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  1. Hi, I've only had a quick scroll through the various pages so I apologise if I've missed one similar to this but, I was thinking, given the new ability to search specifically for a coaching ability when bringing in new staff, why then not implement it into the player search as well. For example, I'm currently looking for young centre backs 16<21 yet EVERY single time I come across a player that's either worth scouting or straight up buying, they're the wrong type of centre back (Limited defender) where as I want BPD'S. Does anyone understand what I'm saying???? Does anyone agree??? Kind regards in advance E.K.51 (I'm talking specifically about handheld devices as I long ago gave up playing the full PC versions)
  2. sorry guys, (been at work) i have recently learnt that i can't upload photos direct, i have to upload via an outside source I.E a online picture memory source if ya will
  3. Who is your clubs best ever player and why? Please post pics to show! My game in a nutshell is down to two men; Moi and this man right here: His name is Van Haaren, Mitchel Van Haaren. He's a Dutch international who has won all there is to offer, scored in EVERY final he's ever been in under me inc world cup, EURO and Confed cup finals. Its difficult to put into written words as to just how good he is so, i'm going to let these screenshots do all the work: enjoy
  4. It is sick as **** Just creamed Man Utd 2-0 with goals from Wilshire and James Rodriguez
  5. An idea from me would be that to be able to access a preview from another match being played, be it same league, country or abroad, tap on the odds and make a bet on who will win. (You would be using your transfer money of course to make it more exiting) I.E Say Its a league game between Middlesborough and Brighton with Boro' being top of league quite comfortably, but Brighton has had quite a good run in recent games, one could place a bet on the pre determined odds on who to win. E.G ((4-1 Fav) Boro vs Brighton (7-4)) place a, say, £20,000 bet on Brighton to win.....Brighton win and you get a return of.....£110,000.
  6. Do a transfer search with the "interested" switched to yes, then use the main search parameters to find a suitable player. For example, if you have $800k on wages to spend, under the wages drop down, select the 0-525,00 P.A button and you will be pleasantly surprised.
  7. On my new Real Madrid save; City bought Mandzukic for 49m, Carlos Vela went back to Arsenal for 28m?????
  8. Found the "hidden surprise". S.I .............W.T.F.H!!!!!!!!! why?......just why?
  9. Not to poke an open wound, but I'm pleased to announce that as an android user, the bug did not spread. (or at least not on my device)
  10. Slightly disappointed that you didn't include Alex Teixeira of Shakhtar but all in all a very good job with the updates
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