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  1. People will always highlight the negative over the positive. There's plenty to enjoy.
  2. Yes. Like I said, it's not ideal, but there is a solution.
  3. I know it's not ideal but you can buy the in game editor and change it.
  4. Yes, I'm well aware of that. I did some digging into team stats in the beta, and the correlation between 'completed crosses' and league position was very high. It's at both ends as well, not just concession - my results are awful because I just got promoted with a woeful squad, among other reasons.
  5. The biggest issue I had during the beta was the vast majority of goals coming from crosses, penalties, set pieces and mistakes. A little experiment then to see how we're doing. Game 1 - Lost 0 - 5: cross, penalty, cross, penalty, cross Game 2 - Lost 0 - 2: cross, long shot Game 3 - Drew 1 -1: long ball over top (1v1) / dribble through defence.... Notes: Dubious red card based on animation; missed penalty Game 4 - Lost 3 - 4: long shot, cross, long ball over top / corner, goalmouth scramble, cross, cross Game 5 - Lost 0 - 3: cross, cross, cut back Overall that's 12 goals out of 19 via the methods stated at the top. I'm half way in between 'I'll reserve judgement' and 'It's still a bit broken'. I'll keep going and see where it takes me.
  6. I don't see as many problems as you, namely that I don't see the shooting from tight angles and the long balls aren't so bad for me. I agree with much of the rest though. I'm seeing somewhere between 50-75% of goals coming from set pieces. I don't necessarily think there are too many goals coming from set pieces, there just aren't enough from everywhere else. Tackling, or lack of, is horrible.
  7. Thanks. By extension, does that mean I started from a zero base when the new patch came in? My season has been completely derailed since the update!
  8. Can anyone tell me if partnership familiarity - the orange/yellow/green lines between players on the tactics screen - has just been introduced in this patch?
  9. Everything is possible. I would put this in the 'comically improbable' box.
  10. I agree. Berwick bottled it too. With three games to go the gap was five points. I ended up winning by seven.
  11. Apart from my trousers? I shuffled my squad around to remove players whose body language was regularly poor. I also used plenty of shouts to try to get the players to calm down, and had the good old team meeting before the game. Both of the above only appeared to make everyone angrier, like it always does.
  12. Well not really. They opened up an 18 point lead during the title race. It was only when it became mathematically possible to win the league in the next match that they forgot how to play football. I know what you're saying of course. I find all the things you mentioned tedious though, so let the AM deal with it. While I agree it's important, I'd argue it isn't so important that you see the above.
  13. Let's play a little game. Can you spot the point at which it became possible for me to win the title?
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