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  1. I wouldn't say I get annoyed but it's clear there's a formula that sometimes overlooks players who are doing well for you. I have a Dutch CB who has been one of the best players in a team that has won the Bundesliga three years in a row who has never been called up. In real life, he'd probably get a look in I guess. But what FM sees is a player with probably a relatively low reputation and current ability playing for a club that isn't expected to qualify for the Champions League (or at least my board think so). A clue to how highly your player is thought of in FM is to take note of the clubs that bid for him. Of course, if he's doing well for you, that's all that really matters.
  2. Boring and repetitive, just like in real life. I skip them all.
  3. I've had plenty of 4-2 and 5-2 games, and even a 4-4. And if the point is that AI teams sit back and defend in away games, well I lost 3-0 at home to a team in the relegation zone when I was in 4th place.
  4. Personally I'm trying to be balanced. I'm playing FM21 in the same way I played FM20 and I'm getting slightly worse results. That's me comparing against myself, rather than others. The reason I posted it is really in response to those saying 'play any pressing tactic and you will win easily because it's literally untrue. If there are issues and the game needs tweaking in certain places, I'm all for that.
  5. Okay up to a point, but Bayern still had the best defence in the league (and the best attack). They also conceded 20 in the first 14 games, which means in the remaining 18 they conceded 12, which isn't far off the sort of numbers you were talking about. Liverpool conceded 22 in 38 in 18/19 (and 8 in their first 20) while employing the sort of tactics you mention. All of which is to say... we can all point to an example which proves or contradicts a point. In general though, teams like Bayern, Liverpool and City are set up avoid conceding lots of goals by defending in the opposition half. An example of something more gung ho would be Liverpool in 13/14 where they scored over 100 goals but conceded 50.
  6. In the interest of trying to be constructive, the only issue I sometimes see is AI managers using unbalanced setups, particularly in midfield - there seems to be a liberal use of Mezzalas with nobody in there to compensate. That's the sort of thing I'd expect to be punished for if I did it. On the flip side of that, when the AI tactic appears nicely balanced, the game seems to be perfectly challenging. So if anything what I'm seeing is that tactical mistakes are more heavily punished than before. Because it probably needs to be said, I'm very happy with the game so far.
  7. I don't think anyone is going to change your mind on what you want from the game and how it should be played, so perhaps we should just stop replying to you? You've made your point.
  8. I'd call that 'optional level of immersion' rather than 'lazy gameplay'. I'd also argue that it's perfectly reasonable to choose not to do some/most of these things, but the proficiency of your staff should make a difference if you choose to delegate things.
  9. Liverpool play with a very offensive tactic with a high line and had a very good defensive record last season. All it really means is that you choose to defend most intensively in a different area of the pitch.
  10. I did this and got 6 points from 6 games (with a team who were favourites to win the league). I switched to a wing play tactic and did much better (but still ultimately finished 3rd and got sacked).
  11. I'll add some balance to this. I've played two seasons so far, both with teams in lower leagues that are expected to 'gain promotions as champions'. First season - finished 3rd - sacked. Second season - on course to finish 5th-7th. If anything, I'm finding it harder than FM20.
  12. I was pleased to see this. It makes sense that most players who can play AML can also play AMR and ML almost as well, albeit with a slightly different role.
  13. I agree, this is a 'scouting by numbers' front end on existing functionality. Which I approve of because it makes it feel more immersive/realistic. It can obviously improve, but I'm not against being presented with options I can't afford right now. It would be good to be able to come up with a more cohesive/comprehensive plan with my DoF/scouting team though. 'We can't afford him now but he's out of contract in 12 months - let's speak to his agent.' 'If we try to move Player X on, or let his contract run down we will have enough room in the wage budget. Offer Player X to other clubs.'
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