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  1. Hello, FM'15 - Season 2043/44 I had an England squad member become injured after my 30 man preliminary squad was announced. I was requested to pick a replacement so I did. All I had to do was confirm his call up but the 'confirm squad' button was grayed out. I am unable to now 'continue'. I have tried unpicking players, but the squad is confirmed. The player I picked I am sure I had placed him in the squad anyway, but found that he was in the U21. What are my options? Is there a back up file from a previous save date I can access? I've never won the CL in all the time I've played FM/CM and I'm one week away from facing down Real Madrid.
  2. No. Not a son... But on FM15 in the year 2038 I finally saw the ball hit the corner flag and... bounce back into play! Even fooled the players too. They were running off to the centre circle. What a day...
  3. Yeah that would be a shame for the same teams that qualify each year. They don't represent me or my team so tough luck to them. That said, come on Leicester!
  4. I'd imagine the wages would maintain the wage/income ratio. Yes the quality of play would decline, but perhaps increase for English players overall. If TV money comes crashing down, good.
  5. In European competition, not in league matches.
  6. Italy used to do this in the days of CH4 showing football Italia. Though we have amazing teams in the Prem its worth noting that it meant just as much, if not more to clubs when they won the title before the foreign influx. The talent would be shared across Europe, I mean, Ajax are a joke and Red Star are even worse for example, but when all the top players flood into EPL its no surprise. And if the EPL clubs were 8 Brits and three foreigners, yes the quality would be down, but the competition would mean so much more. Maybe there would be less money coming in from abroad, but so what, it all ends up in the agents hands anyway. And ticket prices may go down!
  7. Also, I would frankly love if English football, even European football went to three foreigners only rule. Europe has reduced itself to the same 8 or so teams in the CL QF every year and everyone else, from clubs to leagues become second rate after the EPL and a select others abroad.
  8. I play a 343 with my wide-men told to stay out wide. Only once the team plays the ball in and around the Ops penalty box they are no wider than the box itself. I've tried playing wider, or exploit flank, roam, teaching them to hog the line. None of it works. It makes my strikers having little room when positioned in the channels, and the wide men difficult to pass to. Any help? Nick
  9. I play '15 but one thing which is 'click heavy' is going to 'player' in a match and edit instructions to get him to mark a specific player. And if its an MC or ST then then you have to remember the name of the player you want to mark as you do not have STL or STR etc, just ST. I can't have U18 players available simultaneously for U21 And U18, so have to manually click their availability for both matches. Again click heavy.
  10. Tweak scouting assignments. If I want my scouts to only look at players under 25 then I have to deselect their assignment and start over. In fact if I want to scout the same tournament with multiple scouts I have to do the same thing over and over. I want to click a tournament, then choose multiple scouts, not repeat the process over and over.
  11. There's a list of players who have sold the biggest number of shirts, but why not list all players and the number of shirts sold off their back, and how much money is generated from each? Do commercial endorsements make up part of players' contracts? I'm sure Ronaldo takes a cut of Madrid shirts with his name on them.
  12. When you go to player's details and see their form in differing positions, I would like to see not just DC, MC or FW as I play three at the back or three up front. What side do my DCs play best on, and strikers too? Do they have a higher assist rate on the left or right. Which side provides greater shots on target?
  13. I would like greater flexibility with in game tactics. I.E, my 343 tactic down my left flank should change in the same way 'swap position with' changes in game. To change to my 343 down the right flank, I have to do this manually by choosing that separate tactic then repeat some specific player actions like marking etc. Leicester last season would attack then counter every five or ten minutes and I do go from slow possession based football to direct with quick pace a number of times in each half with great effect, but again manually done. So if you had the option to auto swap to a different tactic, or in my case a mirror action down the opposite flank, and change every X minutes of your choice, it would help the game along.
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