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  1. I play a 343 with my wide-men told to stay out wide. Only once the team plays the ball in and around the Ops penalty box they are no wider than the box itself. I've tried playing wider, or exploit flank, roam, teaching them to hog the line. None of it works. It makes my strikers having little room when positioned in the channels, and the wide men difficult to pass to. Any help? Nick
  2. 'Stay on Feet' match instruction?
  3. I play '15 but one thing which is 'click heavy' is going to 'player' in a match and edit instructions to get him to mark a specific player. And if its an MC or ST then then you have to remember the name of the player you want to mark as you do not have STL or STR etc, just ST. I can't have U18 players available simultaneously for U21 And U18, so have to manually click their availability for both matches. Again click heavy.
  4. Tweak scouting assignments. If I want my scouts to only look at players under 25 then I have to deselect their assignment and start over. In fact if I want to scout the same tournament with multiple scouts I have to do the same thing over and over. I want to click a tournament, then choose multiple scouts, not repeat the process over and over.
  5. There's a list of players who have sold the biggest number of shirts, but why not list all players and the number of shirts sold off their back, and how much money is generated from each? Do commercial endorsements make up part of players' contracts? I'm sure Ronaldo takes a cut of Madrid shirts with his name on them.
  6. When you go to player's details and see their form in differing positions, I would like to see not just DC, MC or FW as I play three at the back or three up front. What side do my DCs play best on, and strikers too? Do they have a higher assist rate on the left or right. Which side provides greater shots on target?
  7. I would like greater flexibility with in game tactics. I.E, my 343 tactic down my left flank should change in the same way 'swap position with' changes in game. To change to my 343 down the right flank, I have to do this manually by choosing that separate tactic then repeat some specific player actions like marking etc. Leicester last season would attack then counter every five or ten minutes and I do go from slow possession based football to direct with quick pace a number of times in each half with great effect, but again manually done. So if you had the option to auto swap to a different tactic, or in my case a mirror action down the opposite flank, and change every X minutes of your choice, it would help the game along.
  8. That reply sounds a bit bitter. Not my intention! Thanks
  9. Oh its a bug? OK, well I'm playing '15 fyi. Thanks. I'll just accept the measly wage and keep in the job.
  10. I've taken Torquay to the Prem, won the League Cup and playing in Europa League and sitting in third. I'm hugely under the transfer and wage budgets with my top earner on £50k pw. Any contract renewal talks have an offer of no more than £25k pw on the table. I'm a club legend of 20 years and this is all they offer? I know it doesn't really matter but I'd like to think a bigger salary should come my way. Didn't SAF insist he was paid more than any of his players? It would bring a bit more job security too were I to have an off season. Any thoughts?
  11. Doubt it, the club operates on a massive profit. Allowed loss £3.71m Current profit £131m Could it be a bug?
  12. I won the LC in my first season in the PL, so won a place in the Euro Cup. Supposedly entering in the 4th qualifying round. Nothing happening, so thought I'd be in the draw for the group stages. Nope, not there. I'll presume that my European tour is on hold. Can anyone shed any light on this?
  13. I'm still on '15 so some of these may have been implemented. 1, a record of warnings and fines. If I warn a player over a bad performance in August, I should be reminded in say November when I go to discipline him again and up the punishment should I wish to. 2, On a general info for players, a record of their bonuses for the month, below their wage. 3, a scout's assignment able to be adjusted individually, rather than deleted and started again with your chosen perameters. In fact this who area could be streamlined. Say scout Europa Cup and tick box which scouts you want to send out. Not have to go through the process x number of times. 4, automatic tactical change menus in game. Maybe I want to go ten minutes down the left, ten down the right, with player's attack/ support options changing accordingly. I'd also like to swap my two strikers in the DLP and AF roles but swap sides also, to accommodate their left and right feet, but this cant be done automatically. 5, When the opposition change formation, it should be made more clear that one of my players who was marking a right midfielder is now marking the left back and pulled all over the pitch. 6, Players need to want to move more for financial benefit at other clubs. Had a defender move to Forrest. Went from earning £5k to £44k. Why would my other players not want a slice of the action and demand a move? Any move? And why would some players not move to my club for double the wages they've been offered at another club in a lesser league?
  14. I'm in the Championship and decided to call in my scouts from around the world and concentrate solely on the UK - yet left two scouting regionally in Africa. Reason for this is that I've found I can pick up teenagers with 2 to 5 star potential for £5k-£150k and wages around £100-£500pw on two year contracts with option for two more seasons. I then loan them right back. I've some U20 internationals, and first team 15 year olds, and probably spent around £800,000 doing so. I've had one season in the Prem so have money to burn, and though I'm gambling with roughly 10-20% scout stats it could pay off if I get that one big player. Has anyone had success doing this, and probably isn't that far off what Chelsea do IRL.
  15. I've played on and off since 00/01 and only won two league cups, both in Championship and a couple of lower leagues. To make myself feel better and add to my trophy haul I ad a couple of U18 and U21 leagues to the list