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  1. Of course. It's personal preference. I merely wanted to highlight that there are other options available. The conversation was taking a track where I thought it going towards 'DLP-S is wrong'.
  2. Let's talk about that midfield three. It's interesting, because I actually play with something remarkably similar. I use a DLP-S behind a MEZ-S and a BBM-S. I started out with a DLP-D but moved him further up the pitch. This is something I wouldn't usually do, so why did I make that change? Well some of it is because I don't have (and can't find) a decent 'destructive' midfielder, so my hand is kind of forced. But I was also observing the DLP-D just not getting involved in games enough. He's my main creative outlet and he was too far away from the attack to influence events. So the question becomes about what you want from a playmaker in that position. Do you want someone who takes the ball off the defence and shuttles it around? Or do you want someone to recycle possession higher up the pitch? To answer that, we need to look how you're attacking. You have 'Work Ball Into Box' ticked. What does this mean? Well it means the ball will spend a lot of time at the sides of and in front of the opposition box. It means your full backs and wide players will look for a pass inside before they cross the ball. With a CM-A and a BBM, you have two players who are looking to hit the box when the ball goes wide (and the ball will naturally go wide against deep lying defences). In other words, it's great for tactics where you're providing plenty of crosses. What you might find you often end up with is the ball going back to your DLP from your full back and you have six players ahead of him because they've all moved forward. Uh-oh, you're in charge of Roy Hodgson's England and you're about to get knocked out of Euro 2016. So, either increase the crossing. Bear in mind if you drop WBIB you'll see lots of long shots so think about a way to counter that. Or, drop the team back, play less attacking in terms of overall mentality and roles/duties. Be wary not to end up merely playing in front of the opposition - you need some penetration - but you need to draw the defence out when the ball gets recycled. To do that you need some sideways passing options. Players with good vision, technique, passing and off the ball are key as well. From a defensive point of view, I wouldn't be too concerned. If you're hitting 60-65% of possession you can get away with the DLP-S. I play with one of the weaker teams in my division and conceded just over 1.00 goals/game. Got tanked a couple of times but I'd expect that anyway. I was generally pretty tight at the back. If you're playing against teams that go with two up front you may want to do something, but I'd sooner drop the mentality of one of the FBs and defend narrower.
  3. Question from me. Do you change your system at all when you're facing a one striker formation? If not, why not?
  4. It's not a preset; you've asked your staff to take care of it. As such it will reflect what they think the team needs, and their preferences for certain types of training.
  5. You may want to give us an idea of what you've tried up to now, so we have a reference with which to help you.
  6. The pessimist in me says you can't stop it, so cease trying. The optimist in me notes you haven't tried a CB with a cover duty yet.
  7. Well, how many teams actually play without a striker? Hardly any. Spain did it because they were bloody ridiculous at the time and they could get away with it. Why did they do it? Well, to combat teams parking the bus against them. To overload the midfield and attack from deeper areas, and to help keep the opposition penned back, as well as closing the gaps between players for their gegenpress. It's also worth pointing out that they didn't do it very often, and it was generally less successful than playing with a striker.
  8. @herne79, I agree with all of that. It's not like FM is unique in this regard, either. It's a game and it follows a set of rules. SI have gone to great lengths to make sure it follows real football as closely as possible, but there are concessions that need to be made in order to ensure the game delivers feasible results. As @westy8chimp alludes to above, ramping up defensive intelligence would have knock-on effects right across the match engine. I'd like to think SI are working on this, but hey, that's another conversation... The gameplay in FIFA is wholly unrealistic, but I suppose we accept it for what it is and take what enjoyment we will from playing it. That said, I do have to take certain tactical revelations on here with a pinch of salt when I see three central players at the top end of the pitch. I'd welcome the views of other's here, but I'm far more likely to pitch in when I see that someone is trying to craft something that relates to 'real' football.
  9. Being beaten over the top is a tough one, and I'm not sure what you do to avoid it to be quite honest. Barcelona played Puyol, Pique and Mascherano in that position over the years, and what attributes did they have? I'm not 100% sure what attributes (or lack of) causes the 'ball over the top' issue to be made worse. There is the obvious pace and acceleration of course. But I'd also think the following are important. Agility - the ability to change direction. Given your CBs are facing forward and need to do a 180 to give chase, this feels important. The usual combination of Concentration, Positioning and Marking should also be needed. You already have a SK in place, so not much more you can do.
  10. This, basically. While my footballing knowledge is far from encyclopaedic, I don't know of a team that has played a 4-3-3 narrow in any match in living memory. That's three central strikers. You can call Liverpool's formation a 4-3-3 if you wish, but that's really a CF with two IFs who drop in to help out the full backs when out of possession. In FM terms it's closer to a 4-5-1 than a 4-3-3 Narrow. If Liverpool played an actual 4-3-3 Narrow, they'd lose more than they won. That's not to say Klopp doesn't attempt to overload the centre of the pitch; he does. Liverpools two IFs get really narrow and look to get in behind the opposition defence, and it makes Liverpool very hard indeed to play against. However... as stated here, opposition defences have options. They can defend deep and look to hit Liverpool on the counter, or you tuck your full backs in really narrow, which FM doesn't currently seem capable of doing well enough. I think this is exacerbated by the ME moving the ball from back to front very quickly. The long ball over the top being perhaps overpowered (and the CBs inability to turn and chase it) means that any overload in that area is likely to be doubly felt. EDIT: Just to say that this has been around for over 20 years. The old Championship Manager 4-3-1-2 Narrow with up arrows from your whole midfield was unbeatable, and this is effectively what we're talking about.
  11. I suppose the issue is that it shouldn't matter, because football isn't a series of one-on-one duels, it's about the collective being more than the sum of the individuals. It's about space, and the restriction/exploitation of it. The three central striker 'issue' is an issue regardless of what level one plays at, so I find it hard to believe it's because forwards are better than defenders.
  12. Nonchalantly announced, and no-one bats an eyelid in the echo chamber. 30 hours!
  13. I have a number of players who don't have a full green circle for a single role/duty combination. Is this intentional?
  14. I've picked up a player called James Grant, who according to the game is 155cm (5'1) Now, not only would that make him the 3rd shortest player in the history of football (based on a 2 minutes Google search which shouldn't be relied upon)... he is apparently 5' 10. http://www.queensparkfc.co.uk/?page_id=8098 Did someone leave the '0' off the end?
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