extension, does that mean I started from a zero base when the new patch came in? My season has been completely derailed since the update!
  2. Can anyone tell me if partnership familiarity - the orange/yellow/green lines between players on the tactics screen - has just been introduced in this patch?
  3. I'll add my voice to this one after losing 4-1, with the opposition getting four penaltieSpartak Moscow v Torpedo Moscow.pkms. Particularly concerning is that many of these don't look like penalties to the trained eye.
  4. Everything is possible. I would put this in the 'comically improbable' box.
  5. I agree. Berwick bottled it too. With three games to go the gap was five points. I ended up winning by seven.
  6. Apart from my trousers? I shuffled my squad around to remove players whose body language was regularly poor. I also used plenty of shouts to try to get the players to calm down, and had the good old team meeting before the game. Both of the above only appeared to make everyone angrier, like it always does.
  7. Well not really. They opened up an 18 point lead during the title race. It was only when it became mathematically possible to win the league in the next match that they forgot how to play football. I know what you're saying of course. I find all the things you mentioned tedious though, so let the AM deal with it. While I agree it's important, I'd argue it isn't so important that you see the above.
  8. Let's play a little game. Can you spot the point at which it became possible for me to win the title?
  9. I think this is a really good discussion. I'm probably one of those players who feels like they can set up a reasonable system using a Balanced mentality, but the second I move away from that, everything falls apart because I don't know how to supplement the mentality with the 'right' positions, roles and duties, etc. I don't disagree with what's been said above, but for me this is more about team building than tactics, and we perhaps don't pay enough attention to that. I'm another who would love to set up like Dyche or Simeone and to have success with it. I don't mean winning leagues necessarily, but taking a team tipped for relegation to just over half way up the league playing defensive football should be possible. I know, it is. Just not for me. As ever, I believe the trouble is translating what someone like Dyche does into FM. If you're telling me any single one of those Burnley players plays with an attacking mentality, I'd be left scratching my head, and indeed the game tells us to reduce the number of attacking mentalities in defensive systems, effectively doubling down on keeping it tight. I believe the latest advice is to ignore this 'advice'. Fine. But what to do, then? It's mentioned above that we need to look for players with good defensive stats like bravery, teamwork, determination and positioning. But here's the key thing for me... in the front six positions you need players who can do something else on top of that. You need a winger who will get back and support the full back, but you also want him to be quick to offer a threat in behind. Or maybe you want someone with good vision and crossing ability. Maybe you want a midfielder with a high passing stat and good decision making, and then maybe you want someone with good off the ball movement to support the front two when the opportunity presents itself. And so on. And here's the kicker. It can be really hard to find those players. In a case of tail wagging the dog, I'd suggest many of Burnley's players have their defensive stats exaggerated because they play for Burnley. It would be interesting to go back a few years and see what Jack Cork's defensive stats were like. We can all go and find that ideal wide player only to find his positioning is only a 7, or his teamwork is an 8. Recruitment is key, but very difficult. If you don't get it right, you're likely to pay for it. The glass half full view is that it is possible, but we need to recognise it's a highly specialised system that many managers try to play, but few manage to pull off. As such, it'll take a few seasons to get the right players in, and you need to supplement this with the right training. As some commentators on here are probably tired of saying, Player A will perform the box-to-box role differently to Player B based on his stats. What I'd like to see is the ability to effectively remould players into something else. I feel like each player's stats dictate the player they will be for their entire career. There are certain stats which should be easier to make an impact on as a coaching team. For example, a player with poor decision making will probably always suffer from it, but I should be able to train a player to dramatically improve his positioning if I have good coaches and the player is receptive to learning. It might come at the expense of, say, flair.
  10. Of course. It's personal preference. I merely wanted to highlight that there are other options available. The conversation was taking a track where I thought it going towards 'DLP-S is wrong'.
  11. Let's talk about that midfield three. It's interesting, because I actually play with something remarkably similar. I use a DLP-S behind a MEZ-S and a BBM-S. I started out with a DLP-D but moved him further up the pitch. This is something I wouldn't usually do, so why did I make that change? Well some of it is because I don't have (and can't find) a decent 'destructive' midfielder, so my hand is kind of forced. But I was also observing the DLP-D just not getting involved in games enough. He's my main creative outlet and he was too far away from the attack to influence events. So the question becomes about what you want from a playmaker in that position. Do you want someone who takes the ball off the defence and shuttles it around? Or do you want someone to recycle possession higher up the pitch? To answer that, we need to look how you're attacking. You have 'Work Ball Into Box' ticked. What does this mean? Well it means the ball will spend a lot of time at the sides of and in front of the opposition box. It means your full backs and wide players will look for a pass inside before they cross the ball. With a CM-A and a BBM, you have two players who are looking to hit the box when the ball goes wide (and the ball will naturally go wide against deep lying defences). In other words, it's great for tactics where you're providing plenty of crosses. What you might find you often end up with is the ball going back to your DLP from your full back and you have six players ahead of him because they've all moved forward. Uh-oh, you're in charge of Roy Hodgson's England and you're about to get knocked out of Euro 2016. So, either increase the crossing. Bear in mind if you drop WBIB you'll see lots of long shots so think about a way to counter that. Or, drop the team back, play less attacking in terms of overall mentality and roles/duties. Be wary not to end up merely playing in front of the opposition - you need some penetration - but you need to draw the defence out when the ball gets recycled. To do that you need some sideways passing options. Players with good vision, technique, passing and off the ball are key as well. From a defensive point of view, I wouldn't be too concerned. If you're hitting 60-65% of possession you can get away with the DLP-S. I play with one of the weaker teams in my division and conceded just over 1.00 goals/game. Got tanked a couple of times but I'd expect that anyway. I was generally pretty tight at the back. If you're playing against teams that go with two up front you may want to do something, but I'd sooner drop the mentality of one of the FBs and defend narrower.
  12. Question from me. Do you change your system at all when you're facing a one striker formation? If not, why not?
  13. It's not a preset; you've asked your staff to take care of it. As such it will reflect what they think the team needs, and their preferences for certain types of training.
  14. You may want to give us an idea of what you've tried up to now, so we have a reference with which to help you.
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