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  1. That sounds awful. Wishing you all the best for solving that problem.
  2. This is absolutely awesome! How come I never knew about this community experiment? I definitely have to take part next year. Or maybe even... hm. Let me think about it. We are doing a similar thing at a German forum where a dozen users are playing the same team for a season. We don't distribute formations, but obviously often people come up with different ideas and it's incredibly fun to discuss a team and its potential in-depth with other people who are playing exactly the same team right at this moment.
  3. I started an Eintracht game pre Winter-update, and it was one of the hardest struggles in my FM career. Things already started badly when I had to leave some players with high influence among the squad out of the Europa League squad. Their discontent soon developed into a rebellion. I also had a very hard time to copy the real Eintracht Frankfurt system to the FM, especially with the strikers. But I think the Winter update at least partly fixed that problem. Great to hear you did better than me!
  4. Great update! Maybe you can add another section every year and tell us a bit more about how Glentoran fared? To achieve your goals, it will be vital that Glentoran keeps its strong stature internationally, right? What you need is two (or better even three) clubs who can compete regularily at the hightest level, so if Glentoran commits any stupid mistakes in the transfer market, that could be bad for Northern Ireland as a whole. What happened to Scotland being in 6th place? Are they as good at the Uefa Coefficient as well? How come?
  5. Carabali looks like a beast. I love him. Söyüncü definitely one of those players who left Freiburg too earls for his own good. Nice to seem him back and performing (although I see despite all his years of experience, he still kept his rather low stats in decision). Leverkusen having a weak season, or even two, seems totally legit and possible to me. They have the money, but one of their main themes has always been that they underperform almost every year, despite their talented squads. Hamburg and Bremen both relegated is a big thrashing and an apocalypse for Northern Germany, though.
  6. What's your league position now? You should be still 2nd after all these decent results, no?
  7. This is an awesome story. I couldn't stop reading. Thanks for the incredible journey. It took me a while until I realized that the subheadlines in bold are hiding links to pictures, though. Little fun fact: I stumbled over your guy Doel Bonsu, thinking "wait a minute... I know that name!". Turns out, he's a young talent from my Racing Strasbourg save which I am managing on and off. Never thought I'd see his name turn up in a different save!
  8. Gutted to read about the early end of your Europa League dreams, but what a nice Bundesliga season so far! And those young guys look stunning. (Also: Bundesliga table looks much more realistic this year. Apart from Mainz of course, but that's part of the fun of this whole What-If? I just don't really like it if everything is turned upside down, and the big guns are struggling against relegation, while all the small clubs are up there. That's a bit too much to believe in...)
  9. The "Achim-Stocker-Stadium" warms my heart as SC Freiburg fan. Great season! Go and rock Europe! (The Bundesliga podium looks extremely weird, though. Although you explained the upward trajectory of Mainz. How is Hannover up there? Did they get extensive investor money?)
  10. Oh! Wow! I haven't been active here for a few weeks, I totally missed this! That's brilliant stuff. By some weird coincidence, I also happen to be a very close follower of Monaco, and was very disappointed with real-life Tielemans, but to think that you got him to join Freiburg is still kind of cool. Also: You got Maxi Philipp back! The guy was a fan favorite in Freiburg before he left for Dortmund to pursue his career there. Good to see that you were able to keep Günter and Petersen still at the club.
  11. Thanks, man! Very interesting stuff. Sulu still active with 36 years... Lots of new people, but Stark, Jones and Kamavuaka still on board. And Terodde and Zoller as new additions for the attack. Can't really see that happening, but you never know...
  12. Ha, and together with Darmstadt! Loving it, congratulations, and all the best for staying up! Would you mind showing me the squad of SV Darmstadt to see how they developed after 5 seasons? (Wouldn't mind taking a look at your promoted squad as well...)
  13. Haven't started a save with them, but there's some cracking talent in the Lyon squad. Enjoy!
  14. I started a save with Eintracht Frankfurt a few days back. Bit of a challenge, because the real team is high-flying in the Bundesliga and rocking their group in the Europa League, and it might be a bit tough to recreate that in FM19. Frankfurt has a wonderful attacking line with the likes of Haller, Rebic and Jovic. I hope to see some goals. As I switched on almost every nation, the game is moving forward rather slowly, I just finished the season preparation. Will keep you posted.
  15. Yeah, sorry, the post was written when the score stood still at 0-0. Still, I it was a good fight.
  16. Well, let's say the "real" OM just shows us FM19 managers how to set up a good and competitive match against PSG. Cracking game so far...
  17. I'd be very interested to read about both and how you fare.
  18. OGC Nice has an extremely young team this year as well. There were matches the last weeks where only two players in their starting eleven were older than 25. In general, most French teams should have far above average youth facilities. There's simply almost no French club that does not draw heavily from their Youth academy. In fact, Marseille for a long time was even the odd one out, because compared relatively to all their power and glory, they have alwas struggled a bit on the Youth academy side.
  19. Excellent. Looking forward to this. France Football just published a report this week, why the Clasico against PSG has dropped in interest among OM fans. Ah, there are so many great French teams I'd love to manage this year...
  20. SC Freiburg Playing 1. Bundesliga, a kind of "smaller" club with huge potential due to an outstanding youth setup. Training Youngsters in their own academy and letting them rise through the ranks has been part of the DNA of Freiburg for decades, it is one of their core identities (expect this also to be mirrored in FM by the board asking you to use Youth players). Throughout their history, Freiburg has been the stepping stone for players who later played for the national team like Jörg Heinrich, Jens Todt or Sebastian Kehl, and recently have developed and nurtured players like Matthias Ginter (now Gladbach), Maxi Philipp (now Dortmund) or Daniel Caligiuri (now Schalke). A certain Joachim Löw played for Freiburg back in the days when they were still regulars in the 2nd Division. They are also strong in scouting, always looking for hidden gems and players that might have been overlooked by other clubs. Freiburg has always tried to play tactically advanced football, they implemented back four and offside trap back when the Bundesliga's standard model was still the libero, they experiment with pressing, short passing style and possession play, but also mostly have players who can adapt to very different situations. In FM19, watch out for talents like Robin Koch (22), Christian Günter (25), Pascal Stenzel (22), Philipp Lienhart (22) and Roland Sallai (21), who are all First Team players, basically expect a very young squad with lots of potential to develop, completed by experienced, versatile strikers like Nils Petersen and Florian Niederlechner. Be aware though that quite a few of these players are still diamonds in the rough, and Freiburg is not a team that naturally would challenge for a European spot, but rather expects relegation battle every season. So you really can make yourself a name as an FM19 team manager and lead the club to heights they never reached before in their history. Also: Freiburg is a very young and "green" city, expect solar panels on the roof of the stadium (most certainly not implemented in FM), and expect your audience to be full of university students, with a comperatively high percentage of women. The Bundesliga itself is, of course, a quite challenging place to manage, with super giants Bayern München to dwarf everything, and financially strong clubs like Dortmund, Schalke, Leverkusen vying for top spots. Let's shake up that established order a bit!
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